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Top Food Influencers in Vancouver- Food Influencers, Instagrammers and Bloggers based in Vancouver

Vancouver is a travel gem for foodies and these top food influencers have dedicated their time to showing us why, in graphic details.

Surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and cedar-covered coastal mountain ranges, Vancouver is a food traveler’s dream. As the largest and most populous city in all of British Columbia, Vancouver is home to a multiculturally diverse population. With its rich food culture amongst travelers and locals alike, it comes as no surprise that food magazine Condé Nast Traveler names it as one of the best food cities in the world.

Top Food Influencers in Vancouver - Net Influencer

The Vancouver food scene is well-known for several reasons. For starters, it is a coastal city, so expect a lot of seafood-related cuisines. The worldwide influences of Vancouver, as well as the quantity of fresh food and ingredients, have resulted in a wide variety of delectable local cuisines. 

There’s something for everyone. From smoked salmon to buttermilk fried chicken, from sushi to various types of seafood (Vancouver is recognized as North America’s sushi capital), maple syrup-infused delicacies, candied salmon sticks, Nanaimo bars, Poutine, Bannock, and black Sesame choux, Vancouver is the place to be for all foodies!

Top Vancouver Food Influencers to Watch

Behind the international recognition and acclaim that the Vancouver food scene enjoys are a set of food influencers, delighting their audience with stunning photos and city-wide tours of the city’s restaurants. Here are some of the top food influencers in Vancouver that we loved:


Vancouverfoodie is run by Emma Choo. With almost 90 thousand followers, Emma is doing a great job of pushing Vancouver’s cuisine to the world. A Christian whose love language is food, Emma delights her audience with mouthwatering pictures and videos from the hottest food spots in Vancouver. She gives detailed reviews on her experiences in these restaurants, making sure to tag their Instagram handles while being as honest as possible with her reviews. She also occasionally gives recipes of her homemade dishes, to help her audience. With over 62 thousand followers on TikTok, most of Emma’s posts are in the TikTok style, short, fun, and descriptive. 


One of the more popular food influencers in Vancouver, foodcouver boasts almost 60 thousand followers. Run by Charlie Dahl, Julia Mac, and Liz Lesperaance, this page is a foodie haven. The beautiful pictures and colors are the first things that strike you when you visit this page. We love that the page handlers are interested in not just the taste of food, but also the visual element of it. From pictures of ramen, pasta, waffles, sushi pizza, ice cream, different types of pastries and so much more. Visiting Foodcouver would leave you hungrier than you came.


Kirby is a Vancouver foodie that has invited us to join her food journey, and who are we to refuse? Kirby loves food, and eatingwithkirby’s bio says it all. She is a “taste tester”, recipe developer, and has been a foodie since 2011 (that’s over 10 years of foodie experience). With almost 36 thousand followers, Kirby is one of the top food influencers in Vancouver. Eatingwithkirby is filled with wholesome pictures and videos of Kirby’s eating adventures. You would also find recipes for some of Kirby’s favorite dishes and detailed yet honest opinions on her restaurant visits. Don’t tell anyone but Kirby is obsessed with gramcanada’s soufflé pancakes too!


Run by Deanna Woo, this page has everything you want from a food page. Great pictures, check. Awesome videos that make your mouth water, check. Restaurant visits and honest reviews, check, and the occasional giveaways too. Deana Woo has hacked this food thing, but what do you expect from a self-diagnosed sugar addict and professional noodle lifter? Over 34 thousand people can attest to the fact that she is a foodie and a half. But don’t take our word for it, visit her page and see why we consider her one of the top food influencers in Vancouver. 


With almost 32 thousand followers bitesofvancouver is a certified food haven. This page brings Vancouver cuisine to you with awesome photos, leaving you salivating and wondering why you aren’t in Vancouver. As a Vancouver resident, stumbling across this page would send you running for the door, eager to try one of the many suggestions on the page. New moms can join the page in the hopes that the handlers would share their baby’s eating experiences as well, as the page’s handlers just welcomed a lovely newborn into their home.


Is an Instagram food blog run by Alana, a Vancouver mother who is interested in giving us a peep into its food scene. Alana teases her over 31 thousand Instagram followers with videos that give a behind-the-scenes glimpse at her life, her culinary choices, and her favorite food spots in the city. Alana takes us on a tour of katsu, cakes, ramen, macarons, and so much more. Did I mention that there are a plethora of prizes available on this page? I think I just did. Alana knows a thing or two about food, which is why she’s a top food influencer in Vancouver.


Another top food influencer, Sophia is a digital creator who uses her skills to make awesome content for her food page, SophEats. Sophia is well-versed in the culinary arts, which explains why she has been featured on CBS radio and in the National Observer. Sophia’s content consists primarily of restaurant reviews, as well as photos and videos of her favorite dishes from her favorite restaurants. She is also not afraid to try new restaurants and is always willing to share her thoughts on her many food tasting adventures. With over 28 thousand followers, Sophia of sopheats is the truth!


Sugar, spice, and everything nice. That’s a great way to describe this page. Run by Diana, a food and travel blogger since 2010, you know you are getting delightful food-filled content. With a lot of how-to videos, and inside looks into how she makes some of her dishes, she even helps her Filipino audience on where to find Filipino snacks and groceries. Diana is a proud mother, and her lovely daughter is occasionally shown. She is interested in your culinary stories and would be willing to feature them on her page. She has a following of almost 24,000 people on Instagram.


Another top food influencer to watch, foodgressing is a Vancouver food page worthy of recognition. The page is run by Areta Wong and boasts 21 thousand followers. If you need a city-wide tour of the best food places in town, with a sprinkle of art and travel, then Areta is your girl! Foodgressing features restaurant and product reviews, home cooking, and a lot of eating adventures. 


The first thing that strikes us about Richwon the page handler is that he is an Eminem fan. This is evident in the bio where he says “you get won shot, won opportunity”. Apart from being an Eminem fan, Richwon is also a photographer, which explains the creative concepts that show up in his food photos. Therichwon is an influencer page to keep an eye on, with just over 18 thousand followers.


When it comes to the quality of pictures, few people do it better than this page’s handler, Howard. Howard is not just a food blogger, but a content creator and food photographer too. His love for photography has found its way into his food blog, as his page is filled with beautifully taken pictures, showing that food is not just sweet, food is art. With his unique style, Howard takes his over 18 thousand followers through the best spots in Vancouver, one picture at a time. 


Noms Mag is a Vancouver food page and online magazine. Its Instagram page boasts of 17 thousand followers while its online magazine claims to have over 200,000 monthly readers. While it is a top food influencer in Vancouver, it is also a news and media website that is interested in curating the best noms in the city. The primary content includes reels showcasing different hotspots for food, drinks, and pastries. They tend to include the addresses of the spots they visit, and tag their Instagram handles as well.


If you have a never-ending appetite and always seem to be able to make space for more food then you can probably relate to this page’s handler, Shanni. Shanni is a Vancouver foodie that has tasked herself with trying out new food spots, discovering local gems, and Costco finds. If you are interested in trying new places then it would be a great idea to follow appetitealways. Shanni is progressively leading the push to try out every new spot and find as many local jewels as possible. Appetitealways has over 14 thousand followers.


With a very cool name and extremely cool-looking handlers, forkthatdish is rapidly becoming a huge influencer name in Vancouver‘s food scene. The page is run by Vancouver foodies, Nerissa and Caleb. The first thing that strikes you when you visit this page is the love for noodles. We are not complaining as we love ourselves a bowl of noodles too. Another thing worthy of note is how aesthetically pleasing the page is. Beautifully taken pictures everywhere. The quality of pictures on this page is enough to make anyone filled with cravings. Though they have 16k followers, Nerissa and Caleb are coming to fork that dish!


Another Vancouver food influencer on the quest to find and share hidden gems, Ceci has been making a name for herself. With 13 thousand followers, you know she is doing a lot of things right. Ceci is a digital creator and recipe developer. Purplechives’ content is diversified, from recommendations on bubble tea, burritos, cake, hot pots, noodles, sushi, ice cream and so much more. Ceci takes us on a tour of Vancouver in search of hidden gems and delectable cuisine. Her recommendations should be taken seriously, given she has over 800 posts.


Maggie runs the Vancouver food page, foodiemugs. Boasting over 13 thousand followers, Maggie is unquestionably a cuisine influencer to keep an eye on. This page takes it a step further by looking at more than just popular Vancouver eateries. She’s taken it upon herself to check out the new ones and provide honest feedback. She has proved that she is not only willing to try different eateries, but she is also willing to try new recipes. A food photographer herself, Maggie is the full food influencer package. 


What’s better than a foodie in love with food? Two foodies in love with food and one another. Alex and Jen are Vancouver’s foodie couple, seeking to eat their way through life. That sounds like a great idea! This page is chock-full of well-produced videos documenting the couple’s adventures. It’s no simple task to eat your way through life, but we, along with their ten thousand followers, would be there to support them every step of the way.


This page would make you a foodie if you aren’t one already. Crunchvancouver delights its almost 10 thousand followers with pictures of mouth-watering dishes from different food spots. This is what we like to see: color and spice. This page has it all: noodles, burgers, pasta, ice cream, poutine, and pastries, while also providing detailed reviews. Vancouver has a diversified culinary scene, and we should all take advantage of it. Finding decent places to eat in Vancouver would be a breeze thanks to their recommendations. 

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