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Everything You Need to Know About Twitter’s New Rival Mastodon


Everything You Need to Know About Twitter’s New Rival Mastodon

Twitter has seen quite a lot of controversy over the last few weeks, causing many users to seek out new social media platforms. One of Twitter’s most popular rivals is Mastodon, a platform with just over 1 million monthly active users. To discover more about this alluring site, Netinfluencer will discuss all of the key details surrounding Mastodon. 

Why Are Users Leaving Twitter?

In October 2022, Elon Musk finally completed the acquisition of Twitter, a process that had been ongoing since April. Despite Musk’s prestige and success in the innovative technology sector, many were concerned about the platform’s safety.

The new CEO of Twitter recently announced plans to allow users to purchase their own verification checkmark. This led to a wealth of bogus impersonations and fake profiles, including Tony Blair, George W. Bush, and even Jesus Christ.

Since these changes, users have been fleeing the platform as a form of protest over the new ownership. Celebrities such as Stephen Fry, Shonda Rhimes, and Whoopi Goldberg have all announced their departure and have recently set up new accounts elsewhere. 

Everything You Need to Know About Twitter’s New Rival Mastodon


What Is Mastodon?

First launched in 2016, Mastodon is an open-source platform that allows users to communicate candidly and without advertisements. This platform differs from other social media platforms as it does not rely on algorithms to source and organize content. Instead, posts are expressed in chronological order so that users can browse freely.

The platform was built by German software developer Eugen Rochko in the hopes that it would become an antidote to Twitter. Rochko believes that social media is a key aspect of society’s development and should not be held in the hands of one commercial company. 

Mastodon is funded by a series of sponsors, who contribute to the project via Patreon and directly through the platform itself. The site is affiliated with an assortment of high-end establishments such as BitLaunch, Assembly Four, and Dosh Funding. 

Everything You Need to Know About Twitter’s New Rival Mastodon


What Features Are Available?


One of the key aspects of Mastodon is its servers. These are select platforms that focus on a variety of different topics and talking points. As such, users are asked to join servers that interest them the most and communicate with others in that realm.

Users can change their chosen server at any time and will not risk losing their follower base. They can even create their own server to help build a more personalized and nuanced space for their followers. 

Popular servers include, a place where Primary Care workers can come together to discuss important issues. Moreover, users can also join, a server dedicated to freelance artists to share inspiration and work projects. 


Mastodon also focuses on the power of moderation, ensuring that users are kept safe and well throughout their time on the platform. Each server must apply its own set of rules, offering a sense of freedom and control.

Moderation is always applied at a local level, meaning that the admins of one server cannot control the users of another. Instead, admins can only protect their own servers by using a collection of tools.

For example, an admin can freeze a troublesome account, allowing them to be locked out of their account for a short time period. A frozen user’s data is still intact but they cannot access their content until their account is unfrozen. 


Mastodon allows users to produce posts, which are known as Toots. Thus, they can 

write text, post images, and upload video content, for all of their followers to see. Other users can then share this content by either replying or reposting it.

You can also send a DM on Mastodon, creating a more private conservation. To do this, you must select the user you wish to speak to and then hit the visibility toggle to make your message only applicable to them.

Everything You Need to Know About Twitter’s New Rival Mastodon


How Do I Join?

  1. Create an account on Mastodon.
  2. Select the server you wish to join.
  3. Go to the server’s home page and create a username and password in the signup form.
  4. Fill in your personal profile.
  5. Post your first Toot.

Although this may seem like a relatively simple process, many have expressed difficulty with signing up for the platform. Due to the hefty moderation features, new users may have to wait a long time to get approved for their chosen server.

Moreover, the chronological nature of this platform makes certain servers hard to find. This is because it does not use your personal data to depict which server would be best suited to you. 

Benefits of Joining Mastodon

Though Mastodon may not be the ideal platform for influencers, it can be a great way for them to network with other content creators. By joining a server that revolves around your interests and work style, you can communicate with others like you. This can offer a wealth of insight as well as the potential for future collaborations. In turn, Mastodon is an ideal option for those who are just starting their journey as an influencer and wish to find out more about the inner workings of the industry.

This platform can also be used to communicate with your most devoted followers and moderators in a safe and healthy fashion. Influencers can produce their own server and encourage their community to join and interact with one another. This can also be used as a perk for a variety of paid memberships, helping your follower base to feel more exclusive. 

As Mastodon is regarded as open-source and decentralized, it is a perfect platform to use if you are looking to promote a collection of social justice campaigns. This platform is not influenced by advertisements or other corporations, meaning that it does not have to adhere to the guidelines of others. As a result, influencers can use a server to discuss a range of campaigns and learn more about how they can effectively express them to their audience. 

Everything You Need to Know About Twitter’s New Rival Mastodon


The rise of Mastodon highlights the ever-changing nature of the influencer marketing industry and how it shows resilience in times of turmoil. The platform’s growing popularity indicates just how competitive social media can be and how it is constantly adapting to suit the needs of its users. 

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