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Discover The Influencers Pioneering The Luxury Watch Market​​

Though many of us are keen to tighten our belts, certain luxury items will always be seen as a necessity to some people. As such, the global luxury watch market is currently valued at around $46.3 billion, highlighting that these archaic devices will never go out of style. Therefore, as this bustling market continues to experience high levels of exponential growth, influencers are now striving to promote these products on their own platforms. In turn, Net Influencer will take a closer look at just some of the influencers spearheading the luxury watch market. 

  1. Teddy Baldassare

Though he may look very fresh-faced, Teddy Baldassare has been involved in the luxury watch industry for longer than some of his main competitors. Since starting his YouTube career in 2017, this influencer has managed to create a ton of educational content regarding the nuances of these high-end watches. Not only does he showcase the key components of common luxury brands, but he also advises his 1.04 million subscribers on the best watches to purchase if they are keen to sport something a little off-beat. Baldassare frequently collaborates with high-profile entrepreneur Kevin O’Leary, who is best known for his work on Shark Tank. As such, the pair often browse around affluent watch shops to see what’s new in this diverse market. 

Discover The Influencers Pioneering The Luxury Watch Market​​
  1. Nico Leonard

Nico Leonard often turns the luxury watch market on its head by reviewing the most stylish watches on the market in an incredibly sweary Northern Irish accent. Alongside running a successful YouTube channel with 1.74 million subscribers, Leonard also runs an elegant watch company called Pride & Pinion. As an influencer, this creator doesn’t hold back and provides his audience with his most honest opinions on Rolex, Tudor, and Hublot. He also uses his platform to react to fake watches, teaching his growing community how to keep an eye out for scams and bogus products. On Instagram, this influencer strives to promote his business at a higher level, sharing divine pictures of his latest watches with a further 153K followers. 

Discover The Influencers Pioneering The Luxury Watch Market​​
  1. Minute Mon

As an authorized watch dealer for high-end brands such as Cartier, OMEGA, and Grand Seiko, Minute Mon is an ideal influencer for audiences looking to buy the best of the best. Though taste is a personal thing, this influencer delves deeper into the trends occurring throughout this industry so that his 133K subscribers are inspired to purchase a more timeless piece. He also creates countless list videos, detailing his top 3 skeleton dial watches as well as his favorite pilot watches. When he’s not creating content for YouTube, Minute Mon is focusing on Carat & Co, a luxury watch dealership based in Flushing, Queens, New York. 

Discover The Influencers Pioneering The Luxury Watch Market​​
  1. Chad Alexander

From the Royal Family’s favorite timepieces to Lebron James’ immense watch collection, Chad Alexander is the perfect resource if you’re keen to see what the rich and famous are wearing on their wrists. But, this influencer doesn’t just focus on what’s trendy, he also discusses what makes a luxury watch so precious with his growing collection of 61.2K subscribers. Together with his long-form content, Alexander also produces more digestible videos on YouTube Shorts. Here, he showcases how key celebrities such as Tom Brady and Lewis Hamilton enjoy styling their most up-market watches. Thus, despite only posting his first video back in October 2023, Chad Alexander has managed to establish himself as a key thought leader in his highly dynamic sector. 

Discover The Influencers Pioneering The Luxury Watch Market​​
  1. Time+Tide Watches

Alongside the look and status of a luxury watch, there is also an enthusiastic sense of culture around these watches. Thus, Time+Tide Watches strives to discuss these points as well as review some of the world’s most fashionable pieces. From the King Seiko Ks1969 to the Bovet Recital 28 Prowess 1, this influencer gives a detailed description of the item as well as its purpose. Thus, his 130K subscriber base now has a better understanding of what’s available to them on the luxury watch market and how they can use this information to find a product that best adheres to their style and budget. Though his videos are typically less than 15 minutes long, this content creator still creates Shorts to ensure that his content is even more desirable to viewers. 

Discover The Influencers Pioneering The Luxury Watch Market​​
  1. About Effing Time

To the unacquainted, it may seem impossible to create a long-form podcast just about watches. But, About Effing Time highlights just how interesting this niche can be and how collectors will do just about anything to get their hands on the latest release. Made up of content creators George, Adrian, and Andrew, this podcast focuses on a plethora of alluring topics such as the top tips for buying a vintage watch online and what luxury means for the average watch collector. Despite coming from all different walks of life, these hosts successfully manage to find a sense of common ground and can discuss a range of impeccable watches for just about any type of budget. 

Discover The Influencers Pioneering The Luxury Watch Market​​
  1. Just One More Watch

With an assortment of reviews, unboxings, and list videos to choose from, this influencer’s vast catalog of content allows him to climb up the ranks in this ambitious sector. Just One More Watch, also known as Jody, has been producing videos since 2016 and has managed to gain an impressive 303K subscribers in this time. Although this YouTuber dabbles in a very expensive industry, he doesn’t hesitate to teach his viewers how to find a bargain. Whether it’s listing watches for under $30 or discussing replicas that can be purchased via AliExpress, it seems that Jody is eager to make this niche more accessible for novice collectors. 

Discover The Influencers Pioneering The Luxury Watch Market​​
  1. SoCal Watch Reviews

Although the majority of the influencers in this article are directly linked to the luxury watch industry in some way, SoCal Watch Reviews prefers to add a more personal touch to his reviews. As an avid watch collector, this YouTuber uses his platform to show off his latest purchase to his 29.8K subscribers. With each video lasting around 5 minutes long, SoCal Watch Reviews manages to showcase these watches in an impeccable light, without waffling. But for those who would like to hear more of this influencer’s thoughts and opinions on the wider circles of the industry, he has a podcast. Here, he spends around an hour discussing popular watches and whether they are really worth the hype they have accumulated. 

Discover The Influencers Pioneering The Luxury Watch Market​​
  1. Ben’s Watch Club

When looking to purchase a luxury watch, some buyers feel overwhelmed by vast marketing techniques and the amount of options available. Luckily, Ben’s Watch Club strives to weed out the lesser candidates and provide examples that his 205K subscribers could actually afford. Plus, he also highlights the best places to purchase a luxury watch as well as what price ranges are the best to start with. Since this industry is constantly promoting new products, this influencer has a second channel called In the Loupe. On this platform, Ben posts short videos on the newest watches on the market and helps his 10.4K subscribers decide whether they’re worth their time or money. 

Discover The Influencers Pioneering The Luxury Watch Market​​
  1. Average Bros

Surprisingly, the genesis of this YouTube channel began as a capstone project in college. Yet, Average Bros has collected a budding audience of 35.2K subscribers since starting his channel in 2014. Throughout his time on the platform, this influencer, better known as Mark Alamares, has reviewed countless watches for his community to enjoy. Using a range of spectacular editing skills and lighting techniques, this watch guru manages to capture almost every element of these luxury watches. Alamares also works hard to create a strong relationship with his audience, posting livestream Q&A sessions as well as creating content for his Community tab. 

Discover The Influencers Pioneering The Luxury Watch Market​​

Admittedly, the luxury watch market is incredibly niche and doesn’t always consider the needs of the mass market. But that’s why influencer marketing is so important. Now, even the most off-beat industries can rely on these content creators to promote their products to a much wider audience. Thus, although this landscape doesn’t seem very diverse at the moment, there’s a good chance that it’ll continue to grow as the luxury watch market continues to share its products with more customers. 

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