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Fitness YouTuber Cassey Ho's Skort Goes Viral After Taylor Swift Wears It (Sparking 10,000+ Pre-Orders)


Fitness YouTuber Cassey Ho’s Skort Goes Viral After Taylor Swift Wears It (Sparking 10,000+ Pre-Orders)

Cassey Ho, a fitness YouTuber with over 9.7 million subscribers on her Blogilates channel, is experiencing a surge in demand for one of her athleisure designs after pop star Taylor Swift wore the item in a promotional video on April 19.

Ho founded the activewear brand Popflex in addition to her successful YouTube channel. One of Popflex’s signature products is the Pirouette Skort, a skirt with attached shorts underneath.

In the music video for her new album, “The Tortured Poets Department,” Swift is seen wearing Ho’s lilac Pirouette Skort while playing pickleball. The skort was initially marketed under the name “Lilac Short Skirt” by Popflex.

The exposure from Swift’s video caused an immediate spike in interest and orders for the skort style. According to Popflex, over 10,000 pre-sale orders have been placed for the “Pirouette Skort (Cassey’s Version)” in the lilac color that Swift wore.

Popflex strategically decided to open a pre-sale for the skort, with orders not being fulfilled for months due to the intense demand. “We have never before done a pre-sale on an item that won’t come for months, but we decided to give it a shot,” Ho stated in a YouTube blog.

She cited concerns about counterfeits as the main reason, saying, “The duping has been so intense on my patented Pirouette Skort, and we wanted to make sure there was a place for customers to buy the real thing before being tricked by counterfeiters to buy a fake.”

In the hours after Swift’s video premiered, Ho was inundated with messages from fans and her team about the skort’s appearance. “My DMs and Slack messages are BLOWING UP. Everyone’s telling me to go watch the Fortnight video on YouTube Shorts,” she recalled in her own blog.

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