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Most Popular ASMR Influencers


Most Popular ASMR Influencers

Once an unusual concept, ASMR has grown into a cultural phenomenon that has amassed a plethora of views. These ASMR influencers make use of an array of objects, equipment, and materials to create an assortment of satisfying sounds.

ASMR content appears on a selection of platforms, with YouTube being the most popular. This platform allows creators to produce a lot of long-form content, bringing joy to their large number of followers. Netinfluencer offers a unique insight into the world of ASMR and lists the most popular ASMR Influencers. 

What is ASMR?

ASMR stands for autonomous, sensory meridian response, which generally refers to the sensation many viewers receive when watching these types of videos. Some viewers claim they feel deeply relaxed or experience tingles when indulging in certain ASMR videos. Influencers may tap on highly sensitive microphones or spray mist bottles to create soft and soothing sounds.

In addition, a lot of ASMR influencers partake in challenges or embody characters to help their videos become more immersive. With over 13 million ASMR videos on YouTube, this new trend has dramatically increased engagement for a lot of ASMR influencers. 

Most Popular ASMR Influencers


WhispersRed ASMR

This ASMR influencer has been creating content since 2013, making her one of the first influencers to bring this satisfying concept to her 1 million subscribers. WhispersRed ASMR creates a collection of satisfying videos such as her Tingle Basket series where she collates household objects and experiments with the types of sounds they can make.

As a devoted vegan, this influencer also unboxes many vegan makeup products, explaining the nuances of each item in her soothing voice. In 2019, WhispersRed ASMR released a book named Unwind Your Mind: The Life-changing Power of ASMR, an informative guide into the world of ASMR. 

Most Popular ASMR Influencers


Gibi ASMR brings a sense of vitality and creativity to the ASMR community, producing a collection of cosplay videos, makeup roleplays, and even toy reviews. This ASMR influencer has even created a few original characters to help bring some more realism into her videos.

Gibi ASMR has an incredible 4.14 million subscribers, helping her to further educate her fan base about the relaxing benefits of ASMR. This influencer also creates content for Twitch where she often partakes in 24-hours streams for her 275,000 followers. In 2019, Gibi ASMR created an app called Zees where viewers could watch exclusive ad-free ASMR videos for a small subscription fee. 

Most Popular ASMR Influencers

Matty Tingles

With 493,000 subscribers, Matty Tingles offers a comforting boost of positivity with his imaginative and unconventional videos. This ASMR influencer creates highly realistic haircut roleplays and even parodies WIRED’s Web’s Most Searched Questions videos. Using an array of equipment and costumes, this ASMR channel has managed to gain over 88 million views.

Matty Tingles also creates an abundance of non-ASMR content on YouTube and has even appeared in Reese the Movie, an absurd feature film that details the best way to eat a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. He also hosts The Creator Code podcast where he interviews other content creators such as Anthony Padilla. 

Most Popular ASMR Influencers


Dean ASMR expertly combines the satisfying sounds of ASMR with a collection of hilarious parodies. This ASMR influencer posted his first video in October 2017, experimenting with a few conventional ASMR techniques. In January 2018, he created his first comical ASMR video, pretending to be James Charles and completing the viewers’ makeup.

Since then, Dean ASMR has been creating a collection of satirical ASMR videos, taking on the role of a variety of celebrities and fictional characters. This ASMR influencer also has an eclectic Instagram account where he posts updates on his travels and other personal endeavors for his 17.2K followers. 

Most Popular ASMR Influencers

asmr zeitgeist

Using his skills as an experienced graphic designer, asmr zeitgeist uses a collection of animations and camera angles to produce an array of spectacular ASMR videos. This influencer uses a range of different microphones each of which is accompanied by a unique name and animated face.

This helps make each video just that bit more enjoyable for his 2.37 million subscribers. asmr zeitgeist adheres to many different themes in his videos such as fire and gold. He also uses Instagram to give his 37.6K followers a glimpse behind the scenes of his videos as well as update his fans on his personal life. 

Most Popular ASMR Influencers

Zach Choi

Zach Choi blends the popular concept of Mukbangs with the alluring sounds of ASMR. This influencer dives into an abundance of amazing dishes, entertaining his 13.8 million subscribers. Choi indulges in large portions of black bean noodles and hot Cheetos mozzarella corn dogs to create a variety of unique sounds.

Zach Choi has been making food-related ASMR content since 2018 and very rarely speaks on his channel. This has caused him to use the slogan ‘Silence Is Golden’ in the about section of his channel. Zach Choi has also collaborated with other Mukbangers and ASMR influencers such as Nickacado and Trisha Paytas where they enjoyed spicy ramen noodles

Most Popular ASMR Influencers

Articulate Design ASMR

This ASMR influencer has traveled around the UK as well as Dubai, creating a collection of interactive roleplay videos for his 175K subscribers to enjoy. Articulate Design ASMR has played characters such as a First Class train attendant and a librarian, slipping into every diverse role with ease.

This influencer uses various props and costumes to blend in with his descriptive backgrounds and storylines. Articulate Design ASMR began creating videos in 2016, using just his room as his background. In 2017, this influencer began creating videos using a green screen, allowing his content to become more vibrant and increase in quality. 

Most Popular ASMR Influencers

Whispering Gentleman ASMR

Whispering Gentleman ASMR created his channel at the beginning of 2021 and has managed to gain over 63,000 subscribers in just over a year. This ASMR influencer, better known as Steven Blades, is an accomplished actor who has starred in films like All the Devil’s Men and had a long-running role in the British soap opera Coronation Street.

In a previous life, Blades was a Royal Marine Commando but after suffering an injury that left him blind in one eye, this influencer chose a more creative role. He also produces exclusive YouTube videos that go into more depth about his inspiring story. Whispering Gentleman ASMR conducts real-life skin treatments on his fiance and has recently created an ASMR video where he stays overnight in a tent

Most Popular ASMR Influencers

Jojo’s ASMR 

As a university student, Jojo’s ASMR understands the value of a good night’s sleep. Thus, his ASMR content uses a variety of materials and motifs to help him and his 2.19m subscribers drift off to sleep. This influencer also uses his channel to show off his impressive magic skills, producing ASMR content using enticing card tricks.

Jojo ASMR also builds a sense of friendship within the ASMR community, bringing some of the most popular ASMR influencers together to create one expansive ASMR trigger video. Jojo also has a vlog channel where he discusses updates in popular culture and content that is trending on YouTube.

Most Popular ASMR Influencers

Trisha Paytas ASMR

Trisha Paytas has been a large figure on YouTube since 2007, producing a wide selection of content across her multiple channels. She has released a portfolio of music and books, making her one of the most influential creators on YouTube.  Paytas has been creating ASMR content for many years but created a channel solely dedicated to the art in 2019.

Trisha Paytas ASMR combines entertaining roleplays, delicious Mukbangs, and hauls to produce a range of sounds and immersive scenarios for her 150,000 subscribers. Most recently, she conducted an ASMR Gender Reveal to celebrate the upcoming birth of her first daughter alongside her husband Moses. 

Most Popular ASMR Influencers

ASMR influencers may still be hidden away from the general population but their amazing levels of engagement prove that this is a niche that is very popular and attractive to many viewers. As this strange phenomenon continues to grow, the concept of an ASMR influencer seems to become more apparent on YouTube. To discover more about the different types of influencers on YouTube, visit our website

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