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Top Asian-American Fashion Bloggers


Must-Follow Asian-American Fashion Bloggers

Whether you are looking for some wardrobe styling tips or just want to stay up to date with the latest happenings in the fashion world, these 12 Asian-American fashion bloggers have got you covered! Follow them to be blown away with their tips and style.

Kenzo Takado once said that fashion is like eating; you shouldn’t stick to the same menu. Honestly, with so many styles and clothing varieties available, why would you stick to the same ones? You owe it to yourself to at least explore. And how better to do this than with the help of famous fashion influencers?

Here are the top 12 Asian-American fashion bloggers to guide you in all things fashion related! Their closets will make you drool, and that is a promise.

Top Asian-American Fashion Bloggers

Top 12 Asian-American Fashion Bloggers 

#1 Jean Wang

Blog: Extra Petite

Instagram: @jeanwang | Followers: 810k

At just under 5 feet, Jean is a petite woman who wants to give styling tips that empower other petite women. Or, as she puts it, helping them find clothes that flatter their figure so that they don’t “look like a 12 year old.” 

She is a fan of a very classy, timeless style and her clothes reflect this. Need some inspo on how to style clothes at the workplace? Or maybe you are looking for some casualwear tips. Follow Jean, because she has got it covered! She also reviews clothes (including winter wear) and talks about the best ongoing deals. 

#2 Chriselle Lim 

Blog: The Chriselle Factor

Instagram: @chrisellelim | Followers: 1.5M

Wardrobe stylist turned fashion blogger, Chriselle chronicles her personal style on her blog as well as her Instagram. Her mission is to use fashion to inspire women around the globe to find their true beauty and feel confident in their own skin. Whether you are on the lookout for your next blazer or boots, you will find a list on her blog.

Apart from fashion tips and tricks, she also shares beauty secrets and runway trends. You can also shop her look via her blog. 

#3 Anh Sundstrom 

Blog: 9to5 Chic

Instagram: @9to5chic | Followers: 339k

Anh’s blog is her very own fashion diary where she talks about how she adds her own personal style to her workwear. Don’t worry, though. There is also lots of inspo for casual weekend wear as well as maternity wear! 

Her outfits are classy and elegant and will suit everyone. My favorite thing about her blog is that she has separate outfits for each season and occasion. You can also shop her look from her blog directly.

#4 Stephanie Liu Hjelmeseth 

Blog: Honey and Silk

Instagram: @stephhjelmeseth | Followers: 111k

Stephanie believes that the evolution of her fashion style perfectly describes her life and her blog is just a way of chronicling this journey. True to that, she adds a lot of personal details to her blog posts.

Not only does she recommend the best outfits from her favorite brands, she also voices out her support for organic brands that are climate-conscious. Her style is very uniquely her!

#5 Allison Teng 

Blog: Curvy Girl Chic

Instagram: @curvygirlchic | Followers: 86.3k

The fashion industry has an unhealthy obsession with petite models and contributes to unhealthy beauty standards. Allison Teng wants to change that, which is why she created her blog Curvy Girl Chic – to prove that fashion is for everyone. 

Cute, casual, and sexy outfit inspo – you will find them all on her blog. Her posts are geared towards plus size and mid-sized women. You can even shop her Instagram looks via her blog!

#6 Eugenie Grey 

Blog: Feral Creature

Instagram: @feralcreature | Followers: 356k

Eugenie is known for her bold style that often veers into rebellion. If you like outfits that make a strong statement, Euginie is your pal! You will find several looks fit for each occasion on her blog – yes, even casual ones. 

She also travels extensively, so if you want to shop for your vacation to Bali, you know exactly where to go.

#7 Jenn Im 

YouTube: Jenn Im

Instagram: @imjennim | Followers: 1.7M

Jenn is a 30-something Korean-American woman who shares her fashion journey via her vlog and Instagram. She has entire playlists on YouTube dedicated to seasonal outfits. Her style is very cutesy and reminiscent of Korean fashion, which is something I love about her. 

Not sure what to wear to a wedding? Or maybe you are on a budget and confused about where to shop. Follow Jenn’s YouTube, she’s got everything covered!

#8 Wendy Nguyen 

Blog: Wendy’s Lookbook

Instagram: @wendyslookbook | Followers: 1.4M

Wendy is an iconic fashion blogger who is known for her amazing style. Her dresses tend to be cute yet classy and elegant. One look, and you will want them all for yourself. 

Statement colors for seasons, boutique sales, styling tips.. you can find them all on her blog. If you are someone who loves bright colors and patterns, you will definitely like her outfit choices!

#9 Aimee Song

YouTube: Song of Style

Instagram: @aimeesong | Followers: 6.9M

Aimee Song – popularly known for her (erstwhile) blog and YouTube channel Song of Style – is a fashion blogger who became a mega-influencer. She has several types of videos on her YouTube channel. Some of them include tips on how to style clothes in different ways, her budget fashion haul, her New York fashion week outfits, and “what I wear in a week.” 

Her style tends to range from casual to cocktail dresses, so there is something for everyone, no matter their personal preferences. 

#10 Irene Kim

YouTube: Irene Kim

Instagram: @ireneisgood | Followers: 2.7M

Irene is an American-born Korean model with a unique sense of fashion that she likes to call “playful with an edgy twist.” She has been dubbed by Vogue as “an ambassador to the buzzing South Korean fashion scene.” Indeed, you can see glimpses of South Korean fashion in her clothes. 

She is the founder of a clothing label: Irene is Good. Her motto is “good for you.” Through her clothes, she wants people to embrace their individuality and be authentic. Her label’s clothes are casual and feature bright colors and patterns! So, if you want to try something new and bold, you know where to shop. 

#11 Jessica Ricks

Blog: Hapa Time

Instagram: @hapatime | Followers: 704k

Jessica loves fashion, shopping, and inspiring others to dress well, which is the reason she started her blog. She does a lot of round-up posts for each type of clothing so that you get a wide range of choices to choose from. 

On her blog, you will find everything – flowy summer dresses, joggers, denims, and beachwear. You can also shop her closet or her Instagram looks via her blog!

#12 Kat Jamieson

Blog: With Love From Kat

Instagram: @katjamieson_ | Followers: 498k

Kat loves fashion and has three different sections dedicated to it on her blog: daily outfits, outfits by season, and a place where you can shop her favorite clothes. She is great at putting together an outfit – right from the boots to her coats. 

Kat has impeccable taste and you can never go wrong by shopping her “Favorite Things” collection which contains all of her recommendations – even silk and vegan leather pants!

Top Asian-American Fashion Bloggers

We have reached the end of our fashion journey. I hope you found a few favorites along the way. Before you start shopping for them, don’t forget to share this article!

karina gandola

Karina Gandola was born and raised outside the city of Charleston, in the beautiful mountain state of West Virginia. Karina loves writing about the influencer marketing space and an area she is passionate about. She considers her faith and family to be most important to her. If she isn’t spending time with her friends and family, you can almost always find her around her sweet yellow Labrador retriever, Poshna.

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Top Asian-American Fashion Bloggers