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All About The Forever 21 Influencer Program


All About The Forever 21 Influencer Program

Forever 21 is a leader in the fashion industry with a global presence. Its focus is to work with the latest trends in fashion to bring out desirable and unique styles with an underlying mission to evoke confidence. Find out about the Forever 21 Influencer Program.

About Forever 21

Forever 21 is a leader in the fashion industry with a global presence. Its focus is to work with the latest trends in fashion to bring out desirable and unique styles with an underlying mission to evoke confidence. They currently have a presence across 27 countries with 540+ locations. 

Founded in 1984 and now part of the Authentic Brands Group (ABG), a large clothing and fashion conglomerate, Forever 21 has always kept its roots in its target demographic.

All About The Forever 21 Influencer Program

The shift to being part of Authentic Brands Group came from having to file for bankruptcy but having the brand so powerful that it was worth saving and continuing bringing these fashion trends to market. 

They look to target the young female demographic, with a young and fresh vibe across their clothing line options. They have a balance of fashion basics with the designs of the day ready to be worn together and to lead the charge for affordable fashion.

They are frequently updating their clothing and accessory options, as it’s part of the demanding nature to stay ahead of fashion trends. They have a solid retail dynamic presence attracting customers to experience their offering in-store, with a robust eCommerce site to make purchases that help round out the entire wardrobe and provide that right type of convenience. 


As part of the overall marketing push for Forever 21, they have embraced and adapted social media channels to help as a promotional outlet for their products. They primarily use Instagram and TikTok influencers for partnerships and ambassadors. The demographics are exactly the type that Forever 21 is looking for, with influencers that can come from different backgrounds, cultures, and ethnicities, but all are attractive young females. 

These females themselves are selected for the criteria based on promoting the clothing in the best possible light. This is the ‘type’ of influencers that Forever 21 works with, and it’s all about how the clothing is presented. Of course, each brand ambassador must wear the right type of Forever 21 clothing that appears as flattering and fashionable as possible, and the images themselves must be those that showcase the confidence of the women that are wearing them. 

You can take a few examples of that by looking at some of the current influencers that Forever 21 is working with. For instance, Sofia Jamora makes sure to showcase to her 3 million followers the latest offering for Forever 21 in a playful and confident setting while gaining over 70,000 likes and counting.

There’s also extensive user engagement with the comments as well. But again, it’s about promoting all girls and all body types, as well as all influencer sizes, such as Lisa Marie Prang or micro-influencer  OhlovelyLilie.


Forever 21 doesn’t have any specific influencer requirements that they request for getting brand ambassadors onboard. There are no clear-cut requirements, and in fact, there’s little that is stated on their own site except to email a generic talent email for inquiries. 

With that said, there are plenty of affiliate marketing solutions through third parties to apply to become a social media influencer for Forever 21. 

All About The Forever 21 Influencer Program

While many other types of programs may require a minimum threshold of followers with engagement, and there’s sure to be a review from Forever 21, there doesn’t seem to be any specific number. Instead, it’s more about falling in line with the target market of the users versus the actual influence they possess. It also seems that Forever 21 ambassador opportunities are primarily offered through third-party channels such as CJ Affiliate.


Regardless there are plenty of ways to be earning money as an influencer of Forever 21 and to promote them on your social media channel. There’s a different style for each one that maximizes how to use those channels, to begin with. 

  1. Marketing with Tiktok

Here you’re going to find a variety of options when it comes to promoting and marketing Forever 21 on TikTok. There’s a whole mix of styles, but it’s all about showing the clothing itself.

So, for example, there can be this style of unboxing, where you showcase a specific item and describe its pros and cons, or it can be a mini fashion show for a particular theme, such as this holiday party one.

@forever21 Keepin’ it cozy with our must-have jacket of the holiday season – QUILTED ZIP-UP JACKET 🍂❄️styled by @beca 🎁🎄☃️#forever21 #holidaymusthaves ♬ original sound – FOREVER 21

Both are straight from the Forever 21 channel, but there are plenty of fashion TikTok influencers that will also promote the brand for their own channels, such as this one

@alysilverio Back with another keep or return try on haul w @forever21 🤪 #tryon #outfitideas #keeporreturn #forever21 #outfitinspo ♬ son original – Slowed song

TikTok really shines, especially with the above, because of the systemic features built in to help with editing the videos fast on mobile while pushing out engaging content to users out there.

For example, unboxing does really well on this platform because it’s fast and can show people what the clothing looks like on actual real people, which can help drum up sales, but also at the same time help to make the video viral, which in turn leads to better revenue streams. 

Yet, remember that TikTok can be humorous and ironic, which helped push a video like this to nearly 400,000 views, with “foulpixie” sarcastically making fun of some classic Forever 21 clothing pieces.

@foulpixie 🤢 #fyp #forever21 ♬ origineel geluid – Tik Toker
  1. Marketing with Instagram

With Instagram, it’s all about finding the right outfit, location, and pose for that perfect picture. Common tags that go along with this are #foreverbabe, and it’s all about showing how Forever 21 either creates a complete outfit or finishes an entire outfit. It’s really about capturing the moment and showing off how Forever 21 caters to all body types, but again focuses on that key demographic and building out that community with its options. 

For example, “itsnalee” showcases a fall outfit that is both hip and stylish that comes primarily from Forever 21. It’s about showing the diversity of the options and the comfort level at the same time.

Another excellent setup is this industrial backdrop and the clothing to match it that can be seen by “drearamirezz_“. She does a couple on that backdrop showing how the trending styles of Forever 21 can match in different scenarios. 

These snapshots can vary greatly with the new outfits that come out and with the seasons. Again with Instagram, it’s all about setting up that perfect shot with the clothing every single time. 

  1. Marketing with YouTube

YouTube is a great way of doing visual storytelling for influencers, especially those influencers promoting Forever 21. Whereas TikTok helps to briefly bring the message across and Instagram helps to provide that picturesque moment, YouTube allows for high-definition experiences to not only try on new hauls but also to experience the store itself. 

It helps to bring us to the moment to feel the vibrancy of the store itself and to include a more personalized touch to trying on the clothing. It doesn’t have to feel scripted and can be completely authentic and spur of the moment, which is the opposite of many other YouTube channels. 

When you take a look at this video here from “Emma and Ellie’s family“, you see that it’s the experience of the clothing and doing it with the whole family versus trying to find the perfect outfit. It helps bring more of the essence of what Forever 21 is, which is a hip, fun, and young place. It also helps those influencers generate the right content that again shows who the core demographic is for Forever 21. 

YouTube also helps to not only showcase the quality and design of the clothing in high definition, but it also allows for more editing options as it’s a longer reel than TikTok or an Instagram Feed.

There’s also this popular trend of not speaking about the content in the videos and allowing the clothing to speak for itself. Originally popular with nature exploration and cooking channels, it works here flawlessly as well, which you can see in this sale video by “Simply Gen“.

Then there are the professional channels that compare and contrast similar-priced clothing options and show what different budgets will get you. This also shows more to the international exposure that the brand Forever 21 has by having this type of video made.

Regardless of the content or intention, it still helps push Forever 21 across the world, and in this case, this video itself had over 750,000 views alone, helping to generate healthy revenue from ads and other metrics. 


All of the above marketing options can have the revenue streams made from either the platform itself or from affiliate marketing through affiliate links of the clothing items that are selected to be viewed or purchased in that video. This can help influencers promoting the brand to bring in a steady flow of income, as well as always having fresh new content to promote whenever the new Forever 21 haul comes around the corner to review. 

karina gandola

Karina Gandola was born and raised outside the city of Charleston, in the beautiful mountain state of West Virginia. Karina loves writing about the influencer marketing space and an area she is passionate about. She considers her faith and family to be most important to her. If she isn’t spending time with her friends and family, you can almost always find her around her sweet yellow Labrador retriever, Poshna.

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