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How Pinterest TV Is Expanding Shoppable Livestreams


How Pinterest TV Is Expanding Shoppable Livestreams

Data shows that 40% of active Pinterest users browse the platform to help them feel inspired during their shopping experience. This has enabled the platform to be a key place for brands and creators to show off their latest products. Pinterest has been working tirelessly on helping its creators to produce original content that they can monetize, particularly with its shoppable livestreams. As such, Netinfluencer has everything you need to know about Pinterest TV. 

What Is Pinterest TV?

In October 2021, Pinterest announced the launch of Pinterest TV, a new live streaming service that allows viewers to watch a collection of creators as they promote and share some of their favorite products. 

Creators can also Pin relevant products so that shoppers can purchase them on the retailers’ sites. Influencers can also use this platform to announce prosperous brand collaborations and promote discounts with their most devoted viewers. 

The social media giant hopes that influencers will use this platform to host their own live shopping experience, giving them the tools to compete with traditional live shopping shows such as QVC as well as other online formats such as Amazon Live

New episodes are released Monday-Friday at select times and are available to view on Android and iOS. Moreover, every Friday a collection of high-end brands will release a series of products, which viewers can purchase at a discounted price. 

How Pinterest TV Is Expanding Shoppable Livestreams


How Does the Feature Work?

Live Chat

In a similar vein to other live streaming platforms, Pinterest TV offers a chat function, meaning that viewers can connect with creators as they stream. Viewers can also send reactions to the chat, amplifying your engagement.

Creators are encouraged to answer questions about the products they are showcasing as well as offer in-depth demonstrations. This helps to give a comprehensive look at your chosen product and inspires your viewers to purchase one for themselves.


Pinterest TV also presents a wealth of performance metrics, allowing creators to track their engagement and follower count as they continue to produce more content. This will help creators to improve or adapt their stream in order to appease their audiences.

The platform also offers an assortment of support behind-the-scenes. Experienced Pinterest TV performers will receive guidance and help via a virtual studio, helping their content feel more like a full-scale production. 

How Pinterest TV Is Expanding Shoppable Livestreams



Unlike traditional teleshopping channels, users can save certain Pinterest TV streams and are able to rewatch them at a later date. This ensures that creators can still maintain high levels of engagement, even if their viewers cannot watch the stream when it is first posted. 

This feature also allows viewers to discover new creators as they can browse through a selection of unwatched live streams to gain inspiration for their next craft project or purchase. If you are looking to catch up with one of your favorite creators, you can set a ‘Remind Me’ notification to make sure that you never miss a stream. 

Who Can Use the Tool?

In order to become a Pinterest TV host, users must fill out a short Google Form. Here, you will be asked a few questions about your style and how you plan to use moderators in your live chat.

Furthermore, creators will be required to upload a short piece to camera to give the platform some idea of how you perform under live conditions. 

Examples of Pinterest TV Shoppable Livestreams


As part of its most recent ‘Shop the Holidays Program, Pinterest TV recruited Tastemade to produce a six-hour livestream. During their stream, a collection of lifestyle influencers were asked to share their best holiday meals and offer a range of discounts on their favorite food items. 

How Pinterest TV Is Expanding Shoppable Livestreams

Manny Does

Manny MUA is an accomplished makeup artist with 2.4K followers on Pinterest. During his stream, Manny Does, this influencer answered some of his fans’ most burning questions. As such, he was able to offer them some guidance on their beauty needs as well as a collection of promoted products. 

How Pinterest TV Is Expanding Shoppable Livestreams

Tom Tries

Olympic gold medalist, Tom Daley, became a style icon over the past few years due to his love of knitting. Daley now hosts his own Pinterest TV series where he embarks on a new hobby every week. Each episode of Tom Tries sees him with another crafting genius, helping him to share trade secrets with a live audience. 

How Pinterest TV Is Expanding Shoppable Livestreams


Benefits of Using Pinterest TV

Pinterest TV allows creators to essentially produce their own live shopping series all within the confines of a trusted and well-established platform. In turn, popular influencers can extend their engagement and reach by connecting with their audience in real time. This also helps the platform to become more competitive with larger social media platforms as it can now promote a wealth of informative video content. 

How Pinterest TV Is Expanding Shoppable Livestreams

With a wide variety of influencer-led content to choose from, Pinterest TV has managed to attract a large number of dedicated creators, rather than pandering to light users. This allows the platform to build up its creator marketplace and ensures that up-and-coming influencers can gain more financial opportunities and brand sponsorships.

Lastly, Pinterest TV relies on a creator’s amicable personality, rather than their follower count. In turn, smaller creators are able to operate on the same playing field as their larger counterparts. This makes the influencer marketing industry more competitive and encourages brands to utilize their resources and reap the benefits of its growth. 

How Pinterest TV Is Expanding Shoppable Livestreams


Pinterest TV adds more validity to the live shopping experience, particularly as it continues to make its way over to social media. As a result, influencers are quickly becoming ambassadors and representatives to some of the world’s leading brands, enabling them to receive a range of revenue streams in return. 

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