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Software for Scanning Photos A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners


Software For Scanning Photos: A Comprehensive Guide For Beginners

Photo scanning via phone: 

Scanning photos with your phone isn’t the best way to get quality results, but it is the most cost-effective option for you. 

In a digitized era, nothing made out of paper will last long; even your most precious memories

Back in the day, we used to take photos of whatever memories we want to hold on to with a film camera and get them printed out. Nowadays, carrying around a bunch of pictures or storing them is simply inconvenient and tedious. 

Nonetheless, we all have a drawer or two full of photos we want to hold on to, and this list of the best photo-scanning software is all you’ll need to digitize your physical photo albums.

There are two main ways to go about this matter, one easier that the other while the second is much faster.


One of the most advanced AI-assisted photo scanning apps on this list, Photomyne is a comprehensive, easy-to-use program that auto-detects and improves quality automatically. 

With Photomyne, you can add filters that suit your images and make them look more digital. The app has a self-cropping system that allows it to locate borders and provide only the details you want.

The advanced AI even allows to colorize old black and white photos with very close proximty to their original state of color. 

There is a Photomyne version for both android and iPhone, but the overall resolution of the photos scanned will depend mainly on the quality of your camera. 

Pic Scanner Gold 

A picture scanning app that is only compatible with iPhone and iPad, and stores images directly onto your photo gallery. 

Pic Scanner Gold allows users to scan more than one photo in a single frame, and the AI technology will crop them up into separate images. 

Its quality is limited to the resolution of your phone camera, and it does not have a cloud-based storing option like the previously recommended application. 

Additionally, Pic Scanner Gold offers an extensive array of templates for you to choose from and tailor to your needs. You can find everything from postcard templates to polaroid photos and all-in-one collages. 

Adobe Scan 

Unlike other apps on this list, the Adobe Scan App is perfect for any document, no matter what format but has the advantage of exporting to PDF files.

Adobe Scan requires many manual modifications and tweaks, making it one of the only apps with a learning curve to navigate and use. Adobe could be better regarding simplicity and automation, but they offer advanced controls that no other brand does.

Post scanning your photo, adobe allows you to add more pictures to the existing file, crop it according to your desired size, and export it to your creative cloud. 

A solid option for those who will process and edit their photos later with Adobe Photoshop, as it helps you keep all materials on a unified platform.

Google Photo Scan

A photo scanning app for all our android users, Google Photo Scan offers impeccable detail and is the best mobile app to upload directly to the cloud. 

Straightforward with no complications or learning curves, anyone with an android phone can take a quick photo with their phone, and it will automatically be saved as a JPEG file. 

Google’s photo scan can produce quality photos better than a scanner, but it is limited to the resolution of your phone’s camera.

It is free and has built-in processing systems that adjust exposure and alter quality to meet digital photo levels.

Photo scanning via computer:

Scanning photos with your computer is the best way to get quality results, but it also requires some hardware elements. 

You’ll either need a separate scanner or a built-in all-in-one printer to complete the task.


A software scanner with the best overall reputation in the market, VueScan is compatible with all platforms and is mainly used to support scanners that aren’t relevant to modern tech computers.

With VueScan, you can sync numerous scanners at once, scan more than one photo, and crop it after scanning.

Aside from the multi-purpose functionality, VueScan allows you to modify and tweak the quality and resolution at which you will upload your documents or photos. The software is optimized for multi-tasking but is receptively challenging to navigate and has a learning curve every user must master to get the fullest value from the software. 

Readiris 17

Iris is a Cannon sub-brand that dominated the scanner industry with PDF and the photo scanning software that enables users to transform file formats, read handwriting, and create editable versions. 

The Readiris 17 is best for PDF scanning and editing as it offers advanced control over layout, text, and arrangement within a single platform. Compatible with almost all printers and scanners, the Iris 17 is bought through an annual subscription but is easier to work with. 

With a layout similar to Adobe software like photoshop and illustrator that allows you to tweak and adjust minor elements before saving your photo as a standard Jepg.


Scan speeder is the single best scanning software for those who want to adjust and manipulate their photos before uploading them onto their drive or cloud. 

You can scan multiple photos simultaneously, create a collage, modify their brightness and exposure levels, and apply different photo filters. The software has automatic detection features that enable it to straighten and modify colors in 48-bit deep color before giving you manual control over resolution and quality. 

Scan speeder pairs well with scanners that feature a feeder, enabling you to upload hundreds of photos at once without needing to go over each one separately and modify them.


SilverFast is another photo-optimized platform that allows single photo scanning and uses only two main modes of workflow pilot or manual.

The automated mode only has a single automated feature of scanning and uploading your photos as JPEG. In contrast, the manual mode gives you all controls you’d find on editing apps like Photoshop but lacks simplicity and ease of navigation. 

The overall quality generated using this software matches the resolution of your photo with no further enhancements unless done manually. You can download SilverFast8 for free. However, there are better options than this if you’re looking to scan hundreds or thousands of photos.


To hold on to your precious memories, you will inevitably need to transform them into digital files; this list provides all the best-supporting software to do so. 

The range of various software mainly differentiates itself with automated features or ease of navigation. 

Phone scanning software is much easier to use than complicated computer software, whereas computers allow more manual control over the resolution and quality.

Depending on the quality of your physical photos and the quantity you wish to scan and upload, you can weigh out your options and find the best software for scanning photos.

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