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State Of Influence Report Fashion Trends 2023


State Of Influence Report: Fashion Trends 2023

Fashion and social media go hand in hand. Content from top clothing, accessories, and footwear brands can be found everywhere on major social media platforms. In Traackr’s most recent State of Influence Report on the fashion industry, we get an inside look at some of the key insights and metrics from some of the biggest brands in the world. Keep reading to learn more about the main takeaways and what they mean for influencer marketing.

The world of fashion is well-represented on today’s top social media platforms. Fashion trends like Barbiecore, resale and upcycling, and indie clothing from the Y2K era were all major themes in 2022. Short-form video content continues to outperform static images and long-form video as TikTok grows in popularity around the world.

In Traackr’s State of Influence Report: Fashion Trends 2023, the company provides key insights into the strategies and trends used by top brands and influencers in 2022. Here, NetInfluencer discusses three main takeaways.

Who Conducted the Survey?

The State of Influence Report: Fashion Trends 2023 report was conducted by Traackr, a data-driven influencer marketing platform. The company’s main goal is to understand the impact of social content online and provide key insights for their customers. Traackr was founded over ten years ago and today, they specialize in campaign management, influencer collaboration, and customized reporting solutions. 

Survey Methodology

Traackr analyzed influencers in the United States, United Kingdom, and France who produced content mentioning at least one of the 815 brands from their Fashion Brand Benchmark. For trend analysis, they analyzed content from 45,115 influencers who were mainly located in the United States and Europe. These influencers also have audiences interested in common

lifestyle categories. To identify specific trends, Traackr analyzed the content produced and shared by the measured set of influencers between January 2021 and December 2022.

Brand benchmarks were measured by analyzing influencers in the United States, United Kingdom, France, and Germany who produced content mentioning at least one of the 815 brands from our Fashion Brand Benchmark. These benchmarks are broken down into three categories:

  • Top Performing by VIT: Traacker’s Brand Vitality (VIT) Score is a metric that measures how a brand’s content performs. Main factors included in VIT are account visibility, impact, and brand trust.
  • Highest Frequency: Brands with the highest number of mentions per influencer.
  • Most Efficient: Efficiency is defined in terms of brands with the highest VIT Rate. Traacker calculates the VIT Rate by taking VIT and dividing it by Potential Reach. Potential reach is an influencer’s audience size at the time of each post. 

Three Key Takeaways

1. Out of the clothing, footwear, and accessories categories, footwear ranked as the top performer in terms of influencer content, with a 74% increase in total views.

2. In the United States, Instagram experienced the most growth in fashion video views, however TikTok experienced more growth than Instagram in European countries. 

3. Out of the United States brands measured, Fashion Nova was the top performer for 2022. The brand with the highest frequency was Shopstyle, and the most efficient brand was Eagle Creek. However, many other brands had significant growth and changes, with Prada being one of the most noteworthy.

What Does This Mean for Influencer Marketing?

The first takeaway shows footwear as the top performing fashion category for 2022. Traackr analyzed content from 220,000 fashion influencers within the US, UK, France, and Germany to understand how influencers and their audiences interacted with each category. Although there was an overall decrease in influencers, mentions, and engagement rates across clothing, footwear, and accessories, footwear content experienced the lowest decrease among active influencers and total number of mentions. The accessories category came in second, followed by clothing. 

Despite the measured decrease outlined above, all three categories experienced a significant uptick in video views. Footwear had the most with a 74% increase in total views. For influencers in the fashion space, branching out to include partnerships with up and coming shoe brands may be beneficial. According to Traackr’s findings, influencers will likely benefit from creating video content over other types while advertising footwear.

State Of Influence Report: Fashion Trends 2023

The second takeaway shows an overall increase in fashion-related video content. Traackr’s metrics revealed Instagram continues to hold strong in the US, with video views growing by 108%. Although TikTok is on the rise in the United States, it wasn’t more popular than Instagram. However in other countries (UK, France, and Denmark), the platform beat out Instagram in video view growth. YouTube video growth experienced a decrease in video views in two out of the four studied markets.

Video content has been on the rise for quite some time, and Traackr’s metrics show there are no signs of it slowing down. While YouTube seems to be experiencing a decline in popularity, short-form-friendly platforms like Instagram and TikTok continue to perform well. Fashion vloggers who enjoy creating long form “get ready with me” videos on YouTube should consider breaking those videos down into bite sized clips and sharing them on other platforms. 

State Of Influence Report: Fashion Trends 2023

The third takeaway highlights the top performing United States brands. In addition to the brands at the top of each category, Traackr analyzed key trends within the rest of the brands on the list, including Prada. The luxury brand ranked 9th in VIT and experienced a 43% YoY increase in VIT, This was the second largest increase amongst the top ten brands. Traackr believes Prada’s success is largely due to their relationships with some of TikTok’s biggest stars. The report notes that the brand invited popular influencers to their fashion shows and even gave some a front-row seat.

Traackr’s analysis also mentions the importance of brands recognizing rising influencers early and developing long-term relationships with them. Although luxury brands are a bit more elusive than others, brands of all types are looking for long-term, sustainable partnerships. More than ever, brands are carving out significant portions of their marketing budgets for influencer marketing, which is great news for influencers looking to build a lucrative portfolio of brand partnerships.

State Of Influence Report: Fashion Trends 2023

In summary, Traackr’s latest report on 2023’s fashion trends offers valuable metrics and takeaways for both brands and influencers. In addition to the information covered in this summary, Traackr’s report also includes insights into top brands from other countries and the rise of the secondhand clothing industry. 

Link to the Report

The State of Influence Report: Fashion Trends 2023 can be found on Traackr’s website, along with additional insights and case studies on influencer strategies.

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