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Everything We Know About TikTok Academy


Everything We Know About TikTok Academy

Data has shown that the average TikTok user spends 89 minutes a day on the app. This is much higher than Instagram, where users only view the app for 72 minutes a day. These statistics not only highlight the immense popularity of TikTok but also how it is able to compete with other popular platforms. As a way to further support its creators, the platform has launched a new educational hub. Netinfluencer will discuss all of the latest updates about TikTok Academy. 

What Is TikTok Academy?

TikTok is well recognized for its educational resources such as the TikTok Business Learning Center as well as the Follow Me program. Now, TikTok is setting its sights on a more comprehensive platform known as TikTok Academy.

This new feature is made up of a set of virtual courses that aim to help businesses become more aware of TikTok’s wide range of tools and how they can help brands see success in digital marketing. 

TikTok Academy aims to differentiate itself from other online courses and hopes to make learning more enjoyable. Each course will include interactive content, quizzes, and reward badges to make the lessons seem more like a game than a lecture. 

Everything We Know About TikTok Academy


Who Does It Cater Toward?

TikTok Academy is designed to support corporate individuals at any level, meaning that each course can benefit both junior and senior-level employees. Overall, this educational hub works to teach users about the fundamental aspects of TikTok, making it suitable for any job function and discipline.

These courses are also applicable for large businesses, as the virtual rewards are handed out on an individual basis, rather than company-wide. In turn, select employees can enroll in the course to boost their knowledge, without the rest of the team being involved. 

As a result, this is an ideal resource for any business looking to strengthen its social media strategy or to become more attractive to the desirable Gen Z and Millennial demographics. 

Everything We Know About TikTok Academy


 What Courses Are Available?

Currently, TikTok Academy supplies two options on its curriculum: The 101 Course and the Small Business Course.

101 Course

The 101 Course, also referred to as TikTok 101 provides users with an in-depth look into how the platform operates on a global scale. The modules will guide you through each of the platform’s product offerings as well as their essential guidelines for safety. Then, users will discover more about how to make successful content on TikTok and how the algorithms help to share and promote relevant content to their audience. The 101 Course is said to take 2-4 hours to complete. 

Small Business Course

The Small Business Course targets small to midsize businesses that are looking to build up their customer base through TikTok. This course consists of four 15–minute lessons, making it a quick and easy resource for developing brands. Throughout these lessons, users will learn how to set up a TikTok For Business account and also discover how they can make their content more engaging for their viewers. Brands will also learn how to produce and express an advertising campaign as well as how to use the many monetization features that TikTok offers. 

Everything We Know About TikTok Academy


What Are the Eligibility Requirements?

TikTok Academy requires users to register for their desired course. This means that they must create an account as well as display their job title and the company they work for. Users will not be asked to pay for the course and do not have to open a TikTok For Business account to gain access to the courses. 

How To Enroll to the TikTok Academy

Users can sign up for the TikTok Academy via their official website. Once you have submitted your application, you will receive a course overview in your email inbox. From there, you can select the module you wish to learn about and discover more about the virtual rewards on offer.

Once you have successfully completed a course, you can share your success across a wide variety of social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Instagram. 

Benefits of using TikTok Academy

TikTok Academy is a helpful resource for developing brands, especially for those who may be new to the platform. The accessible and user-friendly nature of the 101 Course ensures that businesses are learning about the nuances of the platform without it becoming too overwhelming. This course uses simple games and quizzes to test your knowledge so employees do not have to waste time studying or making notes. In turn, brands can offer training and support for their employees without depleting any vital resources within their business. 

The Small Business Course also allows developing brands to learn more about the world of e-commerce and social media marketing in a much easier way. Furthermore, these courses are only available to registered employees, meaning that users can refine their existing skills without losing focus on the overall needs of the business. In addition, this course also teaches users how to set up an advertising campaign, which can help your business to become more competitive and extend its reach.

The reward badges may seem like a simplistic and possibly redundant feature, but they can also help to inspire and motivate your employees. These animated rewards can be shared across social media, allowing users to show off their hard work to their peers. As a result, these courses can help employees to feel more pride in their work without risking them to feel burnout. 

Everything We Know About TikTok Academy


The advent of TikTok Academy forces us to recognize the ever-growing nature of social media marketing and how effective it can be for many brands. These courses also teach brands about how influencers can strengthen their marketing strategy and help them to see incredible results. 

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