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Top Twitch Streamers To Follow in 2022- Net Influencer


Must-Follow Twitch Streamers in 2022

Top Twitch Streamers To Watch Out For

Twitch has become a leading platform for video game streaming, encouraging influencers from around the world to share their gaming experiences with others. The platform has grown in popularity since its launch in 2011. In January 2021, users streamed for 88.7 million hours, showing a significant increase over the years. Influencers on Twitch have managed to build a strong community surrounding their content, helping them to gain a wealth of profitable opportunities. Netinfluencer has examined the platform closely to find the most popular Twitch streamers of 2022.

Top Twitch Streamers To Watch Out For


With an incredible 17.5 million subscribers, Ninja is the most followed creator on Twitch. This influencer, whose real name is Richard Belvins, started streaming in 2009, posting gaming videos on YouTube. His channel now has nearly 24 million subscribers and he uploads videos on a regular basis. After being a professional gamer for many years, Belvins made the jump to Twitch in 2011 and started gaining a cult following very quickly. In 2019, Ninja made the shocking decision to move his content over to Mixer, a streaming platform run by Microsoft that is now permanently shut down. Despite the controversy, Ninja returned to Twitch in 2020 and streams content every week. 

[Ninja’s Instagram]


At just 17 years old, TommyInnit has grown to be one of the most successful Twitch streamers, boasting an incredible 7 million followers in just four years. Thomas Simons joined the platform in the latter part of 2018 and quickly achieved his Twitch affiliate status in early 2019. Since then, this twitch streamer has been collaborating with an abundance of other creators and has made a name for himself in influencer spheres. Simons streams an assortment of popular games such as Fortnite, Minecraft, and Five Nights At Freddy’s. His YouTube channel has also gained a lot of attention with 11.5 million subscribers. On YouTube, TommyInnit is seen to collaborate with other successful streamers such as DanTDM and Dream.

[TommyInnit’s Instagram]


Brian Limond, better known as Limmy, first started his career as a successful comedian in Scotland. After creating popular comedy sketches for over 10 years, Limmy finally started streaming on Twitch. Limond had been struggling with mental health issues for many years and decided to make streaming his full-time career in order to better his well being. Since then, Limmy has become a very successful streamer, posting content every day and amassing nearly 400,000 followers. This Twitch streamer creates a variety of content from playing games such as Rust and offering a humorous commentary of popular TV shows and films. 

[Limmy’s Instagram]


Julien Solomita is most known for his work with his girlfriend, Jenna Marbles. Since Marbles left social media in 2020, Solomita has taken over a majority of her previously owned platforms. On Twitch, his channel Julien has gained 682,000 followers, making him a very popular creator on the platform. Julien enjoys engaging with his viewers, asking their opinions on gaming, strategy, and more. He is known for playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons, consistently growing and developing his island with the help of his devoted fan base. Solomita also has an impressive YouTube channel with 2.53 million subscribers. This platform is dedicated to more personal videos, showing what he and his family do on a regular basis. 

[Julien’s Instagram]


Alexis Maldonado is a 21 year old Twitch streamer who produces content under the name Quackity. Mixing both video game content and real-life streams, this influencer uses Twitch to create a joyous and fun atmosphere for his 4.5 million followers. Due to his Mexican descent, Quackity also creates streams in Spanish, helping to engage with a new demographic of fans. Maldonado’s YouTube channel also follows a similar theme, posting gaming content from Minecraft and Roblox. This platform has allowed him to gain an incredible 6.11 million subscribers. Quackity’s most successful content is his ‘Discord’s Got Talent’ series, where Quackity allows fans to show off their hidden talents in an expansive Discord server. 

[Quackity’s Instagram]


Rubius is a Spanish-speaking streamer who has amassed an astonishing 11.3 million followers on Twitch. His devoted following has earned him the title of the third most-followed Twitch streamer in the world. Although Rubius only created his Twitch channel in 2018, he has been creating video game content since 2006. His first YouTube channel, elrubius, gained a successful following but was removed in 2012 due to issues with copyright infringement. Despite this setback, Ruben Dobals Gundersen, created his second channel elrubius OMG, which has a monumental 40.4 million subscribers. Rubius streams consistently on Twitch, engaging with devoted fans and sharing his favorite video games including Minecraft and Grand Theft Auto. 

[Rubius’ Instagram]


Imane Anys is best known as Pokimane, the most-followed female streamer on Twitch. She first began streaming in 2013 and has since gained 9 million followers. Using Twitch, she regularly interacts with fans and streams games such as Fortnite and League of Legends. In August 2021, Pokimane appeared on the silver screen with her cameo in the comedy film Free Guy. Most recently, Anys fell into issues with Twitch, causing her channel to be banned for 48 hours. In January 2022, Pokimane was suspended for wrongly streaming an Avatar: The Last Airbender watch stream. Fortunately, the issue was resolved and Pokimane earned back her Twitch affiliate status in February 2022. 

[Pokimane’s Instagram]


Jesse McNamara creates content under the channel name Plumbella, where she has 165,000 followers on Twitch and an additional 688,000 subscribers on YouTube. Plumbella focuses mostly on The Sims, a life simulation game first released in 2000. McNamara collates all of The Sims games on her Twitch channel building a variety of different properties using the game. Plumbella also donates a lot of her time to games such as Phasmophobia and Life is Strange. McNamara has recently taken on a new business venture, setting up her own clothing and stationery shop called Lunar Isle. Here, fans can buy a collection of merchandise that showcases some of Plumbella’s most popular catchphrases. 

[Plumbella’s Instagram]


Tobias Smith is an 18 year old Twitch streamer, who has been creating content since 2018. His Twitch channel Tubbo has 4.8 million followers, making him one of the most popular English streamers on the platform. Tubbo uses Twitch to show off his progress on Minecraft completing building challenges for his fans to enjoy. Smith also has a very popular YouTube channel with an additional 3.1 million subscribers. This streamer is also a very talented musician, playing instruments such as the piano, ukulele, and steel pan. As such, Tubbo has released a selection of singles such as Life By The Sea, which earned over 14 million views. 

[Tubbo’s Instagram]


Shroud has amassed 10 million followers since he joined Twitch back in 2014. Over the years, this influencer, also known as Michael Grzesiek, has been streaming acclaimed games such as Lost Ark and New World. Grzesiek made gaming his full-time career in 2014 when he began playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in the competitive sphere. Shroud has been awarded many times for his efforts in streaming, winning Content Creator of The Year at The Game Awards in 2019. Shroud is still creating content consistently as streams almost every day on Twitch. 

[Shroud’s Instagram]

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