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Fashion YouTuber Anna Reid’s Top Tips For Creators


Fashion YouTuber Anna Reid’s Top Tips For Creators 

Fashion YouTuber, boutique owner, mom, and world traveler Anna Reid shares her insights into the fashion industry, staying on top trends, working with brands, and how to grow on YouTube. Keep reading to learn about her collaboration with Steve Madden and how she spreads body positivity online.

About Anna Reid

Anna Reid started posting on YouTube by sharing her Facebook lives featuring her boutique’s clothing, how to dress for a formal wedding, how to style different clothing, and more. When she first shared these lives on YouTube, they performed terribly, and she quickly learned that nobody wanted to see the Facebook live format on YouTube. Anna decided to take a different approach and make curated fashion videos for YouTube instead. 

Anna Reid explains, “They [fashion videos on YouTube] don’t necessarily have anything to do with my boutique… It’s more of a free space, and I can just talk about beautiful clothing and stuff. The more I did it, the more I was like, wow, this is really fun. I just loved researching, editing, and putting it on YouTube and interacting with people.”

After realizing that her channel could be a lucrative business opportunity, Anna monetized her YouTube channel and committed herself to growing the channel. One of her most recent viral videos shares secrets about how to look rich and received over half a million views, a massive number for her channel. 

Fashion YouTuber Anna Reid’s Top Tips For Creators 

Staying on Top of Trends & Personal Style

Fashion trends change at the drop of a hat, making it difficult for content creators to stay on top of everything. However, Anna’s genuine passion and interest in fashion help her stay on top of trends because her social media feeds are filled with fashion content and releases. She also reads articles on trends and styles to stay abreast of trends. 

Anna Reid notes, “I love how it [fashion] changes and how it’s so very fun and refreshing, and people can change their lives with how they dress.”

Anna’s personal style has changed over the years. Currently, she describes her style as classic but comfortable and more sophisticated than when she was younger. She is also a mom to two young kids, making comfort and mobility critical elements of her current wardrobe. 

Working with Brands

Anna Reid receives many collaboration offers from brands and is highly selective about who she works with. 

She explains, “Brands will reach out to you, but a lot of them just want you to stick their product in your video, and it has really nothing to do with your style or what you like. I just leave those [offers] alone and go with the ones that I personally really love.”

She adds that it can be tricky to balance sponsored content while maintaining authenticity and trust with your audience. 

“They want to watch YouTube, but if they’re constantly hit with a sponsored ad or something, they’re like – why are you always trying to sell me something? It does get a little tricky… This company might want to pay you a lot of money to be in three of your videos within a six-week period or something, but it’s like are your subscribers going to like hearing about them three times in that short of a time period? There definitely has to be a balance.

Some creators have ads in every video and still do well, so it’s more about finding your flow as a creator and what feels good for you and your audience. Personally, Anna doesn’t want to have a sponsored ad in every video because it doesn’t feel right to her. 

Collaborating with Steve Madden

One of Anna’s favorite collaborations was with Steve Madden because she has loved their shoes for a long time. For the collaboration, she chose several Steve Madden shoes and then styled them with different outfits. 

Anna Reid shares, “They were like, we want you to style these boots with whatever you want, and I’m like, that sounds fun. I think it really resonated well because it was within a shoe video about shoe tips, so it was something that pertained to the subject matter as well.” 

Anna’s Tips for Other YouTubers

Anna Reid recommends always getting to the point quickly in your video. For fashion content creators, it’s also imperative to show the fashion and beautiful visuals in your content.

Anna explains, “When they [viewers] come to a fashion video, they really want to see something, maybe it’s a trend or how to style something, and they don’t necessarily want to hear you or just see you talking the whole time. I think having a lot of pictures or having yourself doing those things in those videos is important as opposed to just being there, talking.”

She also stresses that it’s important to realize you won’t resonate with everybody. Your content isn’t going to be everyone’s style or preference, which is okay. People who love your content will love it even more for the style and authenticity you showcase in your videos

“[Don’t] try to be somebody else. If you love another big creator and you’re trying to do exactly what she does, it’s just not going to work out because something won’t feel right. You really have to find your own style. That takes time to do, but definitely finding your own style and not trying to copy people, but just being inspired and finding your own twist on things is very important for fashion.” 

The Fashion Space

Anna Reid spreads body positivity in the fashion space by using photos of people of all shapes and sizes in her content. 

She shares, “I personally don’t want to look at only supermodels because I don’t look like that. So, that would be unrealistic to me.”

Whenever Anna comes across a curvy fashion influencer or fashion content creator sharing about body positivity, she tries to promote and share their content to spread this positive message. 

Anna Reid anticipates that the future of the fashion industry and the influencers shaping it isn’t going anywhere. She believes that more people will look for creators that they resonate with, especially when it comes to the phase of their life they are currently in. 

“Finding a person that they can resonate with that understands where they are at that phase in their life and showing them how to dress in that phase, or what to wear. I definitely just see that getting bigger and bigger, and it just being a normal thing. I don’t think we’ll ever go back to there being supermodels, and then there are regular people… There’s a whole bunch of in-between now, and it’s kind of exciting.”

As for herself, Anna has several collaborations in the works and is excited about upcoming content focused on spring and how to update your style and stay modern without jumping on every new trend. She wants to focus more on helping others update their wardrobes to stay current with modern styles and their lifestyle without making others feel like they need to buy a new wardrobe each season just to keep up with trends.

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