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All About the Pacsun Influencer Program


All About the Pacsun Influencer Program

In 1980 a fashion brand out of California would emerge in the form of PacSun. And now, over 40 years down the line, the established clothing company is still around and has continued to grow with the industry.

So exactly how can you sign up for the PacSun influencer program? And what is it? In this article, we will guide you through the steps and FAQs of what you should know, before joining.

What is Pacsun?

The company was originally founded in Newport Beach, California back in 1980, by Jack Hopkins and Tom Moore and niched into pacific Sunwear, which eventually evolved and branched out into surfwear. And in recent years the brand has become “hot” again with a Gen Z audience that emerged, seemingly out of nowhere.

In 2020 the retailer doubled its number of sales online and ramped up their social media reach exponentially. With their Tiktok gaining more than 680k and IG totaling 10.2M likes in the course of a year, this brand is definitely on trend with the young, $830 Billion Gen Z retail industry.

Pacsun being a surfwear company is also known for its lifestyle apparel which sells alongside an array of items such as footwear, swimwear, and accessories for young adults. Pacsun holds operations in all 50 states and currently has 325 retail shops, their distribution is run out of Groveport, Ohio, while their HQ is in Anaheim, California. In April 2016 the company filed for bankruptcy but was acquired by Golden Gate Capital.

Going back to its inception days, PacSun started out as a small surf shop in Seal Beach, CA. As stated before the company focused on and built its business model by selling merchandise from other established brands in the surfwear industry before eventually branching into the skateboarding and streetwear market.

They sell everything from hoodies, flannels, polos, tees, tank tops, jeans, Jackets, bikinis, boardshorts, rompers, dresses, skirts, snow apparel, footwear, and all surfwear and streetwear accessories for both men and women.

Currently, PacSun is miles off from where it started 40-odd years ago, but it’s clear that the strategic positioning the brand took in the market transformed them into the successful company they are today.

With leading trends and lucrative collaborations with brands like Kendall + Kylie Jenner, Champion, Van’s, and many, many more, it’s clear that they are doing what’s necessary to stay relevant and on-trend with younger generations, as they move closer to their 50-year mark.

Who are the Pacsun influencers, and what do they do?

In recent years, PacSun has been able to find success in the fashion market subculture. Though it’s true many local skate and surf shops exist and are considered competition, many of them have never been able to expand and grow the way PacSun has. 

By being the first to do so, they have more power with brand recognition and being the “first” surf shop streetwear retailer in the USA. This also gives them power for collaborations that smaller shops will never have.

In the age of the digital eCommerce shop, they have started to join the social media influencer market to further push their brand to the masses. The first sign of this is their collaboration with the influencer, Miquela. The company is aiming to onboard more influencers that can strategically help strengthen its connection with its target demographic.

For the PacSun and Miquela collab, the two parties focused on back-to-school social media content and utilizing landmark holidays for various marketing campaigns. So who exactly is Miquela? 

All About the Pacsun Influencer Program

Well, she’s a robot/fictional character created by Trevor McFedries and Sara DeCou and became an instant online phenomenon when it went viral in 2016. Since her creation, she has been on billboards in Time Square and even been named TIME Magazine’s “Most Influential person on the internet” after gaining millions of followers on social media, which call themselves “Miqaliens”.

Another recent partnership with the brand is a Gen Z popular YouTuber goes by the name of Emma Chamberlain. She and PacSun partnered for the Spring/Summer 2022 campaign and did really fun content for the futuristic dreamy escapist collection. And with handpicked pieces by Emma herself, that span from swimsuits to knits, the collaboration was a massive success.

What are the Pacsun influencer requirements?

Their affiliate program is a great way that you could partner with Pacsun. The brand doesn’t really offer influencer deals or brand ambassador programs, in fact, they only just started using influencer marketing in 2022. Hopefully, this will change in the future and they’ll become more open to partnering with content creators.

Pacsun offers their affiliate program through CJ Publisher. The signup process is pretty straightforward, so you shouldn’t run into any issues at all. 

The Pacsun affiliate program offers:

  • A commission earning of 1% of sales
  • A 7-day cookie period

And something else that’s worth noting which is an added bonus to the affiliate program is how this fan-favourite retailer offers loads of additional perks, making your job as an affiliate marketer a lot easier when it comes to promoting the brand!

Some of these perks are:

  • Free Shipping on select products.
  • Frequent product special offers

How to promote Pacsun products as an influencer and make money

By becoming a Pacsun brand ambassador you can begin to earn an income in the form of commissions by promoting the brand’s products to your audience on social media. Their unique surf-style attire and new-found popularity are amazing selling points that you can mention when creating content to sell their clothing online.

Before we get started with our influencer examples it’s important for you to remember that you don’t only have to focus your efforts on one platform. In fact, the more content you create for different social media networks the higher your earning potential becomes while at the same time, you can further grow your audience and tap into new markets.

Let’s take a look at how some of the Pacsun affiliates are promoting the brand’s products online:

How Influencers Promote Pacsun on Tik Tok

The most played TikTok when searching the hashtag #pacpartner is by Bree Lesch a 23-year-old content creator from Minessota.


so many fun options for spring 🌷🧡🐝 @pacsun #pacpartner

♬ as it was x cruel summer x deja vu – matty james

Here we can see Ava Jules jump for joy after receiving a box full of Pacsun goodies for free. She showcases all of the items in her video by trying them on.

Next up is Natalie Zacek a 22-year-old Floridian content creator with over 600k followers on TikTok.

In her Pacsun haul, she can be seen trying on bikinis and summer outfits.


wearing all @pacsun and I am SO happy!! #pacpartner 🧚🏼‍♀️

♬ As It Was – Harry Styles

How Influencers Promote Pacsun on Instagram

Here we have courtneecrews who was recently reshared by Pacsun to their own Instagram account. The post features Courtney wearing some of Pacsun’s pieces while at the beach, it’s in carousel style so the viewer gets the chance to see the outfit from different angles. 

Next up is amberdowty_ a content creator from Long Island who shares daily outfit inspo. In her latest post on Instagram, she can be seen sporting a Pacsun outfit while at the grocery store. Amber captioned the Instagram post “Outfit inspo, winter outfits, everyday outfits, y2k”

Lastly, we’ve got caileeraemusic an artist based in Los Angeles with a whopping 362 thousand followers on the gram. Cai is a #pacpartner and in her recent sponsored post she can be seen showing off a beautiful blue dress while at the beach. 

How Influencers Promote Pacsun on Youtube

First up for our Youtube roundup, we’ve got Claire Capone, a Washington-based content creator with 36k followers on YT. 

In her video, she’s seen doing a Pacsun haul for her audience. She sits in front of the camera and casually unboxes her new items while holding them up and showcasing them individually.

Clothing hauls are always a good way to promote products on Youtube because they give the viewer insight into what the product might look like while sharing honest reviews and feedback. 

Next up we’ve got Blake Healey a fashion, beauty, and lifestyle influencer who shares affordable fashion ideas mixed with a few splurge-worthy pieces as well. On Youtube, she has a mere four thousand subs, but on Instagram, she’s got an audience of 151 thousand.

In her Youtube video from last summer, she did a great Pacsun clothing haul, where she also tried on each item to show her audience how they could create an outfit. 

Lastly, we’ve got Farina Aguinaldo an influencer based out of LA and Hawaii with 139 thousand subscribers on Youtube and 105 thousand followers on Instagram. Her content is more lifestyle related and not only fashion-focused. 

In her recent Youtube video, she created a clothing haul featuring various brands, such as ALO, Pacsun, Forever 21, and Aritzia. She tries each item on while giving her audience fashion advice as to what they could possibly pair the clothing with or different ways in which they can wear each item. 


Hopefully, this guide has left you with a better idea of Pacsun’s affiliate program, and how you can get in touch with them to start promoting their products, plus what that can entail thanks to the many examples we’ve shared in this article. 

So there you have it — get started with your Pacsun influencing today!

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