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All About The Blue Apron Influencer Program


All About The Blue Apron Influencer Program

Just in case you’re a fan of cooking and always on the lookout for new recipes and fun new methods for food prep, this is the article for you.

Continue reading to find out how to apply for the influencer program and collaborate with one of the leading cooking brands.

History of the Meal Kit powerhouse

Operating exclusively in the US, Blue Apron is a premium meal kit and ingredients company that is based out of New York. The company was founded back in 2012 and has been a top company in the field of subscription meal kit boxes ever since.

The key component of the boxes is the recipes and the information that is taught to their home cook followers. They put the power of cooking back into the hands of the average person by giving them top ingredients and foolproof recipes that are to die for. 

Back in August 2012 Matt Wadiak, Ilia Papas, and Matt Salzberg started out by shipping the very first boxes containing ingredients and recipes for customers to cook, out of a commercial kitchen, packaging and shipping the first 30 orders themselves, by hand In Long Island.

Moving forward to 2014 the group would do a series of expansions in May, moving to Richmond California, and Later in November opening the first Blue Apron Market that sold Kitchen cookware. Later that year in December they had to expand another time by opening another fulfillment center in Jersey City, New Jersey. 

Over the next 3 years, the company would have its successes and open numerous fulfillment centers across the US. In June 2017 the company had the bold move to be the first meal kit company to go public at $10 per share, with an initial 30 million shares as a class A common stock (ticker APRN).

Who are The Blue Apron Ambassadors

Blue Apron is a company with a mission to help people start cooking great meals in the comfort of their homes and start becoming more comfortable with cooking in general. By teaming up with various lifestyle influencers and cooking personalities on different social media platforms the company was able to find a lot of success. 

Blue Apron partners with all types of influencers and content creators that can help them to grow their mission. Shows how cooking at home can help people to become a healthy version of themself even when preparing and eating delicious meals. 

What are The Blue Apron affiliate program requirements?

At the same time as partnering with North American content creators from all niches, Blue Apron also offers an affiliate marketing program

The affiliate program is a great idea if you’re already familiar with Blue Apron, have created UGC content for the brand in the past, or are just generally a massive fan of their products. We say this because in most cases brands will offer you freebies in exchange for content. 

Also, check Blue Apron’s homepage to see if they’ve posted any updates regarding information about their affiliate and referral programs.

Some of the benefits of Blue Apron’s affiliate program:

  • Trusted Brand
  • Extensive Range of Meal Plans
  • High Conversion Rates
  • Full range of attractive affiliate banners
  • High Commissions 
  • 30-day cookie period

There is no better time to sign up with the Blue Apron affiliate referral program. This affiliate program is ideal for foodies, chefs, anyone with an interest in health, busy family influencers, and general lifestyle content creators. In other words, it’s perfect for everyone!

How to promote The Blue Apron products as an influencer and make money

Let’s take a look at how some of Blue Apron representatives promote the brand on social media:

How Influencers Promote Blue Apron on Tik Tok

Starting with TikTok content examples, we’ve got jordanwallace383 a self-made boss babe based in Knoxville. Jordan is a lifestyle influence with over 370 thousand followers on TikTok.

Jordan recently posted an unboxing video of her newly received Blue Apron products.

Next up we’ve got dnique_banks who shared a video of her Blue Apron unboxing experience and explained to her audience that it’s her first time trying the meal prep subscription and that she would report back with her opinion on the product.

Lastly, we’ve got karimehometonight an Orlando-based influencer with 95 thousand followers on TT. In her recent video, she shares her opinion on Hello Fresh Vs. Blue Apron with her audience. 

How Influencers Promote Blue Apron on Instagram

When it comes to Instagram examples we’ve got chrisruden who was a contestant in NBC Titan Games Season 1 and nowadays is a professional keynote speaker. 

Chris has close to 70 thousand followers on Instagram, where he shares a wide variety of content with his audience.

Next up we’ve got jqlouise a Boston-based travel blogger and professional editor for Time Out Boston. 

JQ Louise has 100 thousand followers on Instagram, where she shares content related to food and travel with her audience. 

Lastly, we’ve got graceatwood a blogger and influencer who shares content on her daily lifestyle website and social media channels. She has 186 thousand followers on IG, which is pretty impressive.

How Influencers Promote Blue Apron on Youtube

Blue Apron doesn’t seem to have much of a presence when it comes to Youtube. There aren’t many videos featuring the brand on the platform at all, and those that are present have been created by smaller creators as a form of UGC, or are review videos. 

Here at the Food Box HQ, they’ve decided to share an unboxing video of one of Blue Aprons’ monthly plans. The creator also films herself cooking one of the meals, and then proceeds to review the box on camera for her audience. 

This video featuring Blue Apron posted by MealFinds again consists of a review. The difference is that this creator chooses to also share the negatives as well as the positives with her audience. 

And lastly, we’ve got another comparison-style video that’s been posted by The Deal Guy, in which he goes on to compare Hello Fresh Vs. Blue Apron, and spills all the details for his audience.


So there you have it!

If you’re an influencer who loves creating content about recipes, food, and subscription boxes then Blue Apron is a great option for you. 

If this sounds like you, make sure you follow the steps we’ve outlined in this article in order to start your Blue Apron collaboration today. 

We can’t think of anything better than educating your audience about how to cook at home, the health benefits of fresh produce, and how easy it can be once you get started on your cooking journey.

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