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How To Boost Sales With YouTube Shopping


Ways to Boost Sales in YouTube Shopping

YouTube is a platform that is constantly changing and growing, attracting a new generation of viewers with every development. As the world of e-commerce also continues to expand, influencers have now become key figures in the act of buying and selling goods online. Data from Google informs us that 89% of viewers believe that YouTubers offer trustworthy recommendations on a variety of products. Netinfluencer has delved into YouTube’s new shopping feature and has everything you need to know about the new platform.

What Is YouTube Shopping?

In July 2022, the platform announced the launch of YouTube Shopping, a series of features that would allow eligible creators to share their product line with their existing audience. This venture is in partnership with Shopify, helping influencers to build a functioning online store with ease. 

Users will also be able to use a range of live streaming features to conduct real-time shopping experiences for their subscribers. This is in a similar vein to traditional live shopping programs we often see on TV. These features will also be compatible with Shorts, Stories, and conventional long-form videos to create an entire shopping experience within one app. 

Alongside the range of Shopify features, creators will also be able to notify their audience of stock levels and allow them to purchase products directly from the on-site checkout. All of this data can be tracked and implemented via the Shopping tab in an influencer’s personal YouTube Studio. 

How To Boost Sales With YouTube Shopping


How Do I Create an Account?

  1. Install the Google Channel in the Shopify app store.
  2. Enter the Youtube Shopping section and connect your active YouTube channel.
  3. Select the range of products that you would like to sell via YouTube Shopping.
  4. Choose the Monetization section and begin adding products to relevant videos.

What Are the Eligibility Requirements?

Although YouTube Shopping is mainly controlled through Shopify, the platform still requires creators to meet a minimum number of criteria in order to begin selling products online.

  • You must be operating in a country that accepts the YouTube Partner Program.
  • Your channel has been approved for monetization.
  • The channel has more than 1,000 subscribers or is considered an Official Artist Channel. 
  • You do not operate under the Made For Kids section or have a majority of videos that are aimed at children.
  • Your videos do not significantly violate YouTube’s Monetization Policies.
  • You have not violated any of the platform’s Community Guidelines. 

What Features Are Available?

Live Shopping

This feature allows creators to host shoppable live streaming events, meaning that they can promote and showcase their wide assortment of products to a real-time audience. Live Shopping also enables viewers to purchase these products directly from the live stream itself. 

Creators can also pin popular products within the chat, helping to divert an audience’s attention to their best sellers. Influencers are also encouraged to produce polls and Q&A sessions to collate feedback on their products and customer experiences.

Although Live Shopping was originally devised as a temporary feature for the YouTube Holiday Stream and Shop Event, it has managed to become a staple aspect of the platform’s roadmap into e-commerce. This event also received a lot of traction as many influencers provided exclusive discounts and deals on their best-selling goods. 

How To Boost Sales With YouTube Shopping


Syncing Products to YouTube

Due to the acclaimed collaboration with Shopify, YouTube Shopping now makes it easier than ever for influencers to continuously update their store. When a new product has been added to an individual’s site, the information is immediately synced to their YouTube Shopping account.

This ensures that creators do not have to struggle between two platforms and customers are always given relevant information on their purchase. You can also update pricing and inventory status via this feature, ensuring that your catalog is always accurate and up-to-date for potential customers. 

Plus, the ability to automatically sync products gives creators more time to work on other aspects of their marketing strategy such as design and product development. 

Manage Sales Using Shopify’s Interface

One of the main benefits of using YouTube Shopping is that it allows influencers to access Shopify’s range of intuitive features. Therefore, creators can track and manage their sales data all within Shopify’s analytics dashboard.

Here, users can view their impressions, net sales, and overall performance all within one platform. They can also observe their Sales by Social Sources, which tells creators whether sales were generated via YouTube or Facebook.

How To Boost Sales With YouTube Shopping


Benefits of Using YouTube Shopping

YouTube Shopping is arguably the platform’s best monetization feature to date as it allows even the smallest of influencers to take their e-commerce efforts to the next level. By using Shopify’s immersive dashboard, influencers can measure their success over a variety of unique metrics. As such, this can help novice sellers to refine their skills and teach them where to focus their attention in order to gain the best results.

Shopify is also a very prominent platform, boasting an impressive 2.1 million daily active users. This success has also led them to become a trusted source, making customers more likely to purchase from a Shopify merchant. Thus, YouTube Shopping now combines two giant forces to create a more simple and user-friendly shopping experience. Plus, the earnings gathered from this new platform are not linked to AdSense, meaning that influencers can still see an increase in revenue even if their views are low. 

The promising future of YouTube Shopping is also reflected in its work with larger brands, such as Glossier. The brand used these features to launch their latest no.1 pencil eyeliner which they saw as a great success. This shows that the platform is accessible for SMBs as well as conglomerates. Furthermore, the blending of small and large businesses indicates a cultural shift in e-commerce, particularly the advent of live online shopping experiences. 

How To Boost Sales With YouTube Shopping


YouTube Shopping has been in the works for several months, with the platform teasing an array of intuitive features along the way. Its partnership with Shopify also denotes a consistent rise in the need for more e-commerce platforms, further emphasizing the impact social media has on our shopping habits. To learn more about promoting your business on social media, visit our website

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