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Trust In Influencer Marketing 2022 Report


Trust in Influencer Marketing Report 2022

IZEA, an influencer marketing agency, has published its 2022 edition of the Trust in Influencer Marketing Report. This survey aims to learn more about how different demographics use social media on a regular basis. For example, whether certain individuals engage more with standard posts or video content. 

Trust in Influencer Marketing - IZEA

IZEA set out three key goals for this report:

  • ‘Providing insights for our partners who are responsible for marketing products and services on digital products.’
  • ‘Educating and assisting decision makers that must stay informed on social media and influencer marketing trends to operate their businesses.’
  • ‘Helping all parties understand how they may be able to interact with consumers as social media preferences and influencer reach evolve over time.’

Survey Methodology

IZEA compiled a total of 1237 individuals, all of which use social media for a variety of different reasons on a daily basis. All of these candidates were US citizens and were interviewed from 2nd December 2021 to 3rd December 2021. Furthermore, it was a mandatory requirement for every candidate to have access to a stable internet connection.

This sample was then divided into different genders and ages. The genders were split into male and female with 49.5% identifying as male and the remaining 50.5% identifying as female. With regard to age, the candidates were separated into the following categories:

  • 18-29 (19%)
  • 30-44 (26%)
  • 45-60 (35%)
  • > 60 (20%)
Trust in Influencer Marketing - IZEA

Once the sample was categorized into its appropriate demographics, the candidates were then asked 6 closed questions. These questions are listed below:

  1. Which of these is most likely to get you to try out a new product?
  2. Are you more likely to trust a sponsored post from an A-List celebrity or a social media influencer?
  3. Have you purchased a product after seeing it used by an influencer?
  4. Have you ‘liked’ or commented on a sponsored influencer post in the past?
  5. How many influencers do you follow on social media?
  6. In your opinion, what is the best platform to promote a product through an influencer?

Three Key Takeaways

After completing their survey, IZEA managed to collect three main findings within their results. These takeaways help to both quantify and summarize their findings, giving a clear overview of how influencer marketing affects our lives in 2022. 

The first takeaway was ‘78% of all respondents and 92% of all respondents ages 18-29 follow social media influencers.’

Trust in Influencer Marketing - IZEA

The report also discovered that ‘36% of all respondents say influencer posts are the No. 1 way to get them to try a new product.’

Trust in Influencer Marketing - IZEA

Finally, IZEA found that ‘Respondents aged 60 and older are 6.7 times more likely to say Facebook is the best platform for influencer marketing than those ages 18-29.’ 

Trust in Influencer Marketing - IZEA

What do these takeaways mean for influencer marketers?

IZEA’s first takeaway provides influencer marketers with key insights about how different generations interact with social media influencers. The data given shows that 14% of 18-29 year olds follow more than 50 influencers, whereas only 4% of those over 60 follow more than 50 influencers. IZEA’s report also informs us that a considerable percentage of the candidates do not follow any influencers, with 39% of the over-60 category following zero influencers. This data also shows that a majority of social media users, regardless of their age ranges, follow around 1-20 influencers. 

The second takeaway provides more information about how the candidates view products that are promoted on social media. Again, this data shows how different age demographics react to new products available on the market. Nearly half of the over-60 group say that TV ads have encouraged them to buy a new product. However, 43% of the 30-44 demographic say that they are more likely to try a new product if they have seen it on an influencer’s post. Other social ads received the smallest amount of recognition with only 19% of 18-29 year olds voting for this category.

Finally, the third takeaway highlights how different social media platforms impact different generations. The data suggests that YouTube is a popular platform across all of the candidates with a quarter of 30-44 year olds seeing the platform as the most successful for influencer marketing. Out of the four options given during the survey, Facebook showed more variation in age range than any other platform. TikTok also seemed to receive some of the lowest scores with only 14% of 45-60 years believing it is a viable option for influencer marketing. 

Where can I find the Trust in Influencer Marketing Report?

The IZEA Trust in Influencer Marketing 2022 report can be found on their website. If you want to know How much did influencers earned last year, you can also check this report by IZEA.

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