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Vlogging in the Car - How to Vlog in the Car and Create Engaging Content


Vlogging In The Car – How To Vlog In The Car And Create Engaging Content

Provided you have the right content and tools, you can create a successful vlog from just about anywhere. But vlogging in cars has an odd appeal, despite how mundane it may seem. Audiences respond well to it and that’s all that matters. Learn more about vlogging in your car and how to create engaging content using reliable tools. With this article, you can turn your car into a mobile studio and churn out engaging vlogs.

Let us find out why vlogging in your car is better than setting up a dedicated studio in your home.

  1. Your car is mobile. This means you can take your studio to different locations. Sure, you’re sitting in the car but atmosphere and location do matter. It is part of the context and conversation.
  2. The acoustics are far better, with no echoes.
  3. On-the-go filming is possible. You’re able to capture most experiences just as they happen.
  4. Cars are a familiar and intimate space. It’s where people sometimes escape for a moment’s peace from a busy day at work or to take a private call. The privacy, familiarity, and comfort make the narration and content more intimate and trusted.
  5. Allows for multitasking. And why wouldn’t you shoot a vlog while driving? It saves time.  
  6. The pros are using it. There must be a reason celebrities are interviewed in cars. It is a successful method that engages the audience.

What topics are suited to vlogging from my car?

Content varies from reviewing meals, applying make-up, having a rant, discussing politics, and even dancing on a car vlog. You are not limited in the topics you can vlog about. If anything, it is more innovative and up close and personal.

For example:

  • Daily routines
  • Advice
  • Reviews
  • Mental Health Check
  • Storytelling
  • Singing/Karaoke
  • Dance
  • Tutorials
  • Comedy skits
  • Challenges
  • Pranks

How do you create engaging content in cars?

Content is specific to your brand and audience. Every vlogger must create content their audience wants to watch. As long as you’re not creating what they like and you’re not authentic and innovative, viewership will dwindle or remain stagnant. 

Think out of the box. Vlogging from your car seat gives viewers a different perspective, and perhaps this is why these vlogs have grown in popularity. Use this perspective to deliver the same topics with a more novel approach.

The best way to figure this out is through reviewing and studying good examples. 

This is what we came up with: 

The Late Late Show with James Corden

The ever-popular carpool Karaoke uses an interview and entertainment formula that works. We’ve selected the interview with the iconic Adele. And yes, the 258 million views and 3,3 million likes are probably because it’s Adele but there must be a reason that a successful show, with a big studio budget, would film in a car instead. The video is nearly 15 minutes long with candid sing-alongs, chit-chat, comedy, and banter. The premise is that James Corden and Adele are two friends taking a drive around London. Adele turns things up a notch when she raps to Nicki Minaj’s “Monster. That is one way to add something extra, which all content needs. Even the iconic Adele pulls rabbits out of the hat to wow viewers.

The camera setup and angles are classic car vlog style. James and Adele are viewed face-on and the camera angles shift from either side to face-on. The finished product may be professional quality but the same feel can be emulated by vloggers with the right equipment and editing tools, which we will get into later.

Who can emulate this style? vloggers who sing or entertain can take inspiration from this video. Using comedy and being candid will add dimension.

Tabitha Brown’s TTLA review

Years after this vlog went viral, Tabitha Brown, an influencer, who specializes in vegan content, lifestyle, and wellness vlogs, tells her followers how she went from being an Uber driver taking each day as it came to an overnight internet star.

The TTLA vlog was made in Tabitha’s car while taking a break between Uber driving gigs. Her sandwich was so delicious, she was inspired to vlog about it. Tabitha had no idea that her honest, spirited, descriptive, and expressive 3-minute vlog would go viral. With 215 K views and 8,4 K likes, she must have done more than a few things right. She does not use any special camera angles, edits, costumes, or lighting; none of it. She is just a woman thoroughly enjoying her sandwich and it works. What works for Tabitha is how real she is. She is unassumingly and unabashedly herself and fans love that!

When Your Fav Songs Comes On | Ranz and Niana ft Motoki

Just under 3 minutes long, this vlog begins with a brother and sister getting a ride with a friend. The camera is stationary, facing the driver and 2 passengers. The music on the car radio gets the back seat passenger in the groove. She dances, displaying theatrical facial expressions and hand gestures. The energy eventually infects the driver, who joins in the slightly comedic dance. Before the vlog video ends, all 3 are seen dancing and rocking out to some popular tracks.

The camera angle never changes. The drawcard is the talent the 3 individuals display. There is very little dialogue. This is pure entertainment. With 39 million views and 750K likes it makes perfect sense how these 3 “kids” Niana, Ranz, and Motoko have become dance influencers and internet personalities.

You have the inspiration, now we talk tools. 

We have listed some reputable tools (with reviews), for vlogging in your car.  

Manfrotto Smartphone Clamp, Pro Version (MCPIXI), Black

This clamp for smartphones is a phone holder with a 4-and-a-half-star Amazon rating.

It is a universal phone holder that attaches safely. Juan Camacho provides a comprehensive review.

Delkin Devices Fat Gecko Mini Suction Camera Mount (DDMOUNT-MINI)

This car camera mount has a 4-and-a-half-star Amazon rating.

It uses suction to mount your camera for a hands-free vlogging experience. Just a Dad video provides an unboxing and review of this product.

Canon PowerShot Digital Camera [G7 X Mark II] with Wi-Fi & NFC, LCD Screen, and 1-inch Sensor – Black, 100-1066C001

This vlogging camera has a 4-and-a-half-star Amazon rating.

This camera provides good picture quality and it is compact. Christiano Gioacchini review this reliable camera.

ULANZI Extension Pole Tripod, Mini Selfie Stick Tripod Stand Handle Grip for iPhone 13 Pro Max Samsung OnePlus Google Smartphone Canon G7X Mark III Sony RX100 VII A6400 Cameras Vlogging

This vlogging tripod has a 4-and-a-half-star rating on Amazon.

It is versatile and easy to carry. Tomasz Nowacki provides a useful review of this tripod.

And that concludes our must-know for vlogging in your car. 

Let’s recap, we’ve covered why vlogging in the car works, the topics you can cover, how to create engaging content, examples of this, and the tools you need. Don’t forget, your end product must be edited. Check out Vlogger Pros Top 10 Best Vlog editing software in 2023

Successfully vlogging in the car is achievable with these notes and tools. So, get in your car and get filming!

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David Adler is an entrepreneur and freelance blog post writer who enjoys writing about business, entrepreneurship, travel and the influencer marketing space.

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