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Explore the Best Video Podcasts on YouTube

Podcasts have always been a popular and engaging form of media but video podcasts take this to a whole new level. Video podcasts on YouTube allow viewers to see how the hosts are truly interacting with each other, creating a more collective environment between viewer and influencer. In fact, data from 2019 found that ‘YouTube is the top destination for podcast consumption’. So, in order to discover more about this new phenomenon, Netinfluencer presents the top video podcasts on YouTube. 

Top Video Podcasts on YouTube To Watch Out For

Violating Community Guidelines

This video podcast delves deep into every aspect of online culture, analyzing a collection of weird and wonderful internet subcultures. Violating Community Guidelines is hosted by Brittany Broski and Sarah Schauer, prevalent influencers on both TikTok and YouTube. These influencers have seen social media turn from an enjoyable hobby into a full-time career. Thus, both Broski and Schauer are able to critique and praise the nuances of the internet in intelligent and witty detail. 

In each episode, the pair discuss various unusual concepts found on the internet such as drama on Facebook Marketplace and the rise of AI influencers. Although the channel only launched two months ago, it has seen a wide amount of success, amassing 132,000 subscribers. 


VIEWS focuses on updates within the influencer world, with David Dobrik and Jason Nash guiding the conversation every episode. This unlikely pair is able to create an engaging flow of conversation and are not afraid to ask the most difficult questions to some of the world’s largest influencers. Dobrik and Nash have interviewed guests such as Maddison Beer as well as Charli and Dixie Damelio.

Although VIEWS is usually a very lighthearted video podcast, it is able to show the importance of influencers in the wider context of popular culture. This video podcast only launched in February 2021 and has still managed to earn an impressive 1.71 million subscribers. 

Zane and Heath: UNFILTERED

After building a devoted fan base on Vine, Zane Hijazi and Heath Hussar have managed to maintain their success across other platforms. Their weekly podcast, Zane and Heath: UNFILTERED, shows these influencers’ vibrant personalities in full force to their 1.03 million subscribers. Hiijazi and Hussar use their platform to discuss humorous topics such as having a Candy Crush addiction and their mishaps in Las Vegas.

This video podcast also includes contributions from other influencers, Matt King and Mariah Amato. Since the success of their podcast, Hijazi and Hussar have launched their own artisan coffee brand called Kramoda, selling an array of beans and branded apparel. 


Logan Paul has managed to divide the internet in many ways, attracting either controversy or adoration from his large selection of viewers. That being said, his video podcast IMPAULSIVE has allowed Paul to show his true self, earning him 3.74 million subscribers. Logan Paul first began his career on Vine alongside his brother Jake and they have both continued to upkeep successful lives as influencers.

Since this video podcast launched in 2018, Paul and his co-host Mike Majlak have been discussing a wide range of topics with some of the world’s largest celebrities. Whether it’s Mike Tyson or Arnold Schwarzenegger, the IMPAULSIVE crew manages to build riveting conversations and allow each guest to freely speak their minds. 

True Geordie

True Geordie is hosted by Brian Davis, an influencer from Newcastle, who originally started his online career creating rants about his home soccer team. Davis created his channel back in 2006 but didn’t start posting regularly until 2013. However, it wasn’t until 2017, when he started the True Geordie podcast alongside his friend Lawrence McKenna. Davis has collaborated with influencers such as Joe Weller and Alfie Dyes, creating an unsanitized platform where these individuals could discuss their most controversial opinions. With 1.97 million subscribers, True Geordie releases an episode every week, allowing the platform to grow from strength to strength. 

What’s Good Podcast

The What’s Good Podcast brings together popular YouTubers Miniminter and Randolph, encouraging them to discuss all of the hidden secrets about the Sidemen channel. These influencers are successful in their own right, producing YouTube videos consistently on their respective channels. Although each video is only a few minutes long, this video podcast has earned an outstanding 736,000 subscribers. The What’s Good Podcast also produces longer episodes discussing topics such as boxing and the most frustrating things about making content for the Sidemen. The pair also use TikTok to promote their video podcast, posting short clips of each episode and engaging with fans in the comments. 

H3 Podcast

The H3 Podcast first began its life on Twitch but it was finally moved over to YouTube in 2018. Ever since, the host, Ethan Klein, has been interviewing a wide range of eclectic and engaging celebrities and influencers. This video podcast has managed to captivate audiences for many years now, earning the channel nearly 3 million subscribers. H3 Podcast is also hosted by Ethan’s wife Hilda, creating a more cohesive sense of conversation in every episode. The pair have interviewed influencers such as Bella Poarch as well as given updates on various events in the influencer sphere. The H3 Podcast also has a diverse range of merchandise so that its most devoted fans can support the podcast in style. 

Ear Biscuits

Best friends Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal have been making various forms of content on YouTube since 2006. In September 2013, the pair launched the Ear Biscuits podcast, collaborating with various other popular YouTubers at the time.  In 2019, Ear Biscuits transformed into a video podcast, showing the enchanting interactions between these two lifelong friends. McLaughlin and Neal have teamed up with other influencers such as Charlie McDonnell and Grace Helbig, discussing their journeys into internet fame. These hosts also produce content amongst themselves, exploring topics such as faith, work, and even reminiscing on older times. Ear Biscuits continues to grow in popularity, reaching 425,000 subscribers. 

Offline TV Podcast

Offline TV is a centralized hub for some of the world’s biggest gaming influencers. With 505,000 subscribers, the Offline TV Podcast has given these influencers their own space to discuss updates within the gaming industry as well as developments in the streaming industry. The video podcast is hosted by a wide range of successful gamers such as Pokimane and Michael Reeves. Most recently, the team has moved away from gaming content and has begun discussing world affairs such as the Russian invasion of Ukraine. This video podcast was first published in 2019 and has just started to produce episodes on a weekly basis. 

The Fellas

The Fellas podcast is hosted by the highly acclaimed content creators Calfreezy and TheBurntChip. These influencers produce a wide range of content such as gaming videos and various high-impact challenges.  This podcast released its first episode in November 2020 and has since been inviting other influencers to discuss their success stories and how they navigate the obscure world of overnight internet fame. The pair have heard from creators such as Behzinga and Bambino Becky, offering them the chance to discuss their careers and creative processes in more depth. They also publish shorter clips of their full-length podcasts in order to create more digestible content for their 404,000 subscribers. 

Joe Rogan Experience Podcast

Joe Rogan has managed to divide the internet with his video podcast PowerfulJRE. Despite claims of misinformation, PowerfulJRE has managed to build an extremely devoted fan base, making Joe Rogan one of the largest influencers on the platform. Although Rogan is a successful UFC color commentator, many will know him best for his controversial video podcast that has managed to gain 12 million subscribers and over 1 billion views. PowerfulJRE has welcomed guests such as Elon Musk and Jordan Peterson, building inspiring conversations around a range of topics. This video podcast first launched in 2013 and has since been purchased by Spotify for an outstanding $200 million, doubling his initial earnings from YouTube.

Full Send Podcast

Hosted by Kyle Forgeard and Bob Menery, creators of the Nelk Boys channel, the Full Send Podcast cultivates some of the biggest names within popular culture all within one platform. This video podcast has welcomed huge names such as Jamie Foxx and Jordan Belfort, giving them a successful way to express their inspiring life stories. Full Send Podcast was first launched in July 2021 and has managed to gain 1.3 million subscribers in less than a year. Most recently, the team interviewed Donald Trump, a video that reached nearly 5 million views in less than 24 hours. However, a large amount of animosity surrounded the episode, causing it to be swiftly taken down. 

The success of video podcasts on YouTube reminds us of how influential both podcasts and YouTube are within the influencer marketing industry. Previously, podcasts were considered a niche form of content but are now a fundamental asset to an influencer’s success. To find out more about how YouTube can boost your influencer marketing campaign, visit our website

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