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Top Instagram Influencer Couples


Top Instagram Influencer Couples

Instagram couple influencers are becoming a thing. Not only do they get to live their dream influencer lifestyle, they are doing it with their partner right by their side! Follow these top Instagram influencer couples who inspire us and make us go “aww.”

What could be better than sharing a life with the person you love? Sharing a dream, of course! And that’s exactly what these Instagram influencer couples are doing. Fair warning, though. Their pictures are amazing and they give us major #couplegoals. 

Let’s take a look at 15 of the top Instagram influencer couples!

Top Instagram Influencer Couples


Top Instagram Influencer Couples To Follow

#1 Raquel and Miguel (@explorerssaurus_) 

Followers: 1.3M

Raquel and Miguel go by the motto of “love and travel, travel and love.” They travel around the world and post the best pictures of videos at the most exotic places. Their pictures are good enough to be featured on the cover of magazines, but what shines through the most from their page is their love for each other!

They also own a rental hotel and a clothing brand. Talk about #relationshipgoals. 

#2 Christina and Robert (@newdarlings) 

Followers: 437k

Christina and Robert are desert dwellers who are currently building their dream home in Tucson, Arizona. They like living a quiet life with their family and often share snippets of their lives with each other – their travel stories, progress updates on their house, how they celebrate holidays and birthdays, and just daily living. They have an adorable little kid who makes their feed brighter! Ah, domestic life. 

Christina also has a great sense of style and partners with several clothing brands, so you can shop her look via their profile!

#3 Kylie and Scott (@lovehardtraveloften) 

Followers: 43.2k

Kylie and Scott are a globetrotting family who travel the world with their baby. They want to break the myth that you need to give up your adventurer lifestyle when you have a baby. In their captions, they talk about the stories behind the photos and also give some photography + editing tips.

Apart from this, you will find tips on how to travel with a baby. Just looking at their feed makes me want to pack my bags and go!

#4 Daniel Rueda (@drcuerda) and Anna Devis (@anniset) 

Followers: Daniel – 551k | Anna – 440k

Daniel and Anne are a creative Instagram influencer couple who met each other while studying architecture. Daniel loves taking pictures while Anne is an artist, and together, they create some of the most artistic photos imaginable where they make up the background to fit in with Anne’s dress. 

Seriously, their photos look like digital art! It’s hard to believe that you are looking at a photograph and not art, they are that talented. You will have to see them for yourself to understand, though. 

#5 Christien and Dj (@absofreakinglutelyyummy) 

Followers: 16.6k

Christien and Dj are foodie influencers who share all the food adventures they have together. They are Asian-American, so they feature a lot of yummy Asian food in their videos. 

They also give honest reviews about the restaurants they visit. So, if you are ever in the Houston area and need recommendations for some delicious Asian food, you know where to go!

#6 Katerina and Yinon Horwitz (@katerinandyinon) 

Followers: 531k

Katerina and Yinon post funny videos that show the realities of married life – especially married life with a baby. Of course, there are the occasional cute photos, too. What I love about them is that they are honest and raw and absolutely hilarious! 

They want to show that real life is not curated photos. It is messy, but that’s okay, because there is still love. Their baby makes a cameo now and then, which is just icing on top of the cake!

The couple also sell their own photo filters and have their very own story editing app. 

#7 Allie and Sam (@allieandsam) 

Followers: 292k 

Allie and Sam are a travel couple whose family consists of them, their twins, and five pets! They share their travel and family adventures with us. They also talk a lot about their pregnancy journey and what it’s like raising twins. I love their candidness! 

Their bio says that they are lovers of life, travel, and each other, and you can see by their photos that they mean it! 

#8 Marie and Jake (@mariefeandjakesnow) 

Followers: 1.1M

Marie and Jake are an Aussie-German couple that own rental houses in Bali. Their villa is to die for, so if you ever get the chance, don’t forget to check it out! They talk a lot about their love for each other and it is so inspiring! They travel extensively and show us all the amazing places they visit. Talk about a dream life. 

#9 Domi and Frida (@weloveourlife) 

Followers: 484k

Domi and Frida are high-end travel content creators who chronicle their travel stories on their page. They live to explore the world with each other. From Mykonos to Thailand, they have visited them all! 

They stay at the most exclusive luxury resorts where there are beds and swings inside caves. Whether you need recommendations for exotic travel destinations or 5-star resorts, visit their page! 

#10 Josef and Hannah (@joannahstyle) 

Followers: 64.5k

Their username is a mash-up of both of their names, which is very sweet! Josef and Hannah wear the most fun and out-of-box couple outfits. If I were to describe their outfits in a single word, it would be “rad.” Even their videos are different. 

Their style veers away from the conventional, so if you are looking to switch up your style and match with your partner, Josef and Hannah have several recommendations! 


#11 Steph and Katie (@lezseetheworld) 

Followers: 103k

Steph and Katie are a married lesbian couple from Vancouver who love to travel the world. They have been together for 12 years and have even been nominated for a gay travel award! They also share snippets of their daily life. 

Even in the photos, you can see the love shining in their eyes. #couplegoals, am I right?

#12 Julie and Moritz (@sol.and.pepper) 

Followers: 248k 

Looking at Julie and Moritz’s Instagram page is like looking at a photobook full of their memories. They are very passionate about nature and explore the world with their children and dog. You also get to learn stories about their lives with each post. I cannot categorize their page as anything other than a place to store their memories!

#13 Marco and Erica (@mochilamonkeys) 

Followers: 85.8k 

Marco and Erica live in Bali and visit the kind of places that most of us have only seen in travel magazines. And their drone shots? AMAZING! You will be blown away by them. Just looking at the pictures makes me want to dive into the waters. Seriously, they will give you major FOMO.  

#14 Hannah and Nick (@saltinourhair) 

Followers: 310k

Hannah and Nick are travelers who want to share their travel diaries and inspire others to travel. And believe me, you will be inspired once you look at their adorable pictures! They have been to several incredible places so far. 

They have a blog where they talk in detail about the places they visit and share some travel tips. You can also purchase their mobile and video filters to make your photos look just as pretty! 

And we reach the end of our Instagram influencer couples list. It is wonderful to be able to find someone who shares your passion, don’t you think? I hope you all find someone like that! Don’t forget to share this article with others.

Top Instagram Influencer Couples


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