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Vlog Backgrounds - The Top Vlog Backgrounds To Use And How To Choose The Right One


Vlog Backgrounds – The Top Vlog Backgrounds To Use And How To Choose The Right One

With over 61% of vloggers uploading a new video at least once a week, it is paramount that influencers continue to elevate their content to be more competitive in this dynamic market. Influencers on YouTube have the capacity to utilize a wealth of different creative tools, helping them to gain a more engaged audience as well as a more stylized look. As such, Netinfluencer has everything you need to know about choosing the most appropriate vlog background for your videos. 

What Is a Vlog Background?

As a way to accentuate their videos, YouTubers often use vlog backgrounds as a way to create more atmosphere in their content. These backgrounds can also be used to suspend an audience member’s disbelief, building a creative world to immerse themselves in. This can also aid influencers in building their own unique personal brand, ensuring that they can effectively diversify themselves from their peers. 

Vlog Backgrounds - The Top Vlog Backgrounds To Use And How To Choose The Right One


Why Are They So Integral To Content Creators?

Vlog backgrounds work to create an amicable environment for the viewer and can also help the creator to further explore the topics they are discussing. This is particularly important for comedy sketches, which often rely on a collection of story-building techniques to help the joke land effectively. Plus, since video editing tools are now accessible to a vast array of content creators, they now have the ability to take their videos to the next level. 

It should be mentioned that different backgrounds can mean different things, making them a very versatile resource for many vloggers. These backgrounds are usually quite easy to implement so they can be simply added to an influencer’s content strategy. In turn, they can often be viewed as a crucial element of their creative process. 

Vlog Backgrounds - The Top Vlog Backgrounds To Use And How To Choose The Right One


Top 10 Vlog Backgrounds

  1. Green Screen

A green screen is a large backdrop that allows producers to film their content in one location but manipulate the background so that it appears that they are somewhere else. Iman, a content creator who is best known for creating spoof videos of ex-President Barack Obama, uses a green screen to give the impression that he is performing rap battles in the White House. Although this tool may seem intimidating and difficult to set up, once mastered, it can give you the ability to travel anywhere in the world without having to leave your original filming location. 

2. Gaming Room

Gaming YouTubers often enjoy sharing their setup within the background of their video, helping their content seem more professional and detailed. This background is also useful for those who enjoy discussing the latest ventures in gaming hardware as you can give a first-hand description of the product you are referring to. Ali A often films his videos in his gaming room, a space teeming with popular culture memorabilia, helping to add an off-beat and joyful element to all of his videos, This backdrop is also ideal for those who do not feel comfortable filming in private or communal spaces such as their bedroom or living area. 

Vlog Backgrounds - The Top Vlog Backgrounds To Use And How To Choose The Right One


3. Office

Whether it’s used for a Day in my Life video or to showcase the nuances of your job, an office background can help to add a layer of clean-cut professionalism to all of your videos. If you work from home, you can even make use of your personal office space, like OhMyNeeCee, who often shares what she gets up to on a typical working day. Moreover, these spaces are usually quite neutral making them a suitable option for those who are looking to create an air of aestheticism in their videos. Thus, this background can be used to share elements of your regular life or can even be used to build a private space to create content.

4. Car

An influencer’s car can also be used as an effective background for their vlogs, allowing their viewers to gain an added glimpse of their usual lives. Cars can also be a suitable asset to travel vlogs and they can encourage content creators to share valuable insights into their journey for their audience to enjoy. Naomi Raine amplifies this vlog background by conducting interviews with her friends whilst driving around. Her series Car Chat offers her audience the opportunity to learn more about a variety of engaging content creators without getting bored of the same typical location. 

5. Murals or Collages

Some influencers also use their audience’s letters and fan art to create various collages and murals to use as a background for their vlogs. Miranda Sings, a parody character who is well recognized for her satirical sketches, often places gifts and drawings from her fans around her filming location to help her audience feel more appreciated and valued for their support. If you do not have access to these kinds of pieces, a simple tapestry or wall art can also help to add a touch of creativity and flair to your space. 

6. Recording Studio

Influencers who use YouTube to distribute their music can benefit from using their recording studio as a background for their vlogs as this setup allows these creators to seem more knowledgeable about their craft. In turn, this can help them to attract a wealth of prosperous brand deals to increase their earnings. For example, Everything Lydia, who creates long-form content that denotes her time in a recording studio, showcases how she takes an initial idea and transforms it into a beautiful piece of music. This background is also useful for vloggers who enjoy sharing behind-the-scenes content, helping their audience to better understand the motivations behind their latest hit. 

Vlog Backgrounds - The Top Vlog Backgrounds To Use And How To Choose The Right One


7. Vanity Table

Beauty YouTubers often use vanity tables as backgrounds for their vlogs as they can be used to store a variety of products and tools. These tables also add a touch of affluence and elegance to their videos, making them an attractive option for ionic brands who are looking to recruit an influencer for their next marketing campaign. GRWM videos are a perfect way to show off your vanity table in full detail, allowing your viewers to discover more about what products you use as part of your daily routine. Vloggers like Zabrena enjoy producing detailed tours of their vanity tables to help give more insight into the fixture they use as their regular vlog background. 

8. Dorm room

If you are looking to use your YouTube channel to share the nuances of college life, your dorm room is a perfect accompaniment to your videos. Student influencers often use this background to show how they style the space or use it as a foundation for their study videos. Creators such as Kenna Marie use their college dorm room to share their favorite productivity tips for study success as well as they cope with the stress of exams. This background is also ideal for those who cannot justify renting a separate filming space as they can work to decorate their dorm in a way that best highlights their content. 

Vlog Backgrounds - The Top Vlog Backgrounds To Use And How To Choose The Right One


9. Whiteboard

Educators and teachers on YouTube sometimes use whiteboards as a way to explain key topics to their avid and engaged audience. EconplusDal uses a vast whiteboard and a collection of vibrant markers to discuss the workings of our economy and how these topics can be portrayed in upcoming exams. Some vloggers even use animation tools to give the impression that they are drawing on a whiteboard. These videos often contain high-level illustrations that can be quickly changed and altered as the video progresses. Since whiteboards are a fairly affordable resource, they can be used to improve the quality of just about any type of vlog background. 

10. Lab/Workshop

Paul Sellers, an artisan craftsman, uses his workshop as a background to his video, supplying him with everything he would need to build a series of useful products. Spaces such as labs and workshops are the ideal background for vloggers who enjoy crafting different materials and are looking for a simple way to better educate their audience. For more scientific practices such as experiments or food preparation, a laboratory is also a suitable place to film. Though these backgrounds require a lot of effort to maintain, they can be used as a sustainable filming location for your next video. 

Vlog Backgrounds - The Top Vlog Backgrounds To Use And How To Choose The Right One


Vlog backgrounds can be incredibly diverse and nuanced, aiding creators in adding an unconventional layer of expression to their videos. As a result, influencers now have the tools needed to work alongside an abundance of lucrative brand partners and continue to build a highly engaged audience base.

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