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How To Use Amazon Live For Shoppable Live Streams


How To Use Amazon Live For Shoppable Live Streams

With a daily sales revenue of $1.29 billion, Amazon is undoubtedly one of the largest e-commerce platforms in the world. Alongside its financial success, the company is now looking to recruit the work of content creators as part of their live shopping initiative. As such, Netinfluencer will discuss everything you need to know about Amazon Live. 

What Is Amazon Live?

In 2016, Amazon released its first shoppable live stream known as Style Code Live. The stream worked in a similar fashion to the television shopping network QVC, where brands would showcase their latest product range for customers to purchase online.

Since then, Amazon Live has grown tremendously and now allows influencers to produce their own streams. Using a range of live product demonstrations, users can present a wide variety of items to an engaged and active audience. 

These individuals will then earn a commission on the items they sell from their Amazon Storefront site. This platform is available to US vendors who have an online store on Amazon as well as professional brands within the Amazon Brand Registry.

How To Use Amazon Live For Shoppable Live Streams


How Do I Join?

  1. Download the latest version of the Amazon Live Creator iOS app.
  2. Log in to the app using your official Amazon Seller credentials.
  3. Select an assortment of products to feature in your live stream.
  4. Give your stream a catchy title and a start time.
  5. Record your stream through the Amazon Live Creator app or through an external camera.

What Are the Requirements?

Amazon Live requires users to have a registered store on the platform. This is to ensure that customers can purchase items from companies that are verified and safe to use. Users can also collaborate with Amazon to produce more engaging live streams. These usually require a minimum spend of $50,000. 

Influencers can also host shoppable live streams on the app. These creators must first apply for the Amazon Influencer Program. Once they have been approved, they will receive a host of exclusive benefits and resources. 

How To Use Amazon Live For Shoppable Live Streams


What Rewards Are Available?

Amazon Live provides influencers with a wide range of prosperous rewards, ensuring that they can see success and financial gain on this platform. These benefits are split into three levels which creators can achieve as they move further up the ladder.

Rising Star

All certified Amazon Influencers begin at a level known as Rising Star. Here, you will be able to stream on the Amazon Live Creator app as well as share links to these streams as a way to earn more commission.

Rising Star influencers will also be able to earn commission through sales gained via the Onsite Associate Program. This means that creators will be able to earn money from shoppers who discover live streams across the entire platform.

Your Amazon followers will also receive notifications when you go live to help you build a more devoted audience. Creators will also be able to build their own Influencer Storefront.


The next level is called Insider and covers all of the benefits gained in the previous level as well as a few others. For example, your live streams will automatically appear on all Rising Star level placements, helping you to achieve a more extended reach.

In addition, items that you review on your streams will be featured on a wide variety of product detail pages. Finally, your content will receive top-of-page placement on the Amazon Live home page. 


Again, A-List Influencers will still receive the same benefits they earned through their time as a Rising Star and an Insider. This level also offers exclusive access to Amazon Live events and opportunities.

Moreover, these users will also gain priority access from the Amazon Live Creator team, meaning that you will gain support as quickly as possible. Lastly, your streams will appear on the home page as well on all Rising Star and Insider placements. 

How To Use Amazon Live For Shoppable Live Streams


Popular Influencers on Amazon Live

Anthony Urbano

This Amazon Influencer was once an accomplished structural engineer, who left this position to pursue a career in content creation and fashion. Anthony Urbano is best known for his diverse Instagram page where he has a devoted community of 80.4K followers. On Amazon Live, Urbano is mostly seen to be showing off some of his latest fashion trends for customers to also purchase. He also uses his streams to promote Amazon’s own brand of clothing, which is known as Friday Collective

How To Use Amazon Live For Shoppable Live Streams


AT HOME WITH NIKKI, otherwise known as Nikki Boyd, creates a plethora of content surrounding home decor and organization. Her YouTube channel is teeming with craft DIYs, interior design, and how-to videos for her 544K subscribers to enjoy. Boyd’s shoppable live streams embody the same theme, showcasing useful products that her followers can use as part of their daily lifestyle routine. Previously, she has demonstrated how to use a label market to organize paper clutter as well as a chic mobile coffee bar. 

How To Use Amazon Live For Shoppable Live Streams

Jasmine Pak

Jasmine Pak first started her career as a content creator at Buzzfeed, producing a wealth of delectable recipe videos. She now runs a selection of active social media channels such as her Instagram account where she has an incredible 172K followers. Amazon Live has helped Pak to show off her favorite ingredients and cooking supplies, helping her audience to replicate these amazing dishes in their own homes. Her content has also been sponsored by iconic brands such as Velveeta, where she made spicy kimchi queso. 

How To Use Amazon Live For Shoppable Live Streams

Albert Lawrence

As an avid lover of all things tech, Albert Lawrence enjoys showing off his latest gadgets in real-life situations. This means that customers gain a more personal look at how the product can benefit them in their daily lives. When he’s not streaming on Amazon Live, Lawrence can be found on a variety of hit TV shows such as The Henry Ford’s Innovation Nation and MTV’s Global Summers. 

How To Use Amazon Live For Shoppable Live Streams

Amazon Live shows us how influencers can help promote a selection of desirable products from some of the world’s leading brands. In turn, the advent of this platform indicates a large shift in the popularity of influencer marketing and helps many brands to understand its potential for exponential growth. 

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