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Top Food Influencers in Boston- Food Influencers, Instagrammers and Bloggers based in Boston

We all know the power of social media, and that’s especially true for food. Instagram is a treasure trove where you can find anything from new restaurant openings to iconic images of meals around town — or even just at home with your favorite dish! To help satisfy this hunger gap, we have compiled an extensive list featuring some top influencers in Boston who love food and are ready to share all sorts of information about dining options in the city.

With its world-renowned seafood and classic New England fare, Boston is a food city that’s not to be missed. You can find any type or style of dining here, from international cuisine in the hip neighborhoods to inexpensive cafes serving up some delicious takeout dishes for your travels around town! To help you decide what restaurants are worth visiting during your stay, we’ve compiled this list with some input from top food Influencers in Boston.

Top Food Influencers  in Boston - Net Influencer

Top Food Influencers in Boston To Watch Out For


Followed by over 171 thousand people, Boston Foodies is an Instagram page (@bostonfoodies) that will make your mouth water with all the delicious photos. From close-ups to full meals, this feed has something for everyone! Not only do they post about food but also cocktails and drinks in addition to another Q&A highlight section featuring favorite items from each restaurant or dish offered on their respective platforms.


If you’re looking for a way to spice up your social media feed, look no further than @bostonfoodgram. The Instagram account is full of vibrant photos that not only show the delicious food but also give viewers an inside view at restaurants all across Boston—including short videos capturing each eating experience in detail! Account owner Emily has created something truly unique in today’s digital landscape for her over 67 thousand followers.


Sacha Ivanov’s Instagram page @sacha.eats is a must-follow for foodies! Her videos provide all the information you need before deciding where your next meal will come from in town. With 57 thousand followers, everyone loves how detailed she keeps them and can’t wait to see what new place they’ll try next time Sacha posts an update on her adventures around town trying different foods.


When you think of a food blogger, it’s not uncommon to see them busy posting endless dishes on their Instagram account @bostonfoodjournal. However, Brittany Di Capua is different from the norm in that she focuses more energy on exploring new restaurants and sharing stylish outfits at the same time! With over 52 thousand followers who love following this fashion-forward culinary explorer around town, we can’t help but praise how dedicated Brittany is to her passions.


When it comes to cocktails, Claudiane Philippe knows what she’s talking about. She worked as a bartender for 7 years and now uses that experience to show her over 37 followers on her Instagram page @nailthecocktail the most amazing drinks from around town! Besides being an expert in the cocktail world, this Instagrammer also loves doing her manicure to match each of her drinks perfectly, which you can see in every single one of her posts.


The people behind the Instagram page @boston.bucketlist are on a mission to help others have an unforgettable experience in the city by making it easy for them to find and book amazing experiences. With over 38 thousand followers, they’re working together with their dedicated community to show people some of the most beautiful and unique places they can visit in Boston.


We all love a good meal, but how would you know what the best of Boston has to offer? As the name suggests, the Instagram page @top_boston_restaurants is bound to give you some insight into what some of the best Boston dishes might taste like. With over 31 thousand followers and an ever-growing list of restaurants from all around the city, there’s no shortage when it comes down to choosing where your next meal will be!


When it comes to brunches, Alie Sockol is the queen of Boston. With over 29 thousand followers on Instagram (@brunchesofboston) and her own rating system for reviewing brunch specials. The Brunches Of Boston team rates restaurants in order to find not just their favorite dish but also an experience worth sharing with others who want great food at amazing prices. They even partner up with other businesses to host events and bring the community together.


When you want to find a great spot for an authentic meal, delicious food, and new friends – Boston Food Party has got your back. With over 18 thousand followers on their Instagram account @thebostonfoodparty already loving the wide range of cuisines from around their city or state, this account is sure not to disappoint! From breakfast classics to lunch suggestions, you’ll never be bored again because they’ve got it all.


When you think of the most delicious bites in Boston, Jennifer is probably at your top of mind. A local and avid foodie who loves adventure-seeking around the world, she founded @bostonfoodbae to share these travels with friends and family members alike! Her Instagram account currently has 19 thousand followers–and counting as it has become one way Jennifer shares her excitement about finding new places and helping promote businesses by offering services such as advertising, visits, and collaboration.


Danielle is a creative director and content creator with an active sweet tooth. She loves to help people plan their perfect weekend around Boston brunch, no matter where they are dining! With 16 thousand followers on her Instagram page @bostonbrunchguide, this passion has become her outlet for creativity as well as sharing timeless memories with friends and family.


When it comes to date night, Melissa has the perfect idea for every couple! She shares her own experience and encourages others through social media. Her Instagram account @bostondatenightguide, which has over 15 thousand followers, offers inspiration in all things romantic. From handy guides about where there are hidden diamonds nearby or incredible restaurants within walking distance  – The Boston Date Night Guide has become an invaluable resource for couples.


When two friends, Emily Temkin and Hanna Pastor, who love food and laughter, decided to turn their hobby into something more, they never could have imagined how successful it would be. Their Instagram page @thefattestfriends has over 13 thousand followers who are obsessed with the eclectic shots that showcase colorful meals across various restaurants in Boston! The vibrant colors alone make each post worth seeing, especially since you can find some of the biggest portions on this page.


The Instagram account @munchingthroughboston is a must-follow for foodies in Boston and beyond. With over 11 thousand followers and photos that show off some incredible dishes, it’s clear that anyone with even just one functioning taste bud wants to try everything this page has on offer! From appetizers, main courses, and delicious desserts, this page has something that will satisfy any appetite or craving level there might be within range of your taste buds at any given time.

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