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How Amazon Inspire Is Looking To Extend Social Shopping


How Amazon Inspire Is Looking To Extend Social Shopping

Social shopping is an incredibly lucrative industry that has seen tremendous growth over the last few years. In fact, experts state that it could be worth $1.2 trillion by 2025. With such grand success on the horizon, it is no wonder that e-commerce giant Amazon is also jumping on the trend with a collection of new shopping experiences. To discuss this further, Netinfluencer details everything you need to know about Amazon Inspire. 

What Is Amazon Inspire?

Inspire is Amazon’s latest leap into the world of social e-commerce, using a wealth of engaging short-form content to attract new customers. The platform utilizes a feed similar to TikTok, meaning that customers can effortlessly scroll through a plethora of content to seek out their next purchase. 

Users will also be able to engage with these videos, liking and saving the content for future reference. The products that the creator is using or wearing will also be presented at the bottom of the screen.

Therefore, potential customers can interact with these images to give them more detail on the Amazon website. In turn, consumers can view a product on Inspire and then purchase it within a matter of seconds. 

How Amazon Inspire Is Looking To Extend Social Shopping


What Is Its Purpose?

The platform hopes to become more competitive with other social shopping options such as Instagram and Shopify. These competitors give users the ability to see a product in more detail and then purchase it all within the confines of the same app.

As a result, Inspire hopes that users will do the same, cutting down the time that a product remains in a customer’s basket. Many also assume that Amazon launched this platform to make use of the addictive nature of short-form content.

These videos can be consumed at speed and with ease, making them the perfect marketing strategy for casual consumers. Thus, customers can now browse through an abundance of best-selling products in a similar fashion to how they would scroll through social media. 

How Amazon Inspire Is Looking To Extend Social Shopping


How Does the Platform Work?

The Amazon Inspire interface is fairly simple and mimics a lot of other features seen on other popular platforms. To access this feature, users must first tap the Inspire icon found in the official Amazon Shopping app. This is symbolized by a small lightbulb. 

Customers will then be asked to choose from over 20 interests, helping to cater their shopping experience to suit their needs. Some of the interests include makeup, gaming, and interior design. These interests will help to personalize a user’s feed and ensure that they are only seeing products that would adhere to their preferences. 

You will then get access to Inspire’s vertical video feed, which showcases a wealth of influencers modeling a range of products. These videos will highlight the creator’s details as well as the niche they are operating in.

Users are free to scroll through the feed and interact with the videos as they please. In a similar vein to other platforms, Inspire relies on an assortment of high-level algorithms, meaning that your feed will become more personalized the more you use the platform. 

How Amazon Inspire Is Looking To Extend Social Shopping


How Can Creators Earn Money From the Platform?

Inspire relies on the work of Amazon Influencers to create and promote content. Thus, creators will have to join the Amazon Influencer Program in order to monetize the work they create on the platform. 

For existing Amazon Influencers, the products you promote in your Amazon Storefront will be available for you to showcase in Inspire. As such, creators can earn more in the same way as they do in the Amazon Influencer Program. 

If you are a brand looking to utilize the power of Inspire, you must first enroll in the official Brand Registry and set up an active Brand Store. Then, your products will be available for influencers to promote in their content. 

Who Has Access to the App?

Inspire was officially announced in December 2022 via a piece in The Wall Street Journal online publication. Therefore, the platform is still in its early phases of development. Only a select collection of influencers and customers have access to the platform and these individuals only reside in the US.

Amazon has stated that it hopes to extend this rollout over the next coming months if the platform still sees a large amount of success. It also wishes to add more in-app shopping features and better functionality to help improve the platform even more. 

It should also be mentioned that this tool is only available via the Amazon Shopping app and cannot be seen on desktop.

Benefits of Joining Amazon Inspire

Amazon Inspire is a profound step in the development of social shopping, making it a prime opportunity for many budding influencers. This platform pulls upon Amazon’s existing ties with influencer marketing including its influencer program and live shopping platform. As a result, Inspire has all of the capabilities to help creators see a wealth of engagement and revenue streams. Moreover, creators do not have to use a separate platform to control their Inspire content, making it much easier for them to use. 

The platform also presents a ton of similar viewing experiences such as vertical feed and engagement metrics. This means that it is easy for both consumers and influencers to use. In turn, influencers do not need to master a collection of new skills or production techniques, instead, they can use the skills they have gained from other social media platforms. These creators can then make content as quickly as possible, ensuring that they can remain competitive on this steadily developing platform.

Inspire also gives creators access to a phenomenal market and also provides them with the tools needed to engage with this audience. As a result, an influencer’s existing follower base can interact with their content on this platform as well as new consumers who stumble across their work. As such, influencers now have the chance to retain their highly engaged audience base whilst also attracting new viewers on a regular basis. 

How Amazon Inspire Is Looking To Extend Social Shopping


Amazon Inspire highlights the fundamental impact of social shopping on the modern consumer, making it easier for customers to find and purchase products online. This platform also offers more insight into the work of influencers and how even some of the largest brands in the world are recognizing their tremendous power in a collection of markets. 

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