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Rylie Shaw A Champion Athlete Motivating Millions With A Sincere Creative Approach


Rylie Shaw: A Champion Athlete Motivating Millions With A Sincere Creative Approach 

In a niche saturated with personal training courses and consulting services, Rylie Shaw’s approach stands out: her content, backed by a genuine passion for engaging her followers, has unlocked surprising pathways to success.

Whether it is her wholehearted approach, dedication to her craft, or the unique insights from growing up in Hollywood, she has amassed a following of over 1 million on TikTok, including moms, young cheerleaders, and more.

The authentic approach has allowed her to form genuine and profitable connections with her community, earning her partnerships with major brands such as Nike and Kellogg’s, and several skincare companies like Neutrogena.

Follow along as we interview her to learn how adopting a heartfelt approach can help creators cultivate a genuine connection with their audience.

Who Is Rylie Shaw?

Rylie Shaw: A Champion Athlete Motivating Millions With A Sincere Creative Approach 

Gymnast, cheerleader, and mental health advocate, Rylie Shaw is also a successful creator who won the hearts of people worldwide with her wholesome content.

Best known as a cheerful tumbling star and an engaging storyteller, who shares insights into her personal life like her battle with narcolepsy, Rylie is admired for her athletic perseverance and her ability to inspire others

She tells us, “People follow me for more than just athletic content. Some want the rush of positive energy, while others learn more about the neurological disorder that I deal with.” 

How Does Your Influencer Career Tie Into Athletic Pursuits?

Rylie Shaw: A Champion Athlete Motivating Millions With A Sincere Creative Approach 

The inspiration and influence that Rylie has among her followers serve as momentum to get her further in her athletic career. 

She tells us, “At cheer competitions, I get to meet other cheerleaders who tell me they love my content and it really just brightens my day to be able to meet and make friends with these people.”

Rylie adds, “It also makes me work hard to be good at my sport because I know there are people out there watching and cheering me on.”

When and Why Did You Start Content Creation?

Rylie explains, “I started posting TikToks in 2019, purely for my own enjoyment, however, I quickly grew a passion for entertaining people with my content.”

“I still love making content, but I am blessed to now be able to make a living off it as well, which definitely adds to the motivation.”

“It took me over 5 years to reach this number of followers, and till this day I can’t believe that I have 1.2 million people watching my videos.” 

What Does The Creative Process Look Like For You?

Rylie Shaw: A Champion Athlete Motivating Millions With A Sincere Creative Approach 

“The content I produce can be broken down into two different segments: scripted videos and on-the-spot athletic videos.” 

“My videos where I learn tumbling skills are just organic and I create the voiceover script around the events that happened, while the rest include utilizing acting skills to convey my message.” 

Scripted Content

“I do not like improvising and think that I do a better job at content creation when there are set guidelines. I also think that scripting contributes to the video’s overall quality, eliminating any filler words and thinking gaps.”

On-the-Spot Athletic Videos

“These often take place during my tumbling sessions or when I’m learning a new move, and there is not much scripting or acting that goes into them.” 

She adds, “The only part of me talking to a camera in these videos is when I’m recording an intro, the rest is all voiceovers explaining what’s going on and giving people more context.”

How Do You Balance Things As An Athletic Creator With Narcolepsy? 

“I balance my schedule by planning my week and writing out my goals for each day. I also allot time for rest which is especially important for me as someone with a sleep disorder. 

“Since I can’t always count on having enough energy to get what I need done for the day, I try to stay ahead to accommodate my disorder.“

She adds, “However, my followers know about the struggles of what I go through with this sleeping disorder, so they’re very understanding with things.”

How Was Being Transparent With Your Sleep Disorder Received By Followers? 

“It was actually received very well, and they are a supportive group, I helped many dealing with the same issues find what it was they were struggling with through pointing out symptoms.”  

She explains that there were moments when followers recognized the different energy patterns in her videos and related them to their own experiences, prompting visits to a neurologist to see if they were facing the same issues.

What Matters More To Your Audience? 

Athletic Content Vs. Personal Insights 

“I think it’s more of an insight into one’s personality and unique take on things rather than just filming yourself doing your hobbies.”

She explains, “Being authentic to your true personality is what counts, and I think that’s what major brands look for; they want to reach audiences on a personalized level.”

“So it’s a mix of doing what you love and displaying even the not-so-exciting moments like failures and struggles, that’s what really resonates with people.”

“I understand each creator will find success in their own way, but this is what worked for me. It adds more value from what I’ve experienced.”

Is Athletic Content Only Not Enough For Athletes To Build A Presence? 

She quickly answers, “I think anything is possible and yes their content can grow on viewers with time, but there is also much more that goes into the crafting of an engaging video.” 

Rylie gives us some examples from her content creation journey and the many factors that helped her reach this level of success. 

She says, “I learned about acting in my early years and I think that all came into play to shape overall success.”

“Some important factors that any athletic creator should consider include finding the perfect lighting, angles, and developing a standard voiceover strategy that is both memorable and engaging.”

What Advice Do You Have for Athletic Creators Trying To Reach Similar Levels Of Success?

Rylie Shaw: A Champion Athlete Motivating Millions With A Sincere Creative Approach 

Don’t Get Hung Up On Numbers 

“Do not put your worth in quantities of views or followers. It can be easy to be discouraged when your views or likes are low but that’s a sign that it’s time to adapt and change your content to match the trending styles and algorithms better.“

Experiment With Different Formats To Find What Works

“Different formats work for different creators. While I found success doing voiceovers and storytelling sessions, others found success doing collaborations with other creators and hosting live sessions, you need to find what works for you.”

Rylie Shaw: A Champion Athlete Motivating Millions With A Sincere Creative Approach 

Brand Yourself As A Person Not Just An Athlete

“For athletic influencers specifically, I would say don’t feel your content has to stay confined solely to your sport or athletic abilities.”

“As an influencer, your goal is to brand yourself as a notable and recognizable figure so try to share other aspects of your life so that people can understand you as a whole person and not just as an athlete.”

“Just as I share insights into what it’s like to deal with narcolepsy while balancing all these creative tasks, people feel closer and can relate better to creators who add a personalized edge.”

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Moe is freelance writer and content creator who enjoys interviewing influencers and learning about their journeys to success.

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