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Hit “Subscribe” On A Stable Income Inside Substack’s Strategy To Empower Video Stars


Hit “Subscribe” On A Stable Income: Inside Substack’s Strategy To Empower Video Stars

Substack, the online platform known for empowering writers through direct reader subscriptions, has unveiled a new initiative to court video creators. The company has opened applications for its Creator Studio fellowship, selecting 10 video stars to help transition their TikTok followings into Substack shows and communities.

The program promises comprehensive support, including strategic consulting from Gymnasium, the studio behind the hit series Boy Room. Winners receive production assistance, technical guidance, marketing, and an exclusive launch event from the Gymnasium team.

Substack aims to provide an ownership-based model as an alternative to ad-supported platforms, which the company claims cannot offer stability or predictable income. “At the same time, their business models can’t deliver the stability and predictability that creators need to produce their best work,” the announcement reads.

The company cites creator testimonials touting Substack’s ability to generate consistent revenue compared to fluctuating brand deal income on other platforms. Popular food creator Violet Witchel claims Substack “has fixed the main problems that full-time creators face” by providing “consistent income the way a W-2 job would.”

While Substack launched as a writing-focused subscription platform, it’s expanding its offerings to audio, video, and community features. The company touts recent upgrades like improved recommendations, chat, show support, design themes, and search to facilitate creator growth and engagement.

The announcement highlights several video creators already utilizing Substack, including news commentator Mehdi Hasan, sports analyst Cody Alexander, who increased revenue by 60% in five months, and Michelin-starred chef Nick Curtola, who shares premium cooking content. Applications for the 10 Creator Studio fellowships remain open until May 17.

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