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All About the Nasty Gal Influencer Program


All About the Nasty Gal Influencer Program

Many influencers make money as brand ambassadors through a brand’s influencer program. Nasty Gal offers an influencer program with many perks, including free clothing and access to special events. Here is everything you need to know about the program’s requirements, perks, and how to be a successful Nasty Gal brand ambassador.

The Nasty Gal Influencer Program is an excellent opportunity for influencers who love the product and want to make a commission recommending their favorite pieces. In this guide, you’ll learn everything you need to know about Nasty Gal, its influencer program, and other successful Nasty Gal brand ambassadors paving the way. 

Company Background

Nasty Gal was founded in 2006 by Sophia Amoruso. She began Nasty Gal Vintage, a company selling vintage clothing on eBay, from her tiny San Francisco apartment. Several years later, the company expanded and moved its headquarters to LA and received millions of dollars in investments, allowing them to expand the brand’s online retail presence and eventually open its first brick-and-mortar store. 

In February 2017, Nasty Gal was acquired by Boohoo, a global fashion brand sharing affordable fashion for all. Since then, Nasty Gal’s international footprint has been developed outside its primarily US-based market. The brand has over 1.8 million active customers and a projected 106% revenue growth.

Today, Nasty Gal exists for the “girl in progress,” who has an ever-evolving style and badass flair. 

Who are the Nasty Gal influencers, and what do they do?

Nasty Gal doesn’t list specific requirements for influencers interested in joining their program, so follower size doesn’t appear to be a significant factor in who makes the cut. Ultimately, the brand stresses that they are interested in brand ambassadors who already love the brand and want to share their unique style and looks with others. 

Some of the most successful Nasty Gal influencers are reposted on Nasty Gal’s social media channels, such as this repost of nutrimente_’s Instagram reel showing off a beautiful dress from Nasty Gal. The influencers Nasty Gal works with vary dramatically, but they all seem to have a distinct style that allows them to share fashion shots and videos in creative ways. 

What are the Nasty Gal influencer requirements?

Nasty Gal doesn’t list specific requirements to become an influencer for them other than having a genuine love for their product. 

To apply for the Nasty Gal Influencer program, you’ll need to send your name, social media handle, home city or state, and university or college (if you’re a student) to

How to promote Nasty Gal products as an influencer and make money

Nasty Gal influencers receive gifted Nasty Girl products monthly, as well as exclusive product previews and a first look at new collections. From the brand, they also receive support with new launches and invitations to exclusive brand ambassador events and sample sales. Nasty Gal influencers also have the fantastic opportunity to be featured on Nasty Gal socials, which have a reach of over 7.3 million. 

Nasty Gal influencers can promote Nasty Gal products on various social media platforms, including Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. Live streaming is another effective way to connect with viewers and field questions about the clothing. 

If you’re interested in promoting Nasty Gal products and making money as a Nasty Gal influencer, follow these tips: 

  • Regularly promote Nasty Gal products on your social media, especially new releases and the gifted product you receive. Remember, video is often considered the most effective way to sell products, with 70% of marketers claiming video content produces more conversion than other content types. 
  • Share Nasty Gal products with your followers, but don’t “sell” them to viewers. Nobody wants to click on fun content only to feel like they are being forced to watch an advertisement. Keep your content relatable and up to your usual standards. For example, a try-on haul is a natural extension if your content typically centers around fashion. However, you can also include Nasty Gal’s clothing in your content in subtle ways, such as linking what you’re wearing in your description as you go about your day in a vlog or comedy skit. 
  • Participate in exclusive ambassador events as you can. These events provide you with additional insight into the brand and new launches. They may even include tips for promoting Nasty Gal’s products online and increasing the money you earn. 

How Influencers Promote Nasty Gal on Tik Tok


  • Lottie shares interactive TikToks where she tries on Nasty Gal clothing and asks her audience to help her pick an outfit for a specific event. This interactive component is an excellent move for increasing engagement. 
@lottiemathilde Help Me Pick A Christmas Party Outfit ✨ #christmasparty #partyseason #sparkleseason #nastygal #nastygalhaul #tryon #tryonhaul #dresstryon #fyp @nastygal ♬ Maestro – Hans Zimmer


  • Janesha shares linked Nasty Gal outfits in short, snappy Tiktoks with trending music. Her videos are visually appealing and sync perfectly with popular music, increasing her chance for virality. 
@janesha.moore outfits linked!!! @Nasty Gal ♬ Tubarão Te Amo – DJ LK da Escócia & Tchakabum & Mc Ryan SP


  • Aly’s content is fast-paced, sharing many different Nasty Gal clothing items in one video. For added value to viewers, she adds her honest thoughts on the pieces with text on the screen.
@alysilverio Nasty Gal keep or return?!? #outfitinspo #nastygal #tiktokfashionmonth #outfitideas #tryonhaul #winteroutfit ♬ Up – Cardi B

How Influencers Promote Nasty Gal on Instagram


  • Lyric Mariah, otherwise known as Phenixsoul, is a fashion model sharing beautiful photos of herself posing in Nasty Gal clothing, such as this leather bomber jacket. Her images have been reposted on Nasty Gal’s social media, giving her even more exposure.


  • Megan shares snappy reels of her trying on inspiring, trendy outfits from brands like Nasty Gal. For example, this reel demonstrates a multiple-outfit lookbook for New Year’s Eve looks. 


  • Izabela Guedes is a professional model and producer sharing Nasty Gal content on her Instagram platform. She shares Instagram reel try-on videos like this monochromatic, early 2000s outfit. 

How Influencers Promote Nasty Gal on Youtube

Raquel Sewell

  • Raquel shares an unboxing, try-on haul of the latest Nasty Gal autumn-winter trends. Her video includes insights into how to style the latest pieces and individual links to each product in her description. 


  • Darcy, aka Feel5X, shares exclusively YouTube Shorts content on her handle. She shares Nasty Gal hauls and try-on shorts and includes her discount code in the description. 

Sam Souder

  • Sam posts detailed try-on hauls of Nasty Gal clothing, particularly when big sales are going on. Everything is linked in her description, and many hauls are thematic, such as this summer Nasty Gal Try-On Haul. 


Ultimately, Nasty Gal is looking for influencers who adore their products and are genuinely interested in sharing their products with their viewers. If their products are a natural fit for your content, whether you’re an influencer in the fashion niche or a vlogger who likes edgy, trendy pieces, this program may be an excellent fit for you.

If you’re interested in the Nasty Gal Influencer Program, check out other blog posts for more information and Nasty Gal’s page about the program for information about how to become a Nasty Gal influencer. 

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