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Popular Just Chatting Influencers on Twitch


Popular Just Chatting Influencers on Twitch

Twitch has enabled some of the finest gamers in the world to transform their hobby into a life-long career that is filled with unique and profitable opportunities. With 30 million daily active users, it is no surprise that many influencers have seen great success on the platform since its launch in 2011. However, as the platform continues to grow, many influencers have been using it for much more than gaming content. Netinfluencer uncovers the most popular Just Chatting influencers on Twitch.

What is Just Chatting?

Twitch allows gaming influencers to stream a plethora of games such as Fortnite, Minecraft, and Apex Legends. In 2017, Twitch launched a new category named IRL, which encouraged users to stream themselves in a more personable way, such as exploring new cities, cooking, or just connecting with their audience. This new venture allowed streamers to continue using their normal setup but in a more conventional video style, similar to a vlog on YouTube. As the category gained more traction it split into various sections before finally transforming into Just Chatting in 2018. 

Just Chatting Influencers on Twitch


After moving to Tokyo in 2017, Jake Abramson, otherwise known as JakenbakeLIVE, began streaming his cultural adventures to his 598K followers. This IRL streamer has broadcasted all of his milestones during this journey such as choosing furniture for his new apartment as well as his most recent trip to South Korea. JakenbakeLIVE also creates video game content for Twitch, streaming popular games such as World of Warcraft and Valorant. This streamer is also very active on Instagram where he shows more of his worldly adventures such as attending the Formula Drift 2022 Championships to his 92.3K followers.

Popular Just Chatting Influencers on Twitch


anablacnhu is a devoted medicine student currently living in Spain who uses Twitch to share her regular revision sessions. Alongside her fan base of 53.7K followers, Ana Blanca uses the famous Pomodoro method to focus on important study topics and discuss vital talking points with her chat. Although she often studies for around two hours at a time, anablanchu keeps her audience engaged and focused by also interacting with other members on a Discord server. This Just Chatting streamer doesn’t just focus on her work, she also uses Instagram and YouTube to document her academic milestones and personal successes. 

Popular Just Chatting Influencers on Twitch


This Just Chatting influencer effortlessly blends current events with the engaging nature of streaming. HasanAbi is a political commentator who uses Twitch to react to broadcasts, news reports, and documentaries from around the world. He also uses his platform to stream footage from protests he has attended, further educating his 2 million followers on the current political climate. HasanAbi has responded to the recent Johnny Depp and Amber Heard trial as well as the debate surrounding abortion laws across America. However, HasanAbi also likes to keep his content light, reacting to movies and playing games such as Sniper Elite 5. 

Popular Just Chatting Influencers on Twitch


DeadlyUncleJimmy is a very popular content creator currently living in South Korea. In 2020, he left his job as a designer to pursue video content full time, using Twitch as a way to document his workout routines and daily life. He often shows his 96.5K followers the best nightlife and street food spots, creating Korean BBQ and burger mukbangs for his viewers to enjoy. Despite a growing following on Twitch, DeadlyUncleJimmy is most active on YouTube, where he goes by Deadly Jimmy. Here, he showcases vlogs and gameplay content for his 354K subscribers.

Popular Just Chatting Influencers on Twitch


Bebahan uses the Just Chatting category to have amicable talks with her 125K followers. She uses Twitch to discuss her favorite games as well as react to viral videos, helping to create a comforting and joyful atmosphere for her audience. Bebahan also streams a variety of fun games such as Just Dance and Call of Duty: Warzone, giving her members a chance to compete against her on stream. This influencer is also active on a number of different platforms such as TikTok where she has an additional 1.1 million followers.

Popular Just Chatting Influencers on Twitch


With an impressive 148K followers, Elesky uses her platform to express her musical abilities with live concerts for her audience. This influencer has been playing the piano since she was five, giving her an expansive portfolio of original music. She also uses Twitch to promote her upcoming concerts and performances as well as to provide footage of her playing backstage. Elesky also contributes to special events such as the Twitch Rivals Ultimate Challenge where she competed in a selection of mystery games and a set of crazy physical challenges. Alongside Twitch, Elesky has a developing YouTube channel where she replicates video game music scores and unboxes various pieces of video game merchandise. 

Popular Just Chatting Influencers on Twitch


This Just Chatting influencer is extremely active on Twitch, streaming content almost every day. Dracon is a German streamer who reacts to various pieces of popular culture and integral events around Europe such as German politics and the latest features on Twitch. Dracon is obviously dedicated to growing his presence on Twitch as he is often seen on Twitter promoting his customized badges and emotes for his 48.8K followers to use. He is also linked to Insight, an agency that supports influencers in new marketing endeavors such as Dracon’s affiliation with Lowenanteil, a fitness meal plan service. 

Popular Just Chatting Influencers on Twitch


Born and raised in Singapore, Zumi streams her travel escapades and everyday musings with her 45.4K followers. During her most recent visit to Japan, Zumi has streamed the rolling hills of the countryside and the nuanced cafes of the metropolitan cities. She also shares these key moments on Instagram where she has another 10,000 followers.  Zumi has also collaborated with iconic brands such as Magnum Ice Cream, unboxing a PR package on stream and trying out the new flavors for her audience. This Just Chatting influencer streams multiple times in one day, collating a large assortment of content for her growing fan base. 

Popular Just Chatting Influencers on Twitch


With a fan base of 6 million followers, AdinRoss has interviewed some of the world’s most popular music artists on his platform. He often has frank and diverse conversations about the music industry with artists such as Polo G and BruceDropEmOff. This streamer built his career on YouTube where he would place bets against various celebrities whilst playing games such as NBA 2K. AdinRoss also creates IRL content for YouTube where he completes various challenges like taking a stranger on a shopping spree and surprising his girlfriend with an opulent ring. 

Popular Just Chatting Influencers on Twitch


Although AustinShow has managed to gain 1.6 million followers in his own right, he is best known as a Twitch talk show host, appearing on Love or Host. After streaming Runescape for many years under multiple pseudonyms, AustinShow now creates mostly Just Chatting content. His latest show, Name Your Price, is a parody of The Price is Right where guests partake in quirky challenges and games. Alongside his original shows on Twitch, he also produces content for YouTube where he shares clips of his shows and real-life vlogs of his many entertaining adventures. 

Popular Just Chatting Influencers on Twitch

Twitch is continuously growing and transforming as a way to better attract new and established influencers to the platform. Just Chatting highlights the versatility of this platform and shows that influencers do not have to partake in gaming to see monumental growth and success. To discover more about how to build an engaged audience on Twitch, visit our website

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