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The Rise of Kittch A New Streaming Platform for Cooking Influencers


Kittch: A New Streaming Platform for Cooking Influencers

Live Streaming is a fundamental asset within the influencer marketing sphere as it allows viewers to interact with their favorite content creators in a more controlled and amicable format. This medium is expected to see continued success with many brands expected to invest over $100 billion on video content by 2023. A new platform known as Kittch has entered the scene, creating a specialized community for cooking influencers. Netinfluencer has uncovered everything you need to know about this exciting platform. 

What Is Kittch?

Designed to be Twitch for cooking, Kittch launched in Beta in November 2021. The platform collates a range of nuanced live streaming techniques to help an array of cooks show off their skills. 

Viewers can partake in a live chat named the Chef’s Table and can even send tips to help further support these influencers. Many chefs believe that Kittch could overtake popular Zoom cooking classes as it requires fewer overhead costs and has more opportunities for financial gain. 

Beth Lee

Showcasing a collection of traditional Jewish dishes with a few American classics, Beth Lee shares her love of food with her growing community on Kittch. Lee prepares and serves a wide variety of delectable meals such as fresh fruit crisp as well as no-churn apricot ice cream. Alongside her work on Kittch, this cooking influencer has also released a best-selling cookbook named The Essential Jewish Baking Cookbook in August 2021. She also contributes to a diverse baking blog called OMG! Yummy, where she shares and documents her family’s far-reaching ties with baked goods. 

The Rise of Kittch: A New Streaming Platform for Cooking Influencers 

Cara Haltiwanger

Cara Haltiwanger has worked in food service for nearly 20 years, focusing on bar work before beginning her journey as a professional chef. This influencer uses Kittch to its full extent, replying to comments, promoting her range of hot sauces, and sharing her amazing recipes on the platform. She has created an indulgent apple and pear butter, which was devised in honor of Women’s Culinary Month. Her live streams are incredibly varied, showcasing alcoholic drinks such as a just the Mary cocktail, which was served with a seared cheese and stone fruit board. 

The Rise of Kittch: A New Streaming Platform for Cooking Influencers 

Nina Curtis

As a pioneer in the plant-based revolution, Nina Curtis can make just about any dish vegan and packed full of nutrients. Curtis has also made a positive stance in the fitness industry, particularly during her time as the Executive Chef of The Ranch Oak, which is an acclaimed wellness boot camp. Despite such a hectic lifestyle, Nina Curtis also finds time to share content on Kittch like her coconut noodle pad thai and her Bollywood curry with puffed rice noodles. This cooking influencer also focuses on philanthropy through her work at Plantish, helping others to follow a more natural lifestyle. 

The Rise of Kittch: A New Streaming Platform for Cooking Influencers 

Joe Sasto

After becoming immersed in the culinary arts from a young age, Joe Sasto has delved into almost every aspect of the fine-dining industry. He is also known for his appearances on Chopped and Top Chef, highlighting his incredible talents in a high-pressure environment. On Kittch, Sasto runs at a more relaxed pace, spending time on his dishes such as sweet and sour spicy beef ribs. This influencer has also built an expansive pop-up restaurant in San Francisco, known as Luna Focacceria. He has even produced a line of puffed pasta snacks in a variety of flavors like tiramisu and basil and garlic pesto. 

The Rise of Kittch: A New Streaming Platform for Cooking Influencers 

Carlo Lamagna

Carlo Lamagna pulls upon a variety of inspirational sources to build a tremendous selection of amazing dishes. This chef combines his Filipino roots with the techniques he learned in the farm-to-table restaurant trade in Chicago. Lamagna expresses his most popular culinary masterpieces on Kittch, seen by dishes such as adobong kabute, which is stir-fried mushrooms in an adobo sauce. Carlo Lamagna also hosts his own indulgent restaurant, named Magna, which shares a range of Southeast Asian dishes with the vibrant people of Portland. He also shares personal updates on Instagram with his 9570 followers. 

The Rise of Kittch: A New Streaming Platform for Cooking Influencers 

Chris Shepherd

As the head chef at Underbelly, One-Fifth, and UB Preserv, Chris Shepherd has made his mark on the entirety of the restaurant industry. He also devoted a lot of time and money to his foundation Southern Smoke, which has donated over $8.9 million to service workers in need. Shepherd’s Kittch platform compiles an outstanding range of recipes such as soba noodle salad and chile roasted chicken with blistered tomatoes. This chef also uses the platform to share updates on his collection of cookbooks and more information on his creative processes when designing a new menu

The Rise of Kittch: A New Streaming Platform for Cooking Influencers 

Jevay Thompson

As a self-taught baker, Jevay Thompson presents a varied range of culinary skills for her Kittch audience to enjoy. Whether it’s boozy margarita bars or indulgent lemon and coconut cupcakes, Thompson guides her audience through every step to ensure that they create a decadent dessert every time. She also live streams various challenging techniques, to help others take their food to the next level. This talented chef also promotes her latest creations on Instagram, where she has an impressive 21.3K followers. Her most devoted followers can even order her delicious treats straight to their door, using the Jevay Sweets online store. 

The Rise of Kittch: A New Streaming Platform for Cooking Influencers 

Matthew Mancuso

Matthew Mancuso has been promoting his first-class cooking talents for many years, hosting a dedicated TikTok platform as well as an Instagram account. Now on Kittch, Mancuso is sharing his best tips and encouraging others to put more effort into their daily meals. He teaches his audience a range of expert skills such as how to prepare the perfect chicken cutlet. Mancuso also offers his services as a private chef, preparing a plethora of high-end meals for dinner parties and other celebrations. This chef also engages with his fans on a regular basis, answering their burning questions and reminiscing about his favorite food memories. 

The Rise of Kittch: A New Streaming Platform for Cooking Influencers 

Maya Erickson

Acclaimed pastry chef, Maya Erickson, has worked in an abundance of opulent restaurants such as AQ and Lazy Bear. Erickson also earned a spot on Zagat’s ‘30 Under 30 Best Young Innovative Chefs’ list. On Kittch, she continues to share her love for indulgent treats, as seen in her popular series Tuesday Tea Party. Here, she produces an assortment of quirky dishes such as a ratatouille crepe cake and a rich almond cake. Erickson is also familiar with authentic Thai cooking and owns the popular establishment Langbaan. Although this restaurant only holds 24 guests, it has certainly made its mark in the Portland area. 

The Rise of Kittch: A New Streaming Platform for Cooking Influencers 

Shacuria Jackson

As the proud owner of Canvas by Cheffusion, Shacuria Jackson enjoys sharing the true versatility of cooking in your home kitchen. Jackson is also not afraid to make some bold choices in her culinary ventures like her braised fried beef short ribs with a sweet gochujang sauce. This chef has also created a deconstructed lasagna pasta, providing a nuanced twist on an Italian classic. Shacuria Jackson has also started collaborating with other creators on Kittch like Alexandria Jack. The pair are working together to discuss how to overcome obstacles in the culinary industry.  She also contributes to Instagram, highlighting both her professional achievements and personal milestones to her 1686 followers. 

The Rise of Kittch: A New Streaming Platform for Cooking Influencers 

Kittch may still be in its Beta stage but it has already shown a lot of promising potential. By catering to a wide range of culinary professionals, the platform is helping even accomplished chefs to gain an additional revenue stream and profitable opportunities. To discover more about finding new ventures on social media, visit our website

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