The Rise of Kittch: A New Streaming Platform for Cooking Influencers

By: Net Influencer


A new platform known as Kittch has entered the scene, creating a specialized community for cooking influencers. Netinfluencer has uncovered everything you need to know about this exciting platform.

What Is Kittch?

Designed to be Twitch for cooking, Kittch launched in Beta in November 2021. The platform collates a range of nuanced live streaming techniques to help an array of cooks show off their skills.

cooking influencers

Showcasing a collection of traditional Jewish dishes with a few American classics, Beth Lee shares her love of food with her growing community on Kittch.


Beth Lee

This influencer uses Kittch to its full extent, replying to comments, promoting her range of hot sauces, and sharing her amazing recipes on the platform.


Cara Haltiwanger

As a pioneer in the plant-based revolution, Nina Curtis can make just about any dish vegan and packed full of nutrients.


Nina Curtis

After becoming immersed in the culinary arts from a young age, Joe Sasto has delved into almost every aspect of the fine-dining industry.


Joe Sasto

Shepherd’s Kittch platform compiles an outstanding range of recipes such as soba noodle salad and chile roasted chicken with blistered tomatoes.


Chris Shepherd

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