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Top Food Influencers in Calgary- Food Influencers, Instagrammers and Bloggers based in Calgary

With so many outstanding food choices, it isn’t hard to see why a significant number of food influencers have gained notoriety in Calgary. These top food influencer accounts will definitely leave you with some serious cravings.


Looking for the top food influencers in Calgary? Check this out!

One of the most exciting things about visiting a new city is checking out the local cuisine and the special dishes that a place is known for. Calgary is no different, it offers food selections for a diverse food connoisseur’s taste and preference. While many people know Calgary for it’s beef, there is a diverse international experience waiting to be had with cuisine from Italy, France, India, Mexico, and Asia. 

Top Food Influencers in Calgary - Net Influencer


Calgary’s food scene isn’t often mentioned, but the city is home to some amazing dishes that are uniquely Calgarian. Here are a few things to try if you have a chance to visit this western Canadian city.

Alberta Beef

You can’t eat in Calgary without including some type of beef. Alberta is the leading beef producer in Canada, known globally for producing rich tasting quality meat. And, there’s not a shortage of steakhouses to dine at to satisfy your protein desires. Calgary restaurants provide an opportunity to feast on juicy steaks, burgers, briskets, and filets.


This classic French-Canadian junk food is a must have when visiting Calgary. Basic poutine commonly features french fries that are topped with cheese curds and brown gravy. Some Calgarian restaurants kick up the flavor of this classic by frying the fries in duck fat or adding it to breakfast menus with additional toppings like bacon, chicken or poached eggs.

Banh Mi

Alberta has one of the largest populations of Vietnamese, many who call Calgary home. So it makes sense that Banh Mi has become a popular food for the city. You will commonly see street vendors dishing up baguettes that are filled with meats, cilantro, cucumber, onion, chilies and pickled veggies wherever you go. You don’t want to miss out on this Vietnamese sub sandwich, it’s so good!

Ginger Beef

It might be surprising to see a Chinese dish on a list of unique foods to try in Calgary, but ginger beef is an iconic dish of the city. You can find it at almost every Chinese restaurant in Calgary thanks to Chef George Wong, the inventor. He created the dish in the 1970s to appeal to western palates and it quickly became a Calgary favorite with its deep-fried beef, ginger, peppers, carrots, and onions in a sweet sauce.


There are many incredible food influencers in the YYC market. Their content ranges from food discounts to the newest trending restaurants and eats. Check out a few of the top food influencers in Calgary for your foodie pleasures. 

YYC Food Junkie

IG followers: 42.5K


The YYC Food Junkie is a digital creator, blogger, foodie and traveler from Calgary. The identity behind the Instagram page is not made clear, but the food pics are amazing! She is a supporter of local restaurants and cuisine and often features Calgary’s finest foods in her blog, YYC Food Junkie. In addition, she is a promoter of Foodies in the Park, a pop-up dome restaurant that travels around Calgary and provides a specialty menu and theme to its consumers.

Dished Calgary

IG followers: 43.5K

YouTube subscribers: 7.39K

Dished Calgary is a subdivision of the popular Daily Hive Calgary. Its sole focus is on the food and beverage industry for the city.  The instagram page is clearly broken into any kind of food or beverage selection you are looking to digest with captivating photos included. Dished Calgary shares unique experiences and menus on their Daily Hive Youtube channel. 

YYC Foodie Pak

IG followers: 22K

The YYC Food Pak has a mysterious creator who thrives on making hilarious food puns. She is also a promoter and collaborator for events in the Calgary area. The YYC Food Pak must have a sweet tooth because her content is packed full of delicious-looking baked goods ranging from cookies to frosted donuts.

Calgary Foodie

IG followers: 20.7K

Julie Moreno is the creator behind the Calgary Foodie instagram page. She is also a blogger and entrepreneur that enjoys sharing the best places in the YYC to eat. Her page shares local events, travel information, and recommendations for eating in Calgary. Moren’s instagram guide tab provides options for the “Best” foods in the area.

Post YYC

IG followers: 18.4K

TikTok followers: 33.5K

Post YYC is for everything food and business in Calgary. They operate as a media company that collaborates with local food and beverage businesses. Their instagram and TikTok pages highlight anything from new restaurant openings to how to find a deal at local grocery stores. They even promote discounts for specific items and locations.

Rachel Han Eats

IG followers: 18.1K

TikTok followers: 3435

Rachel Han is a Calgary based blogger and digital creator. Her posts consist of food, lifestyle, and travel content. She is also a promoter for virtual cooking classes and food hosted by Blue Flame Kitchens. Blue Flame Kitchens is located in Calgary and hosts specialty events or a consumer to purchase take-away meals. Her photos are food porn for any foodie.

YYC Eats

IG followers: 14.2K


YYC Eats content creator and blogger is not known, but their claim is to be ‘your foodie central for all the best eats and treats in town’. YYC Eats’ blog focuses on local writers who have a take on the Calgary food scene. And, their instagram posts mimic this storyline with local food favorites and eateries.

Hungry YYC

IG followers: 11K

Kiki is the digital creator for Hungry YYC. Her posts are designed to fill you in on where to fill-up in Calgary. She’s also a self-claimed spice addict who likes to share her travel eats with her followers. Kiki promotes through collaborations and local events in the Calgary area. Many of her posts focus on Korean and sweet food dishes. 

Miss Foodie

IG followers: 11.7K

Twitter followers: 2394


Patricia is Miss Foodie and is adventurous when it comes to food and wind. She loves to explore delicious eats around Calgary and beyond. Her instagram page also features some of her homemade cooking concepts complete with awesome looking pictures. Her homemade content includes step-by-step photos with instructions on how to make some of her favorite home cooked meals.

YYC Cravings

IG followers: 14.4K

TikTok followers: 9965

YYC Cravings is a digital creator for food, travel, and lifestyle. Her instagram posts and TikTok reels highlight extraordinary meals to be found in the city of Calgary. She captures everything from street vendors to high-end restaurants on her pages. Her instagram page also features a variety of giveaways in which she partnered with local businesses of the area.

Wandering in YYC

IG followers: 10K
Wandering in YYC shares a little bit of everything on her instagram page. As a digital creator she features travel, food, news, and lifestyle content. Her page also has a tab for recipes, discounts, and resources.  provides a long list of local events in Calgary that are food and beverage based for a taste of the region’s culture. Wandering in YYC really does provide a well rounded grouping of information for individuals that live in Calgary or are traveling to the area.

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