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Canva: The Best Free Tool For Influencers


Canva: The Best Free Tool For Influencers

About Canva

Free Influencer tools for creating content.

Have you ever seen an amazing Instagram graphic, a unique Youtube banner, or a presentation that doesn’t look like it was made with the same boring template? Chances are, they might have used Canva to help them out.

Canva is a free design and editing platform used by creators all over the world. With over 25,000 free templates, you can completely revamp your website, create personalized Instagram stories, and make your designs look professional and clean, all without spending a cent. 

Created by Melanie Perkins in 2013, Canva is now estimated to be worth over 3.2 billion dollars, and is one of the most successful editing platforms of all time, while also still being accessible to the general public.

Canva is used by some of the biggest companies today, from Reddit to Salesforce. There is no shortage of tools available on this site, but it can be overwhelming if you don’t know where to begin.

What Are Some of Canva’s Best Features?

Canva: The Best Free Tool For Influencers

Website Building

Canva’s resources are practically unlimited.  One of their best features? They can help you build your website. 

Canva: The Best Free Tool For Influencers

You can start from scratch or use one of their many ready-to-use templates that can help bring your portfolio or website to the next level. You also have access to hundreds of fonts, colors, and photo editing tools. 

The templates allow multiple different layout options and give you full creative control. Canva even offers different options depending on what type of website you want to make – from a business site to an all-in-one page for the link in your bio, you can tailor your website exactly to your liking.

Canva: The Best Free Tool For Influencers

Swap out the photo for one of your own, change the text to your liking, add the corresponding links and you’re good to go.

You can even add media from Instagram, Facebook, personalized QR codes, and Youtube videos, all available in the sidebar under ‘Apps’

Canva: The Best Free Tool For Influencers

Canva Video Editor

Not only can you edit your still image graphics, but Canva free even allows you to edit videos. One of their most useful features for influencers is the Youtube video editor.

If you’re just starting out, video editing can be incredibly overwhelming, especially with all the video editing platforms out there, such as iMovie or Final Cut Pro. 

Within this category, Canva even has a specific template to help you edit your Youtube intro clip. 

Canva: The Best Free Tool For Influencers

This template saves you time by allowing you to quickly edit your intro, use animated effects, and offer dozens of free videos for tips and tricks on how to use their software.

Canva: The Best Free Tool For Influencers


Presentations are the easiest way to show your manager or your team your ideas for a new brand concept. Or perhaps creating a vision board helps you orgsnize your thoughts for the new year. If you want to leave an impression and stand out, don’t revert to the same old boring templates you used during school.

Canva’s free presentation templates allow you to have unique, creative, and informational slideshows.

Canva: The Best Free Tool For Influencers

The templates allow you to easily replace the text while teaching you how to use some of the more advanced features, like adding links, shapes, photos, videos, and audio. Speaker notes are available on the side so that you can be prepared as well.


Creating a logo that is both reconizable, simple, and yet totally your own can be difficult, but Canva can make this tricky process much more simple.

While of course you can create your own logo using Photoshop, Canva helps out those of us who might not have the most artistic talent. You can even start with a blank slate and use the text and photo features they have to offer, or work from a pre-existing logo to make it totally your own.

Canva: The Best Free Tool For Influencers

Make sure to change up the font and color scheme to avoid any similarities to other creators!

5. Smartmockups

Now that you have your website, a logo, and you’ve presented all of this to a team, you might be thinking of designing merchandise.

Canva can help you create mockups for dozens of different products. From t-shirts to the packaging of skincare, you can easily see how your logo would look on a wide variety of different products.

Canva: The Best Free Tool For Influencers
Canva: The Best Free Tool For Influencers

With these aesthetically-pleasing mock-up photos, gone are the days of trying to create your own mockups. 

What About Those Paid Features?

Unlike Adobe and Photoshop, which is not only notoriously difficult for creators to understand, and can cost up to $240 USD per year, Canva is one of the easiest platforms to learn and is incredibly user-friendly.

However, if you aren’t convinced by the free version and think you may need more, you can also check out their premium plans.

Pricing Options

Canva Pro, the plan for individual creators, is $119 USD a year, averaging at around $10 a month. For this plan, you receive 1 TB of cloud storage, over 100,000,000 stock photos and videos, and the ability to create a brand kit.

Canva Teams, the plan for more than one creator, allows you to have 5 people from your team on the same account. The brand kit offers over 100 templates and allows you and your team to have access to all the same logos, colors, and images, as well as collaborate on presentations, social posts, and more. 

This plan starts at $149 USD for 2-5 people and jumps up to $874.90 for 10 people. You can also customize how many people are on your team to see what the pricing plan would be. 

Canva Teams also boast large brand names such as Sony Music and Hubspot, so you know that this premium plan can be trusted by the big shots. 

Canva also offers its pro plan for free for registered nonprofits. This is just one of their ways of giving back to the community. 

Canva Pro and Teams also gives you the option to create a content planner, which is an amazing feature to help you as a creator track, organize, and plan the type of content you will post, on all of your different platforms.

Canva: The Best Free Tool For Influencers

An example of the calender you can use. By connecting your Instagram, Facebook, or other social platforms, the Canva Pro content planner will schedule and post your content for you, remind you of upcoming holidays and important dates, and allows you to keep track of everything important, all in one website.

Canva: The Best Free Tool For Influencers

Just select the platform you want to schedule a post on, and you’ll be good to go. Other third party apps offer this type of organizational tool, but having the option to do this on the same website you are designing your posts on cuts out any unnecessary middle men.

Did you know about all these amazing tools Canva has to offer? Be sure to let us know which you find most useful, and show off your new and improved graphics, websites, and more!

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