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Everything You Need To Know About X’s Job Listing Platform


Everything You Need To Know About X’s Job Listing Platform

Despite the controversies surrounding Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter in October 2022, research shows that the most active users continued to use the platform, just on a less frequent basis. It seems that X is now looking to delve into the recruitment niche, ensuring that the platform can continue to promote networking and better opportunities. To discuss this further, Net Influencer will discuss the intricacies of X’s new job listing platform. 

What Are Job Listings on X?

In August 2023, X announced its first venture into the recruitment sector, promoting X Hiring, a separate feature that would allow businesses to find their next hire on the app. This new platform supposedly works in a similar vein to some of its largest competitors like LinkedIn and Indeed, encouraging potential candidates to submit a personalized application to a select job posting. 

This seems to be a large component of Elon Musk’s “Everything App” strategy, a plan that hopes to push the struggling app into the forefront of a variety of bustling sectors. As part of this plan, Musk also hopes to introduce banking and transactions into the app, making it easier for brands to onboard new recruits. 

With the global job market becoming increasingly volatile and competitive, many active social media users will now have the chance to search through a collection of verified job postings and apply for them, all within the confines of an already-established platform. 

Everything You Need To Know About X’s Job Listing Platform


Why Was It Released?

Although many speculate that X Hiring was founded as a way to help the app better dominate the recruitment market, it is best believed that Musk completed this venture to boost his most recent acquisition, Laskie. This job-matching start-up was taken over by the entrepreneur in May 2023 and is possibly a way to help X stand out in a plethora of lucrative niches. 

Musk is also undoubtedly a renowned entrepreneur so it is not surprising that he is also keen to help other businesses find the next generation of talent. By aiding other brands in their recruitment process, the owner can now share his expertise with others. In addition, this venture can also encourage other businesses to move their hiring processes over to social media, making this a very commonplace asset.

Businesses who wish to use this feature must be verified by the app itself and are required to pay a monthly fee in order to reap the benefits of these premium benefits. Not only can this help X see a ton of exponential growth but is also a useful way to ensure that a majority of the jobs posted on the platform are legitimate. Again, this is a prosperous way for X Hiring to defeat its competition as this is a common concern across many recruitment platforms. 

Everything You Need To Know About X’s Job Listing Platform


How Does the Feature Work?

Once an organization has joined the premium verification plan, it will gain access to a wealth of improved benefits, including the chance to create job postings. These postings will also undergo a very strict screening process and will also support the Applicant Tracking System (ATS). 

The vacancies will be displayed within the business’ X profile, just underneath their bio. Potential candidates will then click on these postings and will be directed to a complete application page. Candidates can also search through a range of keywords such as regions, titles, and salaries to find the role that best suits them.

If an applicant is deemed acceptable for their respective role, they will be contacted by a representative of the company via X’s messaging platform. As such, this defeats the need for multiple points of communication and allows brands to conduct a fully-fledged hiring process without having to leave the app. 

Everything You Need To Know About X’s Job Listing Platform


How to Apply for the Job Listings Feature

Only brands with a Verified Organization status can post jobs on X Hiring, a title that costs $1000 per month. This plan also comes with an array of other benefits such as increased organic traffic, affiliate badges, and all of the existing perks of the original Twitter Blue plan.

Though this feature has already built up a wealth of success, it is currently still operating in Beta. As a result, this tool can only be used in a collection of select countries as it is not considered to be fully optimized yet. 

Everything You Need To Know About X’s Job Listing Platform


Why Should Brands Use This Feature?

X Hiring is a prominent step in modern recruitment, inspiring brands to move away from traditional platforms and closer to social media apps. This is also a useful feature for brands who are looking to hire candidates who are well-versed in the nuances of social media marketing or influencer marketing. In turn, potential candidates can now apply for relevant roles as they continue to produce engaging content on the platform. 

By encouraging businesses to purchase the verification plan, brands can now assert themselves as valid and legitimate, which is important when trying to divide and conquer the talent pool. This also helps applicants feel more at ease when entering their private details as they are reassured that the role has been screened and approved for posting. Overall, this could help change the landscape of recruitment and put a stop to fake job ads for good. 

Since the average American checks their phone around 159 times a day, X Hiring is a fantastic way to help citizens find their next job. As we continue to use social media on a daily basis, job hunters are more likely to come across a potential vacancy, compared to actively searching for one. Therefore, it seems that X is now able to create a bustling culture of active recruitment, which could have a positive effect on the global economy. 

Everything You Need To Know About X’s Job Listing Platform


As society becomes more conscious and appreciative of social media, the arrival of X Hiring helps to promote a better sense of job hunting in our modern world. Equipped with an assortment of exclusive benefits, this new feature not only places X in a much more fruitful position but also holds the hope of revolutionizing the global job market. 

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