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Top Millennial Influencers


Top Millennial Influencers To Watch Out For

Social media influencers can be found in all shapes and sizes, defying the usual norms that surround them. Millennial influencers have become extremely popular not just with their own generation, but with those born before and after them. Their relatable humor and insight allow them to be successful on a wide range of platforms. Netinfluencer is here to give you everything you need to know about the top millennial influencers.

Top Millennial Influencers To Watch Out For

Evan Edinger

This 31-year old influencer has managed to gain dominion over an assortment of social media platforms with his world-class travel experiences and classic puns. Evan Edinger was originally born in New Jersey but moved to the UK in 2012 to pursue a Master’s degree.

Since then, he has been creating YouTube videos detailing his strange experiences as an American living in England. Edinger is also a very talented photographer, capturing amazing shots of his trips to Los Angeles and Cardiff and sharing them with his 132,000 followers. This influencer is also a linguist and enjoys learning a collection of new languages, seen with his multiple Youtube partnerships with Duolingo

Steven Bartlett

Steven Bartlett is most known for his No. 1 UK podcast Diary of a CEO, where he discusses the highs and lows of managing his own business, Social Chain. Bartlett has a very active presence on many platforms, including Instagram where he has an incredible 1.7 million followers. Offering advice and investment opportunities, this millennial influencer teaches his audience how to better manage their finances and get the most out of their money. They have also written a book called ‘Happy Sexy Millionaire: Unexpected Truths about Fulfillment, Love and Success’, where he details the harsh reality of becoming a self-made millionaire in his early twenties. 

Hazel Hayes

Hazel Hayes first started her career as an influencer through YouTube, creating humorous sketches and vlogs. Now, the 37-year old is an acclaimed author with her novel ‘Out of Love’ being adapted and praised by critics from around the world. This influencer uses a range of platforms but is most active on Instagram, where she promotes mental health advocacy and an array of self-help techniques to her 173,000 followers.

Hayes is known for creating a wide variety of content such as a FullScreen Series called Prank Me, which follows the twisted life of a serial internet prankster. In late 2021, she announced she was working on a second novel with hopes that it would be completed in the next few months.

Carrie Hope Fletcher

This influencer is a star of social media and the stage, performing starring roles in Les Miserables, Heathers, and Cinderella in London’s West End. Although Carrie Hope Fletcher has earned her name through her acting, she is also incredibly prevalent on social media, posting varied content across all of her accounts.

On Instagram, she posts pictures with her fellow co-stars and short videos detailing all of the action that occurs backstage to her 577,000 followers. On YouTube, Fletcher has created multiple video diaries that show the viewer what happens on a daily basis when performing in a musical. She is also a popular author with her latest tale ‘With this Kiss’ published in early 2022. 


With many millennials dealing with corporate stress, justme.rod offers a sense of comedic relief during times of working from home. This influencer uses both TikTok and Instagram to find light in struggling with anxiety, whilst also completing everyday work tasks. justme.rod is a proud millennial, hosting an intuitive podcast called Millennial Made, where he discusses more nostalgic times with a collection of guests.

Rod also harks back to his teenage years using TikTok sounds to show off some of the fashion choices seen in the early 2000s. This influencer’s comedic personality has struck a chord with many others like him, earning him 789,000 followers on Instagram and an additional 1.4 million followers on TikTok.

Elyse Mayers

Elyse Myers is TikTok’s storyteller, sharing uncomfortable, yet hilarious, accounts from her childhood to her 3.9 million followers. She harks back to her middle school days and discusses how those troubling moments have shaped her into the adult she is today. Using quirky animations and unique sounds, Myers tells her stories in an unconventional fashion, helping her to become relatable to her fellow millennial followers.

This influencer is also a talented singer-songwriter, with her first EP ‘Wall Work’ launched in 2020. Elyse Myers uses a lot of short-form video content and has even branched out into YouTube Shorts, where she has over 6,000 subscribers. She has also brought this video content to Instagram where she has an additional 877,000 followers.


mommacusses, otherwise known as Gwenna Laithland, offers parenting advice with a twist to her 214,000 Instagram followers. Using both TikTok and Instagram, this millennial influencer promotes gentle parenting, a new style of parenting that has taken the internet by storm. On these platforms, mommacusses shows the reality of this new style and provides helpful ways to implement it into your own home. Laithland has a deep connection with her followers, creating high-quality Cameos and reading lists for her fans to enjoy. She has also launched a podcast called ‘The 9 o’clock Podcast’, which discusses ways in which new parents can build a better relationship with their partners, without neglecting their children. 

Hank Green

Hank Green has been a popular content creator for many years, teaching audiences from around the world the wonders of biology. The acclaimed YouTube star, who is known for making videos alongside his brother and best-selling author John Green, has now gained a large following on TikTok.

Hank Green connects with his 6.4 million followers by answering their burning science questions, helping to debunk the internet’s biggest myths. Despite his lengthy background in science, this millennial influencer is also a published author. His first novel, ‘An Absolutely Remarkable Thing’ was published in 2018, with his second novel ‘A Beautifully Foolish Endeavor’ published in 2020.


mythical is the official Instagram associated with Good Mythical Morning, a well-renowned YouTube series from popular influencers Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal. mythical has an incredible 3 million followers, proving that these influencers are able to create content that stands the test of time.

Here, both McLaughlin and Neal post behind the scenes footage from their YouTube channel as well as sneak previews of their podcast Ear Biscuits. This duo has been best friends since childhood, as such they enjoy posting photographs of them back in their youth. After promoting the Good Mythical Morning channel for 10 years, they still produce unconventional content regularly like ‘What’s The Best Milk Alternative?’ and ‘Can Smell Bring Back Memories?’ 

Thomas Sanders

This millennial influencer enjoys showing off his artistic side, creating multiple characters who interact with each other at once. Thomas Sanders is known for his ‘Sander’s Sides’ videos, where he shows the interactions that these original characters have together.

On Instagram, Sanders shows a more personal side to his 3.4 million followers, detailing his latest trips and artistic endeavors. Sanders first found fame on Vine, where he would post short skits and musical interludes. Nowadays, he posts mainly on YouTube and Instagram, presenting a selection of unique characters and their day-to-day lives in magical imaginary worlds. 

Millennial influencers have managed to create their own trends and communities within many social media spheres. Their content can range from hilarious sketches to poignant mental health resources. As this demographic continues to dominate a wealth of platforms, an abundance of opportunities continues to blossom.

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