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Understanding YouTube Earnings: Factors Impacting Your YouTube Money

Wondering how much do YouTube stars make? Many people have heard about famous YouTubers earning enormous amounts of money and wondered how much they make precisely. However, it’s often treated as a secret as most Influencers prefer to keep the numbers hidden. So if you’re thinking about starting your own channel, it can be hard to know what your potential earnings might look like. There are many speculations around this topic but finding answers is not as straightforward and simple as they may seem at first glance! This article will show how you can calculate youtube earnings and better understand potential earnings when starting your own channels.

What is a Youtube money calculator, and how can you use one to figure out your earnings?

YouTube can be a great way to make money. However, no one knows exactly how much you will earn given your current status on the site and what kind of content it is that catches people’s eye! Luckily for all those aspiring YouTubers out there looking into turning some wheelies or even going full-time with this platform as their sole livelihood – there are plenty of revenue calculators available which take into account where you stand right now in terms of income potential.

One of the most essential tools for you if you’re interested in the business side of YouTube is a Youtube earnings calculator. If you want to know how much money your channel might make if you monetize it, you can’t work around using some of the tools available on the internet.

Youtube Money Calculator: Factors Affecting YouTube Earnings

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Besides being useful for creators, YouTube money calculators can also be of great help for marketers. In many cases, you may have to calculate the revenue of an influencer before setting up a campaign with them, and that is where using the YouTube calculator comes in handy, making sure that all future collaborations are more informed and successful than ever before.

YouTube money calculators take into consideration several factors like engagement and views count to calculate the estimated earnings from a YouTube channel or video. Using the YouTube channel earnings calculator, you can not only calculate your total views but also estimate revenue in accordance with video views. 

There are many online calculators available to help you with your finances. These tools work similarly and give an estimate based on certain variables that you input into them!

Here are some examples you can check out:

What are the factors that influence Youtube revenue?

While there are many YouTube money calculators out in the world that will help you estimate your revenue, understanding the complexity can be quite hard if you want to be more successful with your content. To increase your monetization rate, you need to consider these factors when getting an estimate of how much revenue could be made from ads on your videos.

High retention rates

Videos with high retention are one of the critical factors to success in advertising. Not only do they provide a more significant number of opportunities for advertisers, but also because people watch them and stay engaged for more extended periods of time.

The topic of the Video

Video creators can attract different types of ads depending on the topic. Some video topics will earn you more money, while other subjects might not be as profitable and lucrative to make with YouTube’s ad system in place. YouTubers who create content about various topics know that there is a significant difference between revenue depending on what your video is about.

Number of Subscribers

The more subscribers you have, the higher your revenue will be. Having more subscribers means that more people will come back to watch your content. YouTube factors subscriber growth into its monetization algorithm, so that’s another reason why it pays off to get as many people on board with what your channel has going for them!

Viewer engagement

The engagement of viewers is a strong signal to YouTube that your video may be worth advertising. The more likes and shares it gets, compared with dislikes or no engagement at all; then the higher chance you have for generating revenue from ads associated with your content!

Seasonal changes and the Economy

Whatever the season, you’re sure to get a boost in revenue from videos. For example: if it’s summertime and people are looking for destinations that they can enjoy while on vacation or exploring new places – this is when travel companies might want to place more ads on videos. The economy also impacts advertising efforts; when times feel tough, there may be less interest by companies who wish to have their messages exposed, resulting in lower revenue.

The Geographic Location of your Channel

All the videos on YouTube have ads, but some countries get more than others. For example, America has a larger economy, which means companies will pay higher prices for their products or services to appear in an American video versus one made by a channel based in a country with less economic power.

Which are the best Youtube Money calculators?

As you probably saw, YouTube monetization and ad revenue calculators are a hot topic, but which one should you use? We’ve got some recommendations for the best ones!

Youtube Money Calculator: Factors Affecting YouTube Earnings

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Social Blade

The Social Blade YouTube channel earnings calculator is a tool for web video creators to figure out how much money they may make each day, monthly, and yearly. It offers a view into what viewers might earn on YouTube by calculating an expected CPM range that is based on the average number of views. You only need to put in the name of the channel you’re interested in. There are monthly, and yearly earnings estimates included. You can also see future expectations while researching estimated profits.


The Promo YouTube earnings calculator is a helpful tool for estimating your profits on the video-sharing website. It requires some information from you and then calculates the final result. This YouTube money calculator requests daily views, maximum estimated CPM, and minimum estimated CPM as input. With this tool, you may get an idea of how much money you might make each day, every month, or annually on your channel.


With the Sellfy YouTube revenue calculator, you can easily calculate your potential income from uploading videos to YouTube. It’s a neat tool loved by many YouTube creators and marketers that makes it easier than ever before for them to estimate how much money they could make off their channels! Sellfy allows you to calculate your earnings by entering your monthly views and linking your YouTube channel. It is even optimized for mobile devices for easier use.

How does Youtube send your money?

If you followed all the necessary steps to monetize your content and optimize it for better revenue, you might wonder how to receive your money from YouTube. The first step would be creating an AdSense account. Google AdSense helps you earn money by displaying advertisements on your content. When you publish content on your website or account, AdSense shows ads to people who visit it. This way, advertisers can promote their products by paying for the ads! 

Youtube Money Calculator: Factors Affecting YouTube Earnings

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After monetizing your content and creating an AdSense account, you need to connect it to your YouTube channel. That way, YouTube can send the money to your AdSense account. Once you’ve earned $10 using your AdSense account linked with Google, they will send you a verification code via post. Now you can choose your preferred payment method, and once you have at least $100 on your account, you’ll get paid.

Who are the richest YouTubers according to Forbes?

Clearly, YouTube is a treasure trove of content that offers creators a wide range of opportunities. With just one look at YouTube, you’ll see many high-earning creators who have become celebrities. Here are some of the creators who made most of the platform and found their place on the list of most affluent YouTube creators, according to Forbes.


In 2021, the 23-year old YouTuber Jimmy Donaldson made more than any other person on the platform. He earned $54 million, and his videos accumulated 10 billion views in just one year!

Jake Paul

Jake Paul may be the second name on this list, but he’s certainly no slouch. The recent fame brought him around $45 million in earnings – most coming from his recently started boxing career.


With his YouTube channel and social media star status, it’s no wonder that Markiplier was able to see especially strong sales for T-shirts tied into the Unus Annas series. His earnings have nearly doubled, reaching $38 million!

Rhett and Link

They started as a duo hosting the show Good Mythical Morning, but they’ve since grown into something of an empire. Their YouTube channels have seen boosts in views because of this success earning them $30 million in 2021!


Unspeakable’s passion for Minecraft is clear to see, with it being the subject of many videos and posts on his four YouTube channels earning him $28.5 million. 


YouTube is a place where many opportunities abound for those looking to create and earn money from their videos. However, it’s not easy work considering all the factors that go into determining how successful each of your videos will be; hence we also showed you how to calculate Youtube earnings for your channel in order to make the most of your content. 

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this article, so please leave us a comment below or share this article with others who may find themselves interested in these ideas regarding YouTube earnings calculations and YouTube monetization in general.

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