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How Do You Get Your Top Live On Instagram


How Do You Get Your Top Live On Instagram

What is “top live” on Instagram?

First, let’s talk about Instagram Live. This is an excellent feature from the popular photo- and video-sharing app that allows videos to be broadcast live. It enables you to engage with your followers and your community in real-time. The “top live” on Instagram would be the most-viewed videos on the platform. Many influencers also use this option to check out who is “top live” on Instagram.

How Do You Get Your Top Live On Instagram


You’ll find out which ones are the most-watched by going to the Explorer section on Instagram. Next, you will see the “Top Live” option at the top part of the screen. This will give you access to live videos being streamed. You can then slide to the left or right to switch videos.  

How to go live on Instagram

As an influencer serious about becoming successful, it is essential to know how to go live on the Instagram app. In the next section are the detailed steps to help you navigate the process.

1. First, go to your mobile account on Instagram. It’s the same process for both iPhone and Android. 

2. Look for the plus sign “+” in the upper corner to the right of the homepage and tap it. Another option to reach it is to swipe your screen to the left.

3. Either of the options will land you on the “New Post” page. Go to the menu at the bottom and fully slide to the right to choose “Live.”

4. Step 3 will open a camera screen. Hit the hamburger icon (the figure with four parallel lines) on the left side, so you can include a title to the video you’re streaming. You can choose to turn your video into a fundraiser by hitting the circle icon with the heart inside of it. 

5. Once you’re all set to go live, hit the circle icon down on the page, and you’ll go live. Instantly, your online followers will be notified about it. In addition, you’ll be able to see their usernames at the lowest part of the screen once they start watching your live videos. You can be live for as long as an hour.

6. Once you’re done, hit the “X” in the uppermost corner to the right of the screen and tap “End Now,” which you’ll see in the pop-up. Now that your live video has ended, Instagram will give you the number of viewers your video had and also provide the option to keep sharing the video for 24 hours more. This allows your followers who may have missed your live video to see it on Instagram Stories. You can also choose “Delete video” if you want to. 

How to go live with a guest on Instagram

You can invite other influencers or guests to make the conversation more exciting or authoritative. Learn to do this by checking out the itemized list below.

1. Follow steps 1 to 5 from the “How to go live on Instagram.” section earlier.

2. With your video already live, hit the video camera icon at the lowest part of your screen. Then you can type in the username of the person whom you want to invite to your live video. Or you can look them up from your viewer list instead of typing their usernames. 

How Do You Get Your Top Live On Instagram


3. Note that you can only invite them to join you if they’re currently watching your live video. However, you can still ask someone to be your live guest even if they’re not yet watching your video. To do this, type in their username, hit the circle button next to their name, and tap “Send Request.”

4. The moment they accept your request, their video will show up beside your own live video via a split screen. To go back to solo mode, hit the “X” at the uppermost right of their screen. This will take them out of your live video.

5. Once you’re done with your live video, hit the “X” in the top right corner and select the “End Now” option, which will pop up. Like in the previous section, you can keep sharing your video for another 24 hours to give more followers a chance to view it on Instagram Stories. You can also select “Delete video.”

How to request an appearance in someone else’s live video on Instagram 

1. Simply watch the live video of the person you want to join, and hit “Request to join.”

2. Next, tap the “Send request” option.

3. Instagram will notify you that your request has either been accepted or rejected.

How to get your top live on Instagram?

Now that you know how to go live on Instagram, how to guest others, and how to join a live video, the next question would be how to get your “top live” on Instagram. This feature will allow you to check out the most popular live videos so you can watch them, learn why they’re relevant, and keep yourself updated on the latest trends. Below is a detailed guide to make it easy for you.

How Do You Get Your Top Live On Instagram


If a user you’re following begins sharing a live video, you will see “Live” right below their profile in the stories bar. While it’s streaming, you can interact through unlimited comments and likes. But if you want to check out the latest stories being broadcast in real-time, tap the Explore button located in Instagram Reels. Then, hit “Top Live,” which will take you to the newest “top live” stories. Finally, switch from one live video to the next by swiping right and left.

Importance of going live on Instagram

Going live on Instagram has many benefits. Here are some of the top advantages.

1. Your visibility is increased as Instagram algorithms tend to push live videos to the first position in the Story feeds of your followers.

2. When you interact with your followers in real time, you get to know each other more spontaneously. This can help your followers appreciate you as a genuine and fun personality.

3. Once you go live, you’re automatically included in the “Explore” section of Instagram, which boosts your discoverability and broadens your reach.

4. Going live helps build likeability and trust. Active users would rather follow someone who takes the time and effort to broadcast videos in real-time and engage with them at a deeper level.

Tips to get more views on Instagram Live

It isn’t enough that you know how to go live or see the “top live” on Instagram. Here are a few simple yet effective tips to help you get more views on Instagram’s “Top Live.”

1. Create noise around your live stream in advance through your Instagram stories or via email promotions. You have more chances of getting viewed if your followers know exactly when you’re going live. 

How Do You Get Your Top Live On Instagram


2. Never underestimate the power of preparation. Keep practicing and preparing! Note, though, that you wouldn’t want to sound scripted. Perhaps you can prepare some key talking points and make it flow spontaneously (yet, confidently!) from there.

3. Test your videos before going live. Check crucial elements such as your audio, camera, lighting, and background. 

4. Leverage the fleeting nature of live videos. Your live videos can afford you the perfect time for offering limited-time offers on products or services that you’d like to promote. 

5. Be strategic about the date and time you will go live. A practical example is avoiding a live stream when people are busy at work and will likely not be active. Ensure that your timing is ideal (by checking analytics) to make sure more people will view your live videos.

Wrap up 

Instagram Live has allowed people and brands to connect to their communities in real life, creating more opportunities for interaction and a higher quality of engagement. By learning how to get your “top live” on Instagram and discovering how to go live on the platform, you can make the most of this cool feature to bolster your influencer success.

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