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Suggest CMMS The Best Maintenance Management Software for Your Business


Suggest CMMS: The Best Maintenance Management Software For Your Business

The transition from manual spreadsheets to management software systems is revolutionary. 

CMMS systems, or maintenance management software, are prime examples of this. With a focus on operational and maintenance proficiency, CMMS systems maintain and track business assets, and maintenance costs, intending to increase the assets’ longevity at a minimal cost to the business. 

Net Influencer has stepped in to demystify Maintenance Management Software, bringing you the best CMMS systems currently available. We have unpacked each software option, providing details on the features and their pros and cons so you make the best decision for your business.



Rated as the best project management software currently available, Wrike is designed for managing multiple projects. Smaller businesses benefit from Wrike’s free plan for unlimited users. It is user-friendly, has notable features, and is very flexible. The most mentionable feature of this CMMS software is the access it gives you to iPhone and Android apps.

Wrike’s layout provides an overview of all projects. This allows users to seamlessly navigate between tasks. The software also lets you assign tasks and projects to team members and request updates, using the activity stream. This ensures that you attend to all tasks timeously. You can also create subtasks, under each existing task for step-by-step monitoring and accountability. Wrike allows you to integrate emails and assign documents and attachments directly from the email to the software. 

Wrike integrates with well-known software such as Salesforce, Dropbox, and JIRA. With Wrike, you can generate and access reports and charts that indicate your progress in a visual format. Additional statistics are available for each folder, providing essential task metrics.


  • The software is fully customizable
  • The dashboard shares the progress with team members, speeding up status updates and facilitating decision-making


  • Although minor, the steep learning curve acts as a con, when considering the latent potential of this software. There are several tutorial videos aimed at curbing this issue.


Offering 5 main modules, ManagerPlus is comprehensive and flexible. It achieves efficient asset management through inspection, work order management, preventive maintenance, asset management, and inventory management. With an affordable price plan, this software also offers purchase order creation, budgeting, employee schedule planning, and tracking and ordering parts. The interface is easy to navigate. Reporting is possible with this software. 


  • User-friendly interface that combines different asset management modules into one software
  • Provides real-time information on work order data, maintenance costs, materials, and parts used


  • Reports are difficult to create and or customize


An ideal option for quick self-installation is Fiix, a maintenance management platform that does not require an IT team or a lengthy setup. It boasts a mobile-ready interface you can access through iOS or Android applications. This facilitates field or remote work. 

With Fiix you can manage assets, and schedule preventive maintenance. The fully configurable dashboard gives you direct control of your maintenance and management processes. Fiix also has a drag-and-drop calendar for organizing and scheduling maintenance tests and technician callouts. The custom reporting tools are real-time and customizable, allowing true analysis and quick decision-making.


  • It provides users with custom API integrations and machine integration adapters.
  • It centralizes maintenance management data from multiple locations, facilities, or even businesses.


  • It offers no free trial
  • Creating reports can be challenging

Hippo CMMS

Hippo CMMS can adapt to the requirements of businesses of varying sizes. Its versatility, user-friendly interface, and comprehensive features give it an edge when compared to most maintenance management platforms in the market.

Offering interactive floor plans, routine maintenance scheduling, cost tracking, and maintenance reporting, Hippo CMMS is great at maintaining your assets and equipment. The calendar dashboard allows you to monitor timelines and maintain schedules effortlessly.

Hippo CMMS includes a work order management and fleet management module. Delegate tasks to your team members and ensure that all equipment maintenance requests are actioned within the allocated time frames using these functionalities. The interactive site maps and built-in document management are handy functions, giving the team access to data and information while on the field.

A free trial is available for testing this platform’s great features and functions. There are affordable price plans for those who want to sign up for the more comprehensive packages.


  • Streamline work order management using document optimization, workload delegation, and productivity tracking tools.
  • The open API functionalities allow it to integrate with a variety of third-party applications.


  • With regards to Fleet management, it would be helpful if this software could transfer vehicles between locations as you can with equipment


Consisting of 3 modules, FRACTTAL is a maintenance management system that manages both physical and digital assets. FRACTTAL Asset Cloud focuses on enterprise asset management, while FRACTTAL Box uses loT to track asset conditions, and FRACTTAL On Board is designed to perform fleet management.

FRACCTAL’s innovative software can predict equipment failure, foster a proactive approach, prevent downtime, and maximize the efficiency and lifespan of the asset. You can sign up for a free trial with FRACCTAL. There are other price plans but these are not the most affordable options on the market.


  • The plug-and-play interface, allows users to install and implement it without the need for a dedicated IT team or in-house tech experts.


  • This app may be overwhelming initially and take some time to get familiar with but the payoff is high 


A mobile CMMS, Upkeep gives users flexibility, increases productivity, and provides control and remote management. Offering the standard maintenance management package that includes work order management, PM scheduling optimization, tracking, and workflow management, Upkeep also includes a built-in QR code scanning ability. It provides real-time notifications and allows for in-app messaging, serving as an intranet for users. The simplicity and user-friendly attributes of this platform promote flexibility. With the free plan option, it does not cost anything to test Upkeeps features and modules. 


  • Equipped with built-in barcode scanning, signature capture, photo/video uploading, and messaging capabilities to improve the productivity of remote and mobile users
  • Includes a great in-app reporting tool that will allow you to get real-time data on your productivity and performance.


  • It requires more sensor options 
  • This option is a bit more expensive

Maintenance Care

Designed for IT managers, executives, and directors, the Maintenance Care CMMS includes tools, such as preventive maintenance, inventory management, work scheduling, and reporting. It has a centralized database for the maintenance of tasks from various locations. This lets users monitor and assign tasks with ease. It also includes web forms for work order request collections. 

The free trial includes: – user guide support, online work order customization, basic reporting, basic task management, and support for a single facility.


  • Asset lifecycle management comes with real-time data on life expectancy, location, equipment-making product model, and serial number for better tracking.
  • The aesthetic and intuitive reporting dashboards let you monitor staff performance and operational productivity.


  • The reporting will benefit from a little more flexibility


Using these CCMS software options, you can expect to achieve the reported 35-50% improvement in equipment reliability. You can also effortlessly maintain and manage your assets and business. Moreover, you can increase the efficiency and lifespan of your physical and digital assets, while saving money in the process. This is a business-savvy investment that pays off in the long run, especially if your business lacks the manpower to accomplish these outcomes.

Implementing any of these CMMS systems will advance and upgrade your business. We recommend you review each option carefully and make a selection that suits your business practice, and budget.

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