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What Is An Influencer Husband And How To Become One


What Is An Influencer Husband And How To Become An Influencer Husband?

Ever wonder who is behind the camera when it comes to those Instagram photos we see? How does it seem that the influencer always seems to capture the perfect shot or moment on a consistent basis? It turns out it is not as complex as one may think, and there’s usually a dedicated person behind that camera. That person is referred to commonly as an influencer husband. This doesn’t mean that there’s an actual marriage here, but more of a business partnership.


An influencer husband is a term for someone taking social media images for the main influencer themselves. Since there’s primarily a larger portion of female influencers out there, with around 84% of all major influencers being female, an assumption, often accurate, that the person behind the scenes is either a close male friend, boyfriend, or husband, has led to the term influencer husband, or sometimes even Instagram boyfriend.

Anyone who is going to dedicate a significant portion of their time to be able to take these photos for this influencer eventually gets this term. Sometimes it is relationship related, and it’s more of a supportive role to help the influencer on their journey to growing their overall digital community.

What Is An Influencer Husband And How To Become An Influencer Husband?

An influencer husband can also be on the other side of the camera, and that means they join their influencer partner with their posts and social media channels. This can be done on the influencer page itself, a separate one for the influencer boyfriend, or it can be used as a platform to support the influencer husband and whatever type of business they’re in. It’s all about the collaboration between the two.

It’s also a way to help build out authenticity to the primary influencer with this down-to-earth mentality that it’s really only one person supporting the influencer instead of an entire production team.

It’s not either-or here, as the influencer’s husband can fulfill all or part of these roles, with whatever needs the influencer has.


Influencer husbands can come in different levels of responsibility, but their primary role comes in generating the photos that are to be posted on social media channels, primarily sites such as Instagram. These influencer husbands are there to ‘capture the moment’ that has become so popular to portray on social media. They’re there to help not only set up the perfect shot and image but also to end up capturing it, whether through a smartphone or a more sophisticated camera.

Influencer husbands will work with the influencer on what the content and theme should be and work to ensure enough content is produced. Beyond the content creation itself, there are also numerous ways that influencer husbands work to support their influencers. They can help with the production value, the content strategy, and ultimately the other business and operational aspects of the influencer content page.

What Is An Influencer Husband And How To Become An Influencer Husband?

Influencer husbands can help to support community building and handling comments and direct messages or DMs, as well as the expansion beyond the platform through links that lead to merchandising or other revenue-generating opportunities. It all depends on each influencer’s husband and their amount of overall involvement. These are not just faithful loved ones that are simply there to sit around until it’s time to take a photo.


Besides some of the more humorous memes out there, being an influencer husband is all about dedicating yourself to the promotion of the influencer themselves. While many married men who have influencer wives naturally combine their worlds together, again, it’s important to iterate that it doesn’t require that relationship dedication.

Step 1: Be prepared with the mindset that comes with being an influencer husband. You’ll be there to work consistently to promote the influencer.

Step 2: Dedicate a significant and consistent amount of time to be able to capture the right moments and manage the other aspects that come with influencer growth and marketing.

Step 3: Understand what the primary social media channel will be for the influencer. Sometimes Instagram may be better for a foodie influencer, but a travel influencer can benefit more from the features that YouTube provides. Being able to handle that primary channel is key to the supportive role of an influencer husband.

That’s it; simple dedication and supporting your influencer from the start is all that you need to do. But, of course, working on specific skill sets will also help make your new role as an influencer husband more successful and the overall influencer community grow properly.


For those who want to be more than just an ordinary influencer husband, a few more things can be done to support your influencer. These are going to be in-demand skills whether you’re looking at professional content production or learning how to operate the ins and outs of a burgeoning business. Many successful influencer husbands get out from behind the camera and become managers of the entire organization very quickly.

What Is An Influencer Husband And How To Become An Influencer Husband?

  1. Work on your photography and editing skills. This is a big one as your main responsibility is capturing the right images and working to make them look good. Learn about lighting, getting the right angles, and quickly editing photos on the fly or through high-end software. This will stretch a long way in the production value.
  2. Work on the content strategy together. Make sure there’s a proper alignment between the content the influencer husband wants to create and what the influencer is about. Take the time to review what the content will be down the line.
  3. Be supportive. Being an influencer, at times, can be a big emotional drainage. However, being supportive, especially with negative commentary or the never-ending content that needs to be created, goes a long way. You want to be that foundational grounding for your influencer, regardless of what your relationship status is with each other.
  4. Be prepared to make this your full-time gig. As your influencer followers start to grow, the level of content and all the ancillary operational roles will begin to take up a lot of time. Content strategy meetings will turn into business revenue meetings, and you’ll want to start considering full dedication to support this livelihood.

This also helps by being there to support your influencer as they travel and post as well. It’s one of those things that the influencer component takes so much time with and is the more lucrative option.

  1. Have an open mind and remember that as an influencer husband, you’re in a supportive role more than anything else. By allowing your influencer to be able to express themselves, engage with the community and grow their influence, you’ll both be rewarded lucratively, but that can only happen when the influencer is able to take charge.


 Ben Jolliffe

  • Husband to Jenn Im
  • United Kingdom then moved to United States
  • Videography
What Is An Influencer Husband And How To Become An Influencer Husband?

Thomas Berolzheimer

  • Husband to Julia Berolzheimer (Gal meets Glam)
  • United States
  • Filmography

Brandon Charnas

Nicholas Nelson

  • Husband to Jean Wang
  • United States
  • Creative Director

Paris Sims

Source: InStyle

Wrap up

Understand that it’s no longer a negative connotation to be an Instagram boyfriend or Instagram husband. It is a great way for up-and-coming influencers that are building their brand to have that unique mix of moral support and support when trying to generate their content and brand. It helps foster a stronger relationship between the two as they work towards a common goal.

Once thought of as something that an Instagram boyfriend or influencer husband would do to make their significant other happy with their social media posts, it ends up becoming much more than that.

This term influencer husband also can expand to other family and friends who are simply helping out with the jumpstart portion of any influencer and helps keep costs down, while again, indirectly having everything look and feel much more authentic.

What Is An Influencer Husband And How To Become An Influencer Husband?

If you ever find yourself getting into the role of an influencer husband or you’re already someone’s Instagram boyfriend, just remember there are so many useful skills you’re able to learn that can help with the content for the influencer as well as propel you into a career you never thought possible.

At the least, the influencer husband will have access to a different platform for whatever type of product, message, service, or business they want to do, provided that it aligns with the needs of the influencer. 

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