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Create Your Own Unique Background for Your Videos With These Ideas and Tips


Create Your Own Unique Background for Your Videos With These Ideas and Tips

With so many video content creators going viral every day online, it’s become more difficult than ever to make your videos stand out. However, by focusing on something as simple as your background in your video, you can create a better viewing experience for your audience and grow your social media presence.

As an online video creator, one of the first things your viewers see is the background. They most likely will notice it before the creator is even talking about the topic of the video, so it’s very important to be intentional about your video background.

Successful backgrounds have some sort of rhyme or reason to them. Whether they have to do with your niche or they’re just a plain white wall, they should match your style of content and, most importantly, not distract from what you’re trying to convey in the video.

Create Your Own Unique Background for Your Videos With These Ideas and Tips


By utilizing backgrounds that are already available to you or creating your own do-it-yourself backdrop, you can easily create a successful background for all of your videos. Here are some ideas and tips on how to create your own unique background!

Why You Need a Good Background for YouTube Videos

A good background is crucial in improving your viewer’s experience which will, in turn, help you grow your audience. When choosing a background, you’ll want to take 2 things into account:

  1. The number of distractions in the background
  2. Whether the background coincides with your niche

Essentially, the goal of your background is to draw your viewers into the video (so they don’t click away) and minimize any distractions that may lead to them clicking away.

Best DIY Backdrop Ideas for Videos

Luckily, you don’t have to spend a ton of money on a good backdrop for your videos. Whether it’s utilizing backgrounds that are already available to you or creating do-it-yourself backdrops at an affordable price, there are plenty of options available that can suit your needs. Here are some of the best background ideas for your videos!

Stretched Fabric

If you don’t have many materials to work with, a piece of stretched fabric is a classic method for a do-it-yourself backdrop. A large bedsheet or curtain often works best for this type of backdrop, but you can also get a large sheet of fabric at your local craft store for an affordable price.

When using this method, be aware that some fabrics may be sheerer than others. If your fabric is on the sheerer side, you may want to adjust the background and/or lighting. Also, be sure to check for any rips or signs of damage in the fabric before using.

Click below for a tutorial on how to turn a regular bed sheet into a backdrop cloth!

Office Background

Another common background that video creators often use is an office space. A tidy office space often isn’t too distracting and it gives the sense that you’re professional and put together as a content creator.

Whether you’re just using your home office or creating an office space dedicated to filming videos, this can be a great option for people who want a full background without distracting viewers. 

Outdoor Setting

One of the most readily available backgrounds you can utilize in your videos is the outdoors! Depending on what type of content you make, you can go to different areas such as parks and plazas.

However, if you do decide to use an outdoor setting, keep in mind what time the sun sets and coordinate accordingly. Filming outdoors can be tricky if you’ve never done it before, so do a few test runs to make sure everything goes smoothly in the filming process.

Create Your Own Unique Background for Your Videos With These Ideas and Tips


Plain Colored Wall

If your main goal is avoiding any distractions to your videos, using a simple, plain-colored wall is a great option. This ensures that nothing in the background catches the viewer’s eye, so they will be more focused on your content.

Collage Wall

If you have a plain wall you usually film in front of, you may want to try incorporating a collage as a background for your videos. By including different paintings, images, or decor you’re interested in, your viewers can easily get to know you better before you even start talking.

Connecting with your audience is crucial in growing a loyal audience, so this can be a great way to relate with them and share common interests. 


Whether you need a last-minute backdrop for your video or you just have a really cool tapestry, this is a great background to utilize to minimize distractions. Tapestries come in kinds of colors and designs to choose from, so it’s easy to find one that best matches your niche and style of content.

Create Your Own Unique Background for Your Videos With These Ideas and Tips


When using a tapestry, you’ll want to make sure that it covers the entire background of the video. This way, you cannot see the border of the tapestry and nothing else in the background is visible to the viewers.

Fairy Lights

For years, fairy lights have been a staple background item for video creators. These lights have a very feminine, aesthetic feeling to them, so you’ll often see them in a lot of beauty and fashion-related videos.

There is a wide array of different fairy lights to choose from, as they range in sizes, colors, and lengths. As a tip, you can also use a sheer white piece of fabric or sheet to cover the fairy lights, so they will shine through. 

Create Your Own Unique Background for Your Videos With These Ideas and Tips


How To Successfully Utilize Your Backdrop

After you have your backdrop or background set in place, keep in mind other factors that will help you be as successful as possible:

  • Good Lighting: Good lighting improves the quality of the video and sets the mood for the audience 
  • Centered Frame: Take test videos to see if the frame is centered on you and that the background is correctly placed

High-Quality Camera: Having a higher-quality camera will better the viewing experience and enhance the background you’ve created

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