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The 5 Best Topics for Vlog - How to Choose the Right one


The 5 Best Topics for Vlog – How to Choose the Right one?

Some people are natural content creators and can turn any situation or task no after how mundane into an engaging vlog. 

Choosing the right topic for your vlog isn’t necessarily an easy task, but there is always one true answer to your question. Before determining which topics for vlog you wish to vlog about, it is important to know what these topics are best for, and what personal brand aligns with the overall message. 

What are your overall objectives, profitability, and recognition, or are you vlogging for your own pleasure? If it is for your own pleasure and consumption, there is no point in following these recommended topics. 

However, if you’re seeking growth for you and your channel, here are the top 5 topics for vlog, that you can effortlessly incorporate, or base your message around. 

The 5 best topics for vlog 

Daily life vlogs

While you may not realize it, your life can be highly interesting to people around the world, especially if you have a determined niche. This topic is best for those who believe they lead an exceptional lifestyle. 

Whether it be health and fitness or beauty and fashion, if you know your day is different than the average person, it may be worth trying to make daily vlogs about how your day looks like. 

The 5 Best Topics for Vlog - How to Choose the Right one?


Some of the best examples include, “Day in the life”, “How I do this”, and “what it takes to become this”, as long as it is centered around what you provide. 

Trends, news, & updates 

If you’re looking for fast growth and progress, trends and daily industry updates can be your thing. People tend to follow each other when it comes to what’s new and popular, and by utilizing the tools accessible in today’s market there has never been a better time to read everyone’s behavior. 

Using mass analytic tools such as Anser The Public and Google Trends, you can easily cater to what’s popular and serve exceptional quality content.

Some of these vlogs are what people may classify as ” click-bait”, but we call it tailored well sought out trending content. 

The 5 Best Topics for Vlog - How to Choose the Right one?


Although it is a healthy practice to always stay on top of what’s hot and trendy, this doesn’t have to be your main content strategy. 

Trends, news, and updates can work as growth content to perhaps drive traction to whatever else you have to offer. 

Educational vlogs (How To, and Informative videos) 

Along the same lines as the second recommended topic for vlogs, educational content is highly search friendly as well. The first thing you do when surfing google is asking a very specific question. 

For your video to be found by browsers and searchers, be sure to make the name SEO friendly, or better yet name it the exact question people are searching for.

While some questions and topics are more in-demand than others, it is important to find what is most searched in your niche and make some content around it. 

Although it is a healthy practice when tailoring to public demand always provide an array of different content, it will keep things more interesting and professional on your channel. 

In other words, if education and valuable information isn’t the essence of your content do not overdo it. Leverage optimized content from time to time, but focus on producing more of what you started doing and believed in. 

The 5 Best Topics for Vlog - How to Choose the Right one?


Niche-specific Tips and Tricks 

Another form of educational and useful content, tips, and tricks are big-time traffic drivers too, especially if these tips and tricks are new to the market. 

Examples of this type of topic for vlogs are specific to your niche, and just like any other kind of content idea on this list, Search Engine Optimization plays a big role.

A perfect topic for both long-form and short-form content, making it the type of vlog you can repurpose and even post on different social media channels. 

Ideally, this content could be cut up into short clips and leveraged on both Youtube Shorts, and as a Youtube video collage of different tips and tricks. 

Whatever you truly enjoy 

Ultimately there is nothing you’d do better than something you do with intention and look forward to creating. If you’re passionate about what you’re doing and the world is slowly starting to recognize your effort, just stick with it. 

In an age full of scripted and acting-based content, people admire a sense of authenticity and originality. If you’re going to replicate someone else’s work you will rarely get far, as many others have probably tried before you. 

A/B testing is a perfect place to start determining what does and doesn’t work. Get a good sense of what people and viewers want, then go all in on what they liked. 

The 5 Best Topics for Vlog - How to Choose the Right one?


Bonus vlog Topic tip

If you were running out of ideas and do not think that any of these Vlog topics work for you and your brand, reverting to Behind the Scenes (BTS) content is always a good idea. 

Whether it is the filming of a funny skit, or the cut-out clips of a project you didn’t fully share, leveraging BTS content is a great way to fill in gaps and produce content effectively.

You can another camera to the set and capture the process of you putting in the effort that would otherwise go unrecognized. 

What topics for vlog are best for you?

Ultimately, every topic that is in demand it’s a good topic to Vlog about. However the content creator you are only good at so many things. It is up to you to find which of these vlog topics aligns with your personal brand and adds value to viewers. 

There is no right and wrong answer, but the overall best answer is creating content that is trending are popular at the moment. Whether you’re good at it or not your titles, captions, and backstory are sure to drive more views than vlogging about random things you like. 

Find a balance between what you prefer to address in your videos, and what you are confident other people will like. 

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David Adler is an entrepreneur and freelance blog post writer who enjoys writing about business, entrepreneurship, travel and the influencer marketing space.

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