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Top Food Influencers in Miami- Food Influencers, Instagrammers and Bloggers based in Miami

Who doesn’t love asking for restaurant recommendations? Whether it’s new places to try or just some advice on what dish would be perfect with your favorite wine, these Miami-based gurus have got you covered. From cooking tutorials and recipes to travel tips – there is no shortage of content from these Influencers in Miami who know their way around an Instagram story like nobody else!

The dining scene in Miami is as diverse and colorful as the people who live there. You never know what you’re going to get, but it will always be exciting and adventurous! From expensive restaurants with celebrity chefs and some of the best seafood dishes to affordable family-friendly restaurants- this city has something special no other place can compete against when looking at foodie culture overall. 

Top Food Influencers in Miami- Food Influencers, Instagrammers and Bloggers based in Miami - Net Influencer


We’ve rounded up some of the top food influencers in Miami to help you get a head start on your research and dining experience! 

Top Food Influencers in Miami To Watch Out For


When it comes to food, social media influencer, and blogger Samantha Schnur is at the top of her game. She has over 1 million followers on Instagram alone! The Naughty Fork features home cooking recipes mixed in with restaurant recommendations from around Miami – or even beyond its borders. So if you’re looking for some new dining options, check out her Instagram page @thenaughtyfork for some of the best recommendations.


Rachel Samson is an Instagram star who loves to share food and travel reviews from around town. She originally grew up in Chicago but has lived all over Boston and NYC before finally settling down in Miami. She loves eating delicious meals and traveling to new places, so it was a dream come true when her passion became an actual job! Rachel feels like she’s found her true calling in life and spends most of her time exploring new places and dishes from different cultures while documenting all these adventures on her Instagram page @stickaforkinme for over 326 thousand followers who can’t get enough!


Miami Food Porn is the account for all your foodie needs! Whether you’re searching for a new dining destination or just want to see what people are ordering at local restaurants, the Instagram profile @miami_foodporn has it covered. With over 178 thousand followers who love seeing only delicious and crave-worthy content posted on their feeds daily, Dana Rozansky, the creator behind this page, has surely attracted all the passionate foodies.


The Hungry Post (@thehungrypost) is the go-to source for all things food news and recommendations in Miami. Whether you’re skeptical about a new restaurant or want to know exactly what to order, this account will save you! There’s no need to get lost when finding an amazing meal destination with videos on various restaurants throughout town! This trusted resource has over 136 thousand followers who rely heavily upon accurate information for finding the next best place around Miami.


Fat Girl Hedonist is a Miami-based food influencer who has been blogging since 2010. Having started the page @fatgirlhedonist to show off her favorite restaurants and other hidden gems in South Florida, Cari Garcia now travels all over, discovering new places for us! The Instagram account boasts over 133 thousand followers, with each photo capturing some aspect of life in Miami – from delicious treats at local bakeries to awesome pizza right around the corner.


Cesar Cocinero is a Miami- based chef who has made his love for food manifest through social media. He owns the Instagram page @miami.food1, where he shares his passion for all things culinary by visiting new restaurants to try out dishes they have on offer and sharing recipes from those experiences! The account has over 130 thousand followers, so if you’re looking into getting inspired or just want some advice about what kind of meal would suit your tastes best, this could be right up your alley.


The digital media channel Miami Menu showcases and markets the best restaurants in South Florida. They strive to bring you great spots for your dining experience, whether it be drinks and appetizers or a fine-dining restaurant! Their Instagram page @themiamimenu currently has over 85 thousand followers who are always looking for new places they can try nearby when on vacation.


These guys have been doing the food Instagram thing for quite some time now. If you don’t already follow them, I’m sure they’ll give your account a boost and make it worth all those hours spent scrolling through feeds! Their signature pug is always present in every picture, adding another dimension of cuteness making every post even more entertaining. Their Instagram page @miamifoodpug has over 80 thousand followers and will come in handy when you and your friends are looking for new places for hanging out and trying something new.


George Arango is a fan of food. He’s been living in Miami his whole life and loves exploring the city’s different flavors, which led him to create MrEats305 – a blog that helps tourists find delicious places as well as locals looking for something new. His Instagram page @mr.eats305, which has over 80 thousand followers, features reviews on restaurants and cafes, with suggestions about what activities you can do while visiting this unique destination.


The Instagram page @beyondsouthbeach is on a mission to showcase the real Miami. The siblings – Alex and Philipp Klumpp cover just about everything from hidden gems, local favorites, restaurants, parks, historic architecture all in their spare time while also maintaining an impressive following of over 43 thousand followers on there!


Edible South Florida is all about food and the people who create it. From sustainable living to chefs, this blog explores what’s happening in South Florida with an award-winning quarterly publication that covers local cuisine. Edible South Florida is also active on various social media profiles. Their Instagram page @ediblesofla has over 29 thousand followers, which helps them connect with their community and organize events in South Florida!


Nick is a foodie with over 35 thousand followers on his Instagram page @thefoode. He loves to share his passion for all things culinary through original photos, videos of him eating some of the best dishes, and even blogs about lifestyle topics like travel or events happening nearby! His new podcast, “WTF? – Where’s The Food?” features interviews with local chefs while sharing news stories around restaurants in the area and gives listeners an inside look into what makes some places worth trying out.


The Instagram account @miami_eats_official posts about delicious food in Miami and has over 10 thousand followers. The creator behind this account has exceptional taste and can describe dishes like no other with short but sweet captions, so follow this incredible local guide to find the best of what’s happening around town!


Paola Bermudo is a Miami foodie who loves to eat her way through life. On Instagram, where she has over 12 thousand followers at @foodsmiami and posts some of the most picturesque shots from restaurants across town, this influencer shares what we should be eating while traveling or just relaxing on a Sunday, after work!


The Instagram account @themiamifoodcourt is not just a clever play on words; it’s an essential tool for anyone visiting Miami! The page has over 12 thousand followers and provides timely information about restaurants in the area. Whether you’re looking to grab dinner after work or treat yourself to breakfast during your vacation – this easy-to-check guide will help you make the best judgment.

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