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Exploring A Meaningful Creative Approach With “Registered Wordsmith” Jordan Flores (1)


Exploring A Meaningful Creative Approach With “Registered Wordsmith” Jordan Flores

After exploring a range of content styles and experimenting with trending topics, Jordan Flores has discovered his true creative calling in a niche that reflects his genuine interests and personality.

Fueled by a passion ignited in early childhood, Jordan has become a celebrated poetic creator on social media. With his unique talent for rephrasing everyday expressions, he amassed over 400,000 followers on TikTok and Instagram. 

Follow along as we delve into the insights and inspirations of a man who has successfully carved out a niche by simply being himself.

Who is Jordan Off-camera? 

“At my core, I’m a writer with interests in philosophy, poetry, and analyzing the depths of life. Growing up I spent a lot of time by myself, which produced a lot of enigmatic feelings within me that at the time I couldn’t describe.”

“I think that the need to bring clarity to these feelings is what motivated me to discover the proper words I could use to illustrate what I could not.” 

“Although this poetic approach hasn’t always been my main format, I’m thankful it took off because I think it better resonates with my authentic interests in emotional expression and creative writing.”

Jordan adds, “I also believe that it validates my inner child who often felt his mouth was taped.”

“I went through a stage where I was posting content that I wasn’t fully in love with, because I felt it didn’t holistically represent me, so finally landing on this content format of creatively crafting words meant a lot to me.”

“Poetry is my passion, and I feel like there is no emotion that I cannot express. It genuinely means the world to me that I have a platform where I can aid people in their own self-expression.”

Your Content Seems Very Heartfelt Is there a Greater Purpose?

Exploring A Meaningful Creative Approach With “Registered Wordsmith” Jordan Flores


“There certainly is a greater purpose, I’m trying to give people the appropriate words to express themselves, and find out who they really are.”

He explains, “My hope is that I’m helping my viewers articulate themselves and elevate their communication skills through my work. For me, the goal isn’t just entertaining.” 

Would you ever turn this into a business, and offer a course? 

“I think that there’s a negative association with online courses, but if I could offer value at an affordable price, I would certainly love to do that.” 

Jordan also tells us that content creation has not yet become a fully stable economic endeavor for him. He is actively exploring various methods to offer affordable and valuable options to his audience.

What Does Your Creative Process Look Like?

“Long hours of writing, and mulling over articulate ways to communicate whichever topic I’m working on, ideally in a manner that is valuable to every viewer.” 

Jordan elaborates, “I like to get lost in the process and zone out into an imaginative state of mind. Sometimes I just sit there and stir til’ creativity occurs. I find that the best-performing videos typically require  a healthy amount of time brainstorming and iterating.”

What Category Does Your Content Fall Under? 

“I’d say my content is writing-adjacent. But I also believe my content falls in its own niche because the form I’ve chosen for my videos is a novel approach.”

Educational Creator Or  Masculine Speech Coach

“Although some of the best-performing content are the videos where I list a bunch of ‘masculine ways to say’ something- I don’t think teaching people how to ‘be a man’ is necessarily the  main objective.”

He explains, “There is so much stigma associated with the masculine side of content, and I’m nobody to tell people how to talk and behave.” 

“I just think of it as showing people more than one way to eloquently convey a feeling or message. However, I have found that many men of varying ages have reached out to me and expressed their thankfulness towards my contribution in destigmatizing male expression, and I’m very grateful for that.” 

“In terms of being an educational creator, I haven’t really thought of myself in that way because education wasn’t necessarily the intention when I started creating these videos, but it’s been a pleasant outcome nevertheless.”

Then What Is The Ultimate Objective Of What You Do?

Exploring A Meaningful Creative Approach With “Registered Wordsmith” Jordan Flores

Jordan outlines that his work is driven by two key motivators and a fundamental goal, spanning both personal and professional dimensions.

The Content Creation Objective 

“To help people verbalize their sentiments and improve their communication is certainly a primary motivation. I aspire to empower individuals to discover their identities by providing them with effective language to articulate who they are.” 

“Although I’m not completely sure if it’s helping people or not, the goal is to give back to an audience that may have encountered the same communication challenges as I have.”

The Personal Objective 

“I just want to go wherever my authenticity takes me. I sometimes wonder about the person I could be at my most confident. What would they be like, and how closely could I embody that version of myself. ”

He explains, “Being myself and not playing a character online has got me this far, and I’ll continue doing what has served me best. I intend to keep following this path and aligning with my higher self.” 

What Are Some Things You Learned The Hard Way, That Others Can Benefit From? 

“I have hard-core social media advice and other advice that is more personal:” 

Do Not Get Boxed Into A Niche

“Some may have a video that takes off and adopt that one concept to be their entire persona online. This will lead to your content slowly diluting and losing touch with the original reason you started content creation in the first place.” 

Stop Pulse-Checking 

“I see creators check their post every four to five minutes, and it’s like a virtual vape, they’re feeding off the energy of mass opinion.”

“This can seriously harm an influencer’s creative and productive capacity because it often can lead to unhealthy validation-seeking behavior.”

Be Objective To The Results

“Treat your content like an athlete treats their work. When you have a video that doesn’t perform as well as your others, try to look back and see where you went wrong, maybe it could have a better hook or fewer gaps. You get better by putting in the reps just like an athlete.” 

There Are Algorithmic Discrepancies 

“I studied computer science, so I know a thing or two about algorithms. Each social media platform works a bit differently.” 

“Take TikTok for example, the TikTok algorithm tends to be more niche focused, while the Instagram algorithm is more affinity-based.” 

“For example, when TikTok determines your niche it’s a bit harder to branch outside of it, and it’s really important for that niche to be popular if you want to grow.”

“Instagram on the other hand has a more robust method of determining a user’s set of interests, and therefore it’s more likely to recommend your content to people with multiple threads of interest towards your style.”

How Do You Monetize Your Skills?

“I’ve had some brand deals which have been nice, but I think there are better ways to monetize my platform. My Instagram growth has been quite rapid, so I’m still learning and exploring different pathways..”

Jordan explains, “In terms of profit potential,  I see many possible avenues. I think I can easily make merch that uses some of the slogans I’ve created. I also believe that writing is one of the most valuable assets one can have, so in a way I’m building a writing portfolio I can use in professional writing opportunities in the future.” 

He adds, “I’ve also had many people ask me to write a poetry book, and I think that would be a really enjoyable project for me. I’m looking forward to getting started on it soon, and hopefully publishing a book later on this year. ” 

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