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All of the Details About Amp’s New Creator Fund


All of the Details About Amp’s New Creator Fund

Data from 2022 explains that 50 million people are contributing to the global creator economy, adding more validity and power to the wider influencer marketing industry. As more brands and platforms continue to recruit influencers in their marketing ventures, the potential for growth seems endless. Amazon’s app, Amp is the latest platform to offer eligible users access to a wide range of monetary benefits. As such, Netinfluencer explores all you need to know about Amp’s new creator fund and how to access it. 

What Is Amp?

In March 2022, e-commerce giant Amazon launched its latest site, Amp. This platform allows users to produce their own live radio shows, essentially acting as their own DJ. Creators have access to a vast music library filled with licensed songs which they can stream to an engaged audience. 

Amp encourages users to create extensive playlists for their shows which can be streamed as soon as they are ready to begin broadcasting. Users can also interact with listeners and other hosts in-real time, building a cohesive atmosphere with ease. 

The platform also pushes users to detach from typical radio shows, inviting them to discuss important topics and share unconventional music with a large audience. 

All of the Details About Amp’s New Creator Fund


How Successful Is the Platform?

Amp may still be in its early stages of growth but has already built up enough stature to begin monetizing creators. In just six months, Amp has built a unique creator network and has housed a variety of budding creatives. 

Moreover, it seems that Amp is Amazon’s most successful attempt to break into the live audio market. The platform collates a wide assortment of popular celebrities including Will Arnett and Lil Yachty, allowing them to discuss the topics that mean the most to them. 

Amp has also opened doors for a variety of independent artists, helping them to gain expert materials and resources to boost their careers. In collaboration with United Masters, the platform created a series that aimed to shine a spotlight on five up-and-coming musicians, helping them to tap into a much more varied audience. 

How To Join the Amp Creator Fund?

Certain users will be contacted by Amp if they are eligible for the Creator Fund. This information is usually delivered via email and will offer strict instructions on how to monetize your radio show. 

Payment is often expressed a month in advance, meaning that if a creator qualified for monetization in January, they would not be able to access their earnings until February. 

Once you have entered and submitted all of the relevant financial information, you will have until the 15th of that month to claim your rewards. If you do not claim these rewards within the given time frame, you will automatically forfeit your reward for that month. 

Amp also states that creators are solely responsible for organizing their own tax payments and must ensure that they are accurate and up to date at all times. 

All of the Details About Amp’s New Creator Fund


What Are the Eligibility Requirements?

  • The content that you express on your radio show must adhere to Amp’s Community Guidelines and Terms of Use.
  • In order to set up payments in your own name, you must be over the age of 18 and have accepted the terms and conditions listed.
  • If you are aged 13-17 and are eligible for monetization, the payment method must be linked to a parent or guardian’s account.
  • Users must be located in the United States and have access to a working US bank account.
  • The email address used for your Amp account must be the same as the one linked to your Amazon account.
  • Monetized creators cannot be employees or contractors of Amp.

What Rewards Are Available for Creators?

The Amp Creator Fund operates on a monthly basis, rewarding users for their listener engagement rate and show performance. These rewards are also evaluated on a monthly basis, meaning that creators constantly have access to new benefits. The most popular shows in that month will also receive a bonus which they must also claim in a select time frame. 

Amazon is yet to reveal how much creators can earn in a given month but has stated that rewards are likely to fluctuate throughout the coming months. This helps to build a sense of competitiveness across the platform and encourages users to produce higher-quality content. 

The platform has also announced that the metrics used to measure eligibility and performance are also likely to change. As such, it seems that new features will be added to the platform over time, giving users more opportunities to earn money from their content. 

All of the Details About Amp’s New Creator Fund


Benefits of Joining Amp’s Creator Fund

Amp may be an emerging platform but it has the potential to offer a wide range of benefits that may not be offered in the mass media industry. Influencers now have the chance to produce a fully-functional radio show from the comfort of their own homes. The platform also promotes a sense of creative freedom, encouraging them to maximize their earnings in their desired niche. 

The speed at which this creator fund was established also denotes the long-term success of the platform. In just a few months, Amp has managed to reward its top-performing creators and has even produced an incentive for them to continue making content. Therefore, influencers can now gain a higher ROI on their content in a much quicker fashion than on other platforms. 

Although Amp is currently only available in the US, it still offers creators a large audience. Thus, creators can interact with other hosts and audiences from across the country, building a healthy sense of collaboration. In addition, the prevalence of celebrities on the platform helps the app to seem more professional and alluring, placing smaller influencers on the same playing field as more established creators. 

All of the Details About Amp’s New Creator Fund


Amp’s new creator fund signifies a bright future for influencer marketing as it allows even the smallest of creators to earn a large amount of revenue from their content. As such, this also encourages brands to make use of their work in the form of an influencer marketing campaign. To discover more about making money as an influencer, visit our website

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