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Social Entertainment in a Cross-Channel Landscape Data Insights From Dash Hudson


Social Entertainment in a Cross-Channel Landscape: Data Insights From Dash Hudson

Today’s social media platforms are becoming increasingly more video-centric. Data shows video consistently outperforms static content and having multiple social media channels increases key metrics, like engagement and impressions. Dash Hudson uncovers untapped opportunities for brands in their latest report. Here, NetInfluencer summarizes some of the key takeaways.

Entertaining, engaging content is king on social media. Dash Hudson’s latest report dives into the importance of video and social entertainment.

Social media is quickly replacing other forms of entertainment. Users turn towards today’s major platforms for much more than simply connecting with family and friends. In 2022, average daily time spent on social media has increased by 27% since 2019, up to 1 hour and 15 minutes. Gen Z spends the most time on social platforms. Recent research on US teens reports they log onto their favorite platforms several times per day. 

Many people rely on their social media feeds for information on the next best product or service. Social entertainment is a key element in today’s social media marketing campaigns and Dash Hudson’s latest Global Digital Insights Report uncovers some of the most interesting trends. Read on to learn more about the results of the report and what they mean for marketers and content creators. 

Who Conducted the Survey?

The Social Entertainment in a Cross-Channel Landscape report was compiled by Dash Hudson, a social media management company whose platform provides insights and workflow tools to streamline an organization’s marketing operations. Dash Hudson also publishes case studies, global research reports, and eBooks on relevant topics within digital marketing. Additionally, they host live and digital events and post articles and videos regularly on their blog. 

Dash Hudson is a Canadian-based company, headquartered in Halifax, Nova Scotia. They are a private company with under 250 employees. The company was founded in 2015 by co-founders Thomas Rankin and Tomek Niewiarowski. To date, Dash Hudson has raised a reported $2.7 million from their investor partners. Customers interested in purchasing a subscription to their platform can do so directly from their website. Subscriptions start at $249 per month for individual users. 

Survey Methodology

In this 2023 comprehensive Global Digital Insights Report, Dash Hudson analyzed several data points around social entertainment and social platform dynamics. Data was collected from their customer base and top social media platforms:

  • Campaigns – 2,712 brands analyzed (Dash Hudson customers only).
  • Relationships – 1,431 brands analyzed (Dash Hudson customers only).
  • YouTube Growth Rate and Posting Cadence – 187 brands analyzed (Dash Hudson customers only). 
  • TikTok Growth Rate and Posting Cadence – 531 brands analyzed (Dash Hudson customers only).
  • TikTok Entertainment Score – 531 brands analyzed (Dash Hudson customers only).
  • Instagram Growth Rate and Posting Cadence – 1,679 brands analyzed. 
  • Reels Entertainment Score – 1,608 brands analyzed (Dash Hudson customers only).
  • Twitter – 536 brands analyzed. 
  • Pinterest  – 242 brands analyzed (Dash Hudson customers only).

The primary goal of Dash Hudson’s latest Global Digital Insights Report was to “assess the importance of a cross channel strategy in the era of social entertainment” and provide brand marketers with the data they need to succeed in 2023. Let’s dive into some of the main takeaways and what they mean for influencer marketing.

Three Key Takeaways

1. Entertaining content is more important than ever and according to data on engagement rates, video is now the preferred content format. 

2. Campaigns that include video perform stronger than campaigns without video 

in terms of engagement rate and impressions. Additionally, cross-channel campaigns perform better than single-channel campaigns.

3. Tweets with images or video receive higher engagement rates than tweets 

with only text, which goes against Twitter’s text-focused platform design. 

What Does This Mean for Influencer Marketing?

The first takeaway highlights the rise of video content to the new preferred content format on today’s social media platforms. The infographic names the top performing brands based on their entertainment scores on both TikTok and Instagram. The report also found that in January of 2022, brands posted an average of three Instagram Reels per month. That number climbed to 11 reels per month in September, just nine months later. YouTube Shorts also rose in popularity throughout 2022.

As brands prioritize entertaining video content over static posts, influencers should take note and adjust their strategies accordingly. The data suggests that brands may look towards influencer partners who are comfortable shooting video and have strong, established engagement rates on their channels around video content. The report also highlights several new features on top social media platforms creators can use to make their content more engaging, like music, AI-generators, and video backdrops.

Social Entertainment In A Cross-Channel Landscape: How social Media Is Replacing Other Types Of Entertainment

Expanding on the first takeaway, the second takeaway shows social media campaigns with video content significantly outperform those without video. Additionally, campaigns spread across multiple social media channels outperformed single-channel campaigns. As displayed in the chart below, both engagement and impression metrics increase with the addition of each new channel. 

Dash Hudson also found that over one third of campaigns have one social channel and only 2% use up to six channels. Because so few brands use multiple channels, there is significant opportunity to grow by adding more. In terms of influencer marketing, content creators should consider diversifying their portfolio and creating several complimentary channels in addition to their primary channel. Going forward, brands looking to capitalize on the multi-channel strategy may look to partner with influencers who are already positioned accordingly.

Social Entertainment In A Cross-Channel Landscape: How social Media Is Replacing Other Types Of Entertainment

The third takeaway shows that even text-focused social media platforms like Twitter are experiencing a rise of video content. The graphic below illustrates that engagement rates for tweets with images or video were significantly higher than those with text only. According to the average weekly tweet statistics, tweets with text alone still outnumber tweets with images or video by almost three times. 

Content creators who use Twitter as a primary platform may see a significant increase in engagement when introducing more video content into their feeds. Additionally, brands looking to partner with creators on the Twitter platform may be increasingly more interested in those who have high video content engagement rates.

Social Entertainment In A Cross-Channel Landscape: How social Media Is Replacing Other Types Of Entertainment

Overall, Dash Husdon’s report shows that social entertainment is here to stay. Entertaining content is becoming the new normal as we move through 2023. As the data suggests, brands and creators who take advantage of untapped opportunities could potentially experience rapid growth this year.

Link to the Report

The Social Entertainment in a Cross-Channel Landscape report can be found on Dash Hudson’s website, along with additional insights and research reports on digital marketing and social media trends.

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