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Vlog Ideas For Youtube - The Top Vlog Ideas For Youtube And How To Choose The Right One


Vlog Ideas For Youtube – The Top Vlog Ideas For Youtube And How To Choose The Right One

Vlogs are a staple aspect of YouTube’s success and help audiences to gain a better view of their favorite influencer. Despite their popularity, it can be difficult to choose the right topics to suit your niche and with the average person using the platform for 18 minutes a day, it can also be hard to keep viewers engaged and interested in your content. To solve this issue, Netinfluencer has a list of 10 popular vlog ideas to help you secure more viewers. 

What Is a Vlog?

According to The Arts Development Company, a vlog focuses on an influencer’s regular life and requires them to capture some of the most riveting moments of their day. The term derives from video blogging and can be used in a variety of different means and formats. For example, an influencer could create a vlog that showcases their daily shopping trip or the process they follow to produce music on the platform.

Vlog Ideas For Youtube - The Top Vlog Ideas For Youtube And How To Choose The Right One

Vlogging does not only occur within the confines of YouTube. These content creators can also share updates via other platforms such as Instagram and TikTok. Many believe that the first video posted to YouTube was a vlog. Creator Jawed Karim showcased the events of his day in the now iconic video Me at the zoo. This video was first released in April 2005 and has gone on to earn an impressive 252 million views. 


Top 10 Vlog Ideas for Your YouTube Channel

1. What’s in My Bag?

Whether they are showcasing what they take to the office or highlighting what they need to carry for school, What’s in My Bag videos have become a fan favorite amongst influencers and viewers. These videos encourage influencers to share what is inside their everyday bags, such as their laptops, cosmetic kits, or tech items. Many viewers see these videos as inspiration for their next fashion choice or they can even be used to guide audiences on their first day back at school. 

2. Day in My Life

Day in my Life vlogs aims to express how an influencer carries out their normal tasks, often sharing their working day or how they unwind in the evenings. This vlog format is very versatile and can be used throughout the year. For example, content creators often use these videos during the festive season as part of Vlogmas. Thus, these videos are a great way to connect with your audience during the holidays and earn a higher influx of ad revenue as a result. 

Vlog Ideas For Youtube - The Top Vlog Ideas For Youtube And How To Choose The Right One


3. How to Videos

How to videos aim to teach audiences how to complete simple tasks and projects, helping to make these influencers key thought leaders in their respective fields. These videos can relate to a series of topics such as using technology more efficiently or embarking on an alluring craft project. When creating these types of videos, it is important that you use techniques such as voiceovers to help your instructions seem more clear to your audience.  

4. Unboxing

With 89% of viewers believing that YouTubers offer trustworthy recommendations on a selection of products, Unboxing videos give influencers the chance to share their opinions on some of the most popular products on the market. These videos often revolve around luxurious and highly sought-after products such as sneakers or designer handbags. When creating these videos, be sure to capture every element of the product, using a wide variety of camera angles to get the best shot every time. 

5. Haul Videos

Hauls allow content creators to showcase their latest purchases from a range of different stores. For example, influencers can present their shopping spree from Bath & Body Works or Sephora as a way to better engage with their viewers. It is at a creator’s discretion whether they choose to include the price of each product, but it can be a good way to highlight the affordability of the brand if you are working on securing new sponsorships. Moreover, these videos can be used throughout the year, indicating what an influencer received for their birthday or Christmas. 

Vlog Ideas For Youtube - The Top Vlog Ideas For Youtube And How To Choose The Right One



Get Ready With Me (GRWM) videos are an integral aspect of the beauty niche as they enable influencers to present their favorite garments and cosmetic products in a way that is more engaging for their audience. Many YouTubers prefer to indulge in simple topics whilst filming these videos, such as offering life updates to their avid audience. A lot of these videos pull upon transitions, giving influencers the opportunity to present their daily routine in a much more simplistic way. As such, this is a perfect topic to use if you are looking to interact with your audience, without having to seek out conversation starters or create a theme for your vlog. 

Vlog Ideas For Youtube - The Top Vlog Ideas For Youtube And How To Choose The Right One


7. Facts About Me

If you are a micro-influencer who is looking to grow their audience on YouTube, a Facts About Me vlog can help build an alluring dynamic between yourself and your audience. This vlog idea encourages creators to list a plethora of fun facts about themselves such as where they grew up or how many pets they have. It is important that you do not spend too much time discussing one fact. Instead, it is good practice to express a collection of facts in a quick and succinct manner.

8. Pranks

Though they may not be to everyone’s taste, pranks are a great way to entertain your growing audience. This vlog topic is also useful if you are looking to collaborate with other influencers as it can easily bring them into the fun. Popular pranks on YouTube include pretending to be a mannequin to scare passers on the street or hilariously sharing your deepest secret whilst looking like you are on the phone. 

9. Gaming Videos

Gaming has become a deeply popular niche on YouTube with 56% of gamers saying they produce content on the platform to build a stronger community with other players. Influencers can adhere to this niche in a variety of different ways, producing livestreams or providing their opinion on the latest releases in the industry. In turn, this is a fantastic vlog idea for those who are looking to delve deeper into the lucrative world of online gaming. 

10. Reaction Content

Reaction content relies on influencers to give their thoughts and feelings on an assortment of other content. Take for example those who review and react to various updates in the sporting world. These influencers have formed an entire content strategy surrounding their interests and have managed to build an audience around those who feel the same way. As a result, creators can make use of this vlog idea if they wish to build an audience of other like-minded people. 

Benefits of Creating a Vlog on YouTube

Vlog content is an essential part of YouTube as it encourages influencers to showcase their real personalities as a way to form deeper bonds with their growing audience base. By highlighting what you get up to in your daily life, you have the potential to interact with your audience on a more intimate level. This also helps to build a sense of community on your channel, which can be very attractive to brands who are looking to recruit a content creator in their next marketing campaign.

Since this type of content is extremely popular around the world, influencers now have the chance to tap into a series of new demographics. This is especially useful for creators who are looking to break into more dynamic markets, where the inhabitants have a much higher buying power. Thus, vlog content can help you to expand your presence across the world, giving you prime access to a wealth of bustling markets. 

Vlogs can also be used to increase an influencer’s earnings, particularly if they commit to trends such as daily vlogging. These types of videos can be produced and uploaded with ease, ensuring that creators can reap a vast amount of ad revenue. Therefore, these videos can aid content creators in improving their financial security across the platform. 

Vlog Ideas For Youtube - The Top Vlog Ideas For Youtube And How To Choose The Right One


Vlogs are an essential part of YouTube’s ecosystem as they allow influencers to produce content about a variety of different topics. As such, these videos have the ability to help influencers build a passionate and devoted audience, which can aid them in receiving brand opportunities in the future. 

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