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7 Influencer Tips From Famous Blogger Moms and How They Made It To The Top


7 Influencer Tips from Famous Blogger Moms and How They Made it to the Top

Blogger Moms influence millions on YouTube and Instagram. And they are doing all this from their remote vicinities! 

Even more surprising is that their blogs are bringing in 4 – 5 figures of monthly revenue!

These moms give new light to women’s empowerment and (financial) freedom!

In today’s blogging business, niches related to homemaking and parenting usually do very well, even though these niches are very competitive.

And surprisingly, with no “extra” research! 

You are earning money to write about your daily chores (which you were going to do anyway)! This is one of the many benefits of having an influencer blog

Check the table below, which lists the most successful blogger moms globally.

10 Highly Successful Blogger Moms

NameBlogOther Information
Naiyaa SagiBaby Chakra50 million monthly content views.
Pregnancy, baby, and toddler care.
Shruti Acharya 
Artsy Craftsy MomEducation and childcare tips.
Joanna GoddardCup of Jo1 million+ visitors every month.
Women’s lifestyle.
USA & Global
Ilana WilesMommy ShortsParenting & Lifestyle.
100k+ views per month.
Jessica ShybaMomma’s Gone City367k Instagram followers.
Parenting in the city &  large family lifestyle.
United Kingdom
Sia CooperDiary of a Fit Mom.Fitness tips, healthy eating recipes, and body positivity
10 million+ content views per month
Worldwide Reach
Dr. HemapriyaMy Little MoppetHealth, nutrition, toddler care, baby care.
Naomi TazaLove, TazaTraveling and tourism with children
Maz HallidayCaffeine and FairydustLifestyle, adventures, being a parent in modern-day society
South Africa
Marinés DuarteEn Tus ZapatosBalance as a working mother. 

7 Influencer Tips for new mommy bloggers

We researched the social media profiles of these blogger moms and uncovered seven simple yet very effective tips.

Find the right niche

Not every niche will work for you!

Finding a perfectly curated niche that relates to you is essential for maintaining a successful mom blog. Your subject must excite you. 

Consider the areas where you already possess a particular talent, skill, or knowledge. Then, think about how these abilities will help the group of people you’re trying to reach.

Don’t go with things in which you are a beginner or an amateur.

7 Influencer Tips from Famous Blogger Moms and How They Made it to the Top


Practice your writing skills

Writing is a skill that needs to be honed, like working out or playing piano. 

Consider your style, the voice you want to use, and numerous writing techniques. 

Figures of speech, for instance, are crucial to use in your writing. They enable you to underline, enrich and improve your style, making it more straightforward for you to persuade and convince people. 

Refer to online tools and resources to practice your writing, grammar, and SEO.

Have realistic expectations

It is necessary to be real with your expectations and understand how blogging works. 

Think about what you provide to the niche and how it will help the target audience.

Be practical when considering how search engines operate. Your success will be significantly influenced by keywords, how frequently you write, and the age of your site/channel, both from a short-term and, more crucially, a long-term perspective.

Check the Competition

Research what other people are already writing about before you start writing yourself. This may give you inspiration for ideas that will enable you to develop your intended point of view.

Pick out the most popular blogs of your niche and read them. Then, improve your blog to make it more educational, interactive, and practical. 

Understanding your audience better and providing them with something your competitor does not will make you stand apart as a blogger.

7 Influencer Tips from Famous Blogger Moms and How They Made it to the Top


Pick a Platform

The platform will be the foundation where you connect with your target audience and convey relevant knowledge.

Select something easy, which can be designed and maintained with minimal programming.

For hosting a mom’s blog, WordPress is a good platform available for free. But you might also want to try out Wix or Squarespace.

Once you start engaging with the platform, you’ll be able to comprehend more about what it offers and its features. 

Connect with Other Mom Bloggers

Having family support is wonderful but not always enough (in the blogging world). And nothing is better than the support of other blogger moms. 

It’s essential to understand the importance of community. Many mom bloggers have extensive personal connections in which they assist one another. 

Beyond the business and technical support, the motivation and the spirit you gain from other bloggers is priceless.

7 Influencer Tips from Famous Blogger Moms and How They Made it to the Top


Get Started and Share

As soon as your website goes up, you should start sharing the things you enjoy doing that is potentially helpful to your target audience. 

You can do this directly on your blog, on related social media channels, or both at once. There are many different ways to communicate.

Make outstanding content on your selected topics, and accentuate it with cool photographs and quick videos. 

Your audience will start paying more and more attention to what you’re saying once they connect with it and find the answers to their questions in your content.

Traffic and ROI on Motherhood and Women Blogs

According to Suzi from Start A Mom Blog, many mommy bloggers can easily earn over $1,000 – $10,000 per month! 

Traffic on mom blogs has been growing exponentially since the start of the decade, and the significant increase in the number of mom bloggers is indicative of this.

Why Blogging is a great working opportunity for Moms and Women

You become more aware of the kind of parent you are, and want to be – when you share your life with others online. This consequently helps you in better parenting.

Discipline, time management and self-motivation are bonus skills you pick up when you adopt a blogging lifestyle.

Additionally, as you share with others and develop as a blogger, it will help boost your confidence and most importantly revenue!

7 Influencer Tips from Famous Blogger Moms and How They Made it to the Top


Blogger Moms and their struggles

It’s not all roses!

Blogging by itself is a lot of work. Being a mom is a full-time job, and taking up additional responsibility can be challenging. Therefore it is more than necessary to be disciplined and passionate about whatever you are writing. 

If you’re passionate about something like influencing or content creation, you will do that by getting up at 4 in the morning! 

How to get started

Blogging is an excellent opportunity for moms, even though there might be a few struggles. 

karina gandola

Karina Gandola was born and raised outside the city of Charleston, in the beautiful mountain state of West Virginia. Karina loves writing about the influencer marketing space and an area she is passionate about. She considers her faith and family to be most important to her. If she isn’t spending time with her friends and family, you can almost always find her around her sweet yellow Labrador retriever, Poshna.

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