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Everything You Need to Know About TikTok’s The Discover List


Everything You Need to Know About TikTok’s The Discover List

TikTok boasts 750 million monthly users worldwide in 2022 alone, making it one of the most competitive platforms on the market. The platform is also known to celebrate its most committed creators, particularly in its Spotlight series. To discuss its latest venture, Netinfluencer will provide more insight into The Discover List. 

What Is the Discover List?

As a way to commend the global community found on the platform, TikTok has compiled a collection of some of its most innovative content creators, known as The Discover List. These individuals may not have the largest follower base but they are well-recognized for their ingenuity and commitment to their work.

Everything You Need to Know About TikTok’s The Discover List

What Categories Are Presented?

The latest rendition of The Discover List follows a similar format to its predecessors. With 50 influencers in total, each influencer is placed in one of five main categories. These are Changemakers, Icons, Innovators, Foodies, and Originators. 

10 Most Popular Influencers on the Discover List

Hunter Prosper

Everything You Need to Know About TikTok’s The Discover List

With an impressive 5.2 million followers, Hunter Prosper travels across the world to collect insight from a wealth of ordinary individuals. In his series Stories from a Stranger, this creator travels to locations such as London and Paris to ask the general public some hard-hitting questions.

@hunterprosper Every Stranger has a Story, Let’s Start Listening @burberry #Burberry ♬ original sound – Hunter Prosper

These videos allow his audience to see the tenderness in humanity, creating an assortment of kind-hearted content. Hunter Prosper also presents longer versions of these clips on his YouTube channel, where he has 5.33K subscribers. 

Science with Ana

Everything You Need to Know About TikTok’s The Discover List

This Spanish-speaking content creator breaks down some of the world’s most puzzling problems into a more digestible format. Science with Ana, also known as Ana Laura Pacheco is a chemical engineer from Mexico, who has managed to educate a large audience of 3.1 million followers.

@sciencewithana Experimento de Halloween🎃 “Slime Radiactivo”☢️ #tiktokhalloween #ciencia #cienciaentiktok #aprendeentiktok #cienciadivertida #quimica #slime #halloween #experimento ♬ Halloween ・ cute horror song – PeriTune

From producing radioactive slime to giving insight into the James Webb Space Telescope, this creator offers unique scientific content with a quirky twist. Pacheco has also appeared in a selection of educational content such as a Q&A session with the academic platform Todo Sabios. 

Daen’s Kitchen

Everything You Need to Know About TikTok’s The Discover List

Daen Lia, better known as Daen’s Kitchen, is a food-based content creator from Australia. Lia uses her European heritage as well as the tricks she picked up on her worldly travels to produce a stellar selection of delectable dishes. She has served up an indulgent blueberry galette, which greatly appeased her 1.7 million followers.

@daenskitchen Blueberry galette with a cream cheese puff pastry #blueberry #galette #puffpastry #creamcheese ♬ You're as Pretty as a Picture – Al Bowlly

This creator has also partnered with Cargo Crew as a way to sell her highly sought-after olive oil. Daen’s Kitchen presents a variety of her amazing recipes on her personal website alongside links to her other active platforms. 

Samo Frais

Everything You Need to Know About TikTok’s The Discover List

Using an assortment of pristine lighting effects and camera techniques, Samo Frais manages to take everyday dishes to the next level. Frais shows how he makes homemade chocolate chip cookies as well as his elaborate process for preparing his morning coffee.

@samofrais Best home coffee and espresso experience. L'OR just launched the new L'OR BARISTA system in the US. This is a machine that makes premium coffee and espresso with beautiful crema. @L’OR Coffee USA L'OR capsules come in two different sizes so you're able to brew coffee or espresso. #LORpartner ♬ original sound – SAMO

Together with his mouth-watering TikTok videos, this creator offers his 869.8K followers a unique recipe subscription service. Here, followers can gain access to all of Frais’ recipes, helping them to replicate his talents in their own homes. He also hosts a YouTube channel where he offers cooking advice to a further 5.03K subscribers. 

Linh Barbie

Everything You Need to Know About TikTok’s The Discover List

Based in Vietnam, Linh Barbie enjoys showcasing an array of comedy skits and POVs to her 18.6 million followers. Sporting a collection of vibrant outfits and accessories, Barbie is able to transform into a wealth of fictional characters, helping her viewers to become fully immersed in her work.

@linhbarbie Gia đình là nơi có nhiều cảm xúc nhất, như những icon này vậy 🥰 Và nhìu nhất vẫn là Tình Thương ❤️ #TikTokGiaiTri #TimMinhNoiDuoc #TikTokFilmFestival2022 ♬ Đông Tây Nam Bắc – Ái Phương

She also plays a selection of fun games using the effects and filters found across the platform. When she’s not producing content for TikTok, Linh Barbie can be found on Instagram, where she shares a variety of personal updates, such as her attendance at the Master 2022 by TikTok gala event.  

DeMarcus Montgomery

Everything You Need to Know About TikTok’s The Discover List

Through his use of hilarious skits and amiable personality, DeMarcus Montgomery has amassed a devoted audience of 6.3 million followers. Whether he’s impersonating the Dads often seen in Disney Channel shows or typical family doctors, Montgomery never fails to make his audience laugh.

@artbydemarcusshawn #fyp ♬ original sound – DemarcusShawn

After releasing his first video in May 2020, this creator is also praised for consistently uploading new content. This influencer is not just known for his work on TikTok. He is also active on Instagram, where he updates his 643K followers on his latest stylings and fitness progress.

Just The Nobodys

Everything You Need to Know About TikTok’s The Discover List

As video podcasts continue to increase in popularity, Just The Nobodys offers the same enjoyable format on TikTok. Hosted by brothers Ryan and Daniel Omoto, this podcast discusses a variety of topics such as movies, life hacks, and real-life stories.

@justthenobodys Reply to @jelliegmr Comment what we should talk about next! #fyp #foryou ♬ original sound – JustTheNobodys

The pair use TikTok to highlight the best moments of each episode, allowing their 9.1 million followers to get a taste of their much-loved series. These creators offer a family-friendly and personable podcast, giving them the chance to show off their endearing personalities to an engaged audience. 

Caroline Kildonas

Everything You Need to Know About TikTok’s The Discover List

Caroline Kildonas uses TikTok to parody a wide collection of popular movie tropes, offering a satirical approach for her 353.3K followers to enjoy. She has mocked motifs such as friends-to-lovers and corporate romcoms, providing an uncanny representation of the themes we see throughout popular culture.

@carolineklidonas Romcom ending for everyone! Main characters! Side characters! No one left behind! #friendstolovers ♬ original sound – Caroline Klidonas

This creator has even produced an entire fantasy parody series, all within the confines of the TikTok app. Rune sees Kildonas play a number of parts across a number of videos, helping her to tell a riveting short-form story. The series spans four seasons and even has its own line of merchandise

Ariana Taylor

Everything You Need to Know About TikTok’s The Discover List

Ariana Taylor is an accomplished dancer from New York, who began their career at just four years old. Using TikTok to showcase her adoration for classic hip-hop, this creator has built a community of 2.4 million followers.


♬ original sound – ❄️

Taylor often relies on popular sounds on the app to produce original choreography for her fans to replicate. Thus, she is able to create a wide selection of popular TikTok dances. This influencer often posts vlog content, particularly at prized events like the B&H Creators show and the Black History Month celebration. 

Aida Fitri

Everything You Need to Know About TikTok’s The Discover List

Aida Fitri is an Indonesian dancer who rocketed to stardom back in February 2022. By creating a dance to the hit song Darari by TREASURE, Fitri managed to produce a viral dance trend that earned her 1.3 million followers.

@aidafi3 Dc by me 🥰 #treasure #dararichallenge #teume #fypシ ♬ DARARI – ︎ ondu

The trend became so popular, TREASURE even used it on stage at one of their concerts. She also uses YouTube to produce a range of remarkable dance covers such as Shutdown by BLACKPINK. Moreover, Fitri uses this platform to showcase behind-the-scenes content from her time performing at the TikTok ForYou Stage

The Discover List indicates TikTok’s motives to celebrate its creators, helping them to gain a variety of new business opportunities. As TikTok continues to develop, a new generation of influencers is sure to emerge. 

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