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How To Monetize Your Pinterest Account


How To Monetize Your Pinterest Account

Pinterest is a unique social media platform that encourages users to share a plethora of content to help them discover new and exciting ideas. The alluring interface has attracted 431 million active users, each being able to collate an assortment of images, links, and more. As Pinterest continues to see exponential growth, the platform has now allowed active creators to gain access to monetary benefits. Netinfluencer goes into more detail about how you can earn additional revenue through your Pinterest account.

What is Pinterest?

Since launching in January 2010, Pinterest has continuously stood out from the crowd through its intuitive and unusual user experience features. The platform allows users to browse through products, images, blog articles, and more, giving them the opportunity to ‘Pin’ the content to their very own board.

These boards work in a similar fashion to conventional social media feeds, allowing users to search through other boards and view suggested content from other users. Pinterest also uses a messaging platform that allows users to share boards and pins with their friends, helping to create a bustling community on the platform.

The platform also uses Pinterest Lens, which allows users to view relevant pins and boards in relation to the image in front of them. Thus, you can use your smartphone camera to seek out relevant products and information about objects in your surroundings.

How To Monetize Your Pinterest Account


What are Creator Rewards?

After being active for 12 years, Pinterest has built a large community of successful influencers. In October 2021, Pinterest released early access to its Creator Rewards, a scheme that gives eligible creators access to financial benefits from the platform. 

The scheme rewards influencers who produce and share original content, especially those who are able to gain high engagement rates on a consistent basis. It should be noted that in order to access the highest amount of benefits, creators must meet a set of monthly goals that are created by Pinterest in accordance with their creator guidelines.

These reward goals are based on a monthly prompt, designed by the platform, to encourage and inspire creators to make original content on a regular basis. The prompt will include an extensive description, creative requirements, and payout information. Creators can only submit one Idea Pin per prompt each month.

What are the eligibility requirements for Pinterest’s Creator Rewards?

In order to gain access to any monetary benefits from Pinterest, users must create a business account. You can either convert your personal account into a business account or you can link your professional details to a new business account. Once this has been achieved, you can access your analytics data and run ads on specific pieces of content.

The Creator Rewards has its own set of standard requirements. These are listed below.

  • Must be 18 or over.
  • Reside in one of the 50 States in America, or in the District of Columbia. 
  • Have a follower count of 250 or higher.
  • Produced three Idea Pins within the last 30 days.
  • Published pins must have 150 saves in the last 30 days.
  • Produce original content.
  • Must have access to the Pinterest app.

If you believe that you have met all of these listed requirements, you can then start applying for Creator Rewards. To do this, you must first access your Creator Hub and tap the ‘Earn’ button at the very top of the screen. From here, you can confirm your email address, agree to the terms and conditions, and then submit your application.

How To Monetize Your Pinterest Account


How to link a payment method

Pinterest takes payment quite seriously and requires creators to confirm their identity and residence before they can access their earnings. Once your application has been approved, you will need to supply various pieces of personal identification. This includes a government-issued ID and a document that provides your bank logo and account details.

Then, you can link your bank account, providing it is a United States account. This is done through a platform called Ayden, which ensures that sensitive details are kept safe and secure. This platform will also send out annual 1099 forms to ensure that all creators can contribute their taxes in accordance with federal and state law. 30 days after finishing your rewards goal, your collected earnings will be deposited into your bank account. 

How To Monetize Your Pinterest Account


How to use affiliate links on Pinterest

Alongside the Creator Rewards, Pinterest allows creators to earn money through affiliate links. These can be produced just like any other pin, allowing creators to link the product or brand within the original post. In addition, these pins can be better optimized for SEO by adding a range of relevant and engaging tags. This can help to increase traffic and engagement across both Pinterest and your business. 

It is also recommended that you use optimized pictures, to further boost conversions on the platform. Described below are a few tips to help produce better pictures on Pinterest.

  • Pictures should be 1000 x 1500px.
  • Ensure that the text is easy to read and written in a comprehensible font.
  • Eliminate human faces.
  • Use an interesting and alluring image.

It is important to note that creators must declare if they are using an affiliate link. This is so that they can successfully monetize their content in line with guidelines stated by the Federal Trade Commission. You can simply disclose this information by including #ad or #sponsored somewhere in the post. 

How to tag brand partners on Pinterest

With the ability to create such incredible reach, it is no surprise that Pinterest allows creators to earn money from successful brand collaborations on the platform. If a creator is already affiliated with a brand, they can simply add a ‘Paid Partnership’ notification to their post to highlight that this is a sponsored collaboration. The platform released this feature in order to help creators become more authentic and showcase their financial earnings in a simple and transparent way. 

As part of the brand partnership feature, Pinterest also allows creators to make use of the Idea Pins Product Tagging tool. This feature allows creators to link specific products to their Pinterest boards, making each product more accessible and actionable for potential customers. 

How To Monetize Your Pinterest Account


Pinterest is a very expressive platform that helps users create and share intuitive content with a wider audience. The new monetization features have the potential to encourage more influencers to join the platform and build engaging and shareable content at a rapid rate. As such, these features are helping to build another revenue stream within the developing world of influencer marketing. If you want to learn more about making money on social media, visit our website

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