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Uniqlo Collaboration - How to Collaborate with Uniqlo and Promote Their Products


Uniqlo Collaboration – How to Collaborate with Uniqlo and Promote Their Products

With the fashion influencer market set to be worth an astounding $17.2 billion by 2027, it is no surprise that many fashion brands are looking to partner with influencers for their next campaign. Whether it’s high-street shops or luxury brands, these businesses are avidly seeking content creators who can help them promote their products to a wide range of engaged demographics. To delve into this topic further, Netinfluencer will explore how you can work alongside Uniqlo to help share their products across a collection of new markets. 

What Is Uniqlo?

Originally founded in 1949 in Yamaguchi, Japan, Uniqlo is a clothing company that focuses on high-quality textiles and functional garments. In 1984, the company launched a line of unisex clothing, helping it to diversify from its predominantly male market. This helped the brand to become a household name, opening over 100 stories across Japan by April 1994. 

This growth helped Uniqlo to begin its journey of international expansion. Throughout the early 2000s, Uniqlo opened a plethora of stores in a wealth of cosmopolitan cities, including London, Shanghai, and New York City. 

To maintain this high level of success, Uniqlo began collaborating with a series of affluent designers such as Alexander Wang and Shiatzy Chen to help add a touch of opulence to everyday clothing items such as tank tops and leggings. 

In 2021, Uniqlo saw a consolidated revenue of ¥2.1329 trillion, which is a 6.2% increase year-on-year. 

Uniqlo Collaboration - How to Collaborate with Uniqlo and Promote Their Products


How Successful Is the Brand?

Together with its growth in a collection of bustling international markets, Uniqlo also manages to retain a very active workforce. The company recruits around 130,000 employees across more than 3,500 stores and an additional 240 factories. 

The brand has also launched a program to better the lives of refugees around the world. The Refugee Inclusion Supporting Empowerment program, also known as RISE, aims to support employees seeking refuge by offering them language training, store guidance, and a safe and comfortable working environment. 

Uniqlo is often praised for its assortment of sustainability practices, using a variety of recycled items in its products. For example, the fleece jackets seen throughout its stores are produced with 100% recycled polyester and it also uses plastic bottles to make its popular DRY-EX polo shirts. 

In addition to its environmental practices, Uniqlo also fosters a collection of CSR initiatives. In particular, the company encourages customers to return unwanted clothes so that they can be delivered to those in need. 

Uniqlo Collaboration - How to Collaborate with Uniqlo and Promote Their Products


What Is the Uniqlo Affiliate Program?

As a way to better promote its products across the world, Uniqlo has built a prosperous affiliate program. These individuals will be required to share a variety of links and promotional materials with their audience base in order to direct them to Uniqlo’s portfolio of products. 

The brand provides affiliates with an abundance of banners and product data to ensure that they can remain in line with the company’s message and maintain a sense of trust with the customer. Users can also promote this material across their active social media platforms, giving audiences more insight into Uniqlo’s high-quality textiles. 

This affiliate program is incredibly diverse and allows influencers to promote products relating to men, women, and children. This means that users can create content that adheres to their niche, whilst still earning a commission as a result. 

What Perks Are on Offer?

The Uniqlo Affiliate Program allows content creators and influencers to earn commission on products that are purchased via the links they post on their website or social media platform. Users can earn a flat rate of 3% commission on all orders, helping them to build a very profitable revenue stream.

In addition, affiliates can also benefit from a 30-day cookie window. This means that if an order is purchased within 30 days of being in a customer’s basket, the affiliate will still earn a commission on that product. Again, this ensures that users are consistently earning income, which can aid influencers in building a better sense of financial security. 

This program also provides users with a dedicated account manager. This individual is on hand to help affiliates achieve their goals and ensure that they are always gaining as much commission as possible. They are also available to resolve any issues or queries that you may have about the program. 

Uniqlo Collaboration - How to Collaborate with Uniqlo and Promote Their Products


How Do I Promote Uniqlo’s Products?

To begin your collaboration with Uniqlo, you must first join its official affiliate program. Potential users must fill out their details using the verified AWIN platform. Once this is complete, you will then gain confirmation as to whether your application has been approved. 

This confirmation will then lead you to Uniqlo’s dedicated affiliate platform, where you can browse through the collection of promotional material and start a conversation with your account manager. 

It should be mentioned that the brand does not accept affiliates who operate sites that contain harmful material, including political discourse and blasphemous behavior. This is to protect Uniqlo’s positive brand image across its position in many global markets. 

Benefits of collaborating with Uniqlo

Uniqlo’s affiliate program gives influencers the chance to work alongside one of the world’s fastest-growing brands, whilst still producing their own material. Since this brand is well known for its sustainable brand mission, it is an ideal company to promote if you use your platforms for social justice. Climate education has grown into a key aspect of social media, meaning that influencers can collaborate with an environmentally-friendly brand and earn a decent rate of commission in the process. 

Affiliates can also benefit from their own account manager, offering them guidance and support whenever they need it. This is crucial for micro-influencers, who are taking their first steps into the lucrative world of affiliate marketing. Creators can also utilize their support to help them become more competitive, giving them an edge against their peers in this incredibly dynamic market. 

This program also allows influencers to tap into a plethora of global markets, which is suitable for those with a very diverse audience base. By operating in countries such as Japan, South Korea, and Germany, Uniqlo is able to attract customers with high levels of buying power. Thus, influencers can now communicate with these affluent customers and work to sway their purchasing decisions, especially in the fashion industry. Thus, this gives creators the ability to strengthen their role and make themselves more appealing to other iconic brands. 

Uniqlo Collaboration - How to Collaborate with Uniqlo and Promote Their Products


By collaborating with Uniqlo, influencers can enter a wealth of dynamic markets and become associated with one of the world’s most successful brands. Uniqlo’s affiliate program also offers creators the chance to earn a more stable income, adding more value to the industry as a whole. 

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