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What Is Instagram’s Latest Notes Feature


Understanding Instagram’s Latest Notes Feature

Instagram is undoubtedly one of the most popular platforms on the market with the average user spending around 28 minutes a day on the app. With such intense engagement and activity, it is no surprise that the platform is continuing to release a wide variety of new features. To discuss this further, Netinfluencer describes everything you need to know about Instagram’s latest Notes feature. 

What Are Notes?

Instagram first announced the launch of Notes in July 2022, stating that they would be rolled out to more users over the coming months. Now, in December, the feature is much more widespread and has quickly gained a lot of popularity.

Notes are simple disappearing messages that only appear in the inbox section of the app. Thus, users can post updates, announcements, and suggestions that will be removed after 24 hours. These messages can only be sent to those in your Close Friends list or to followers who also follow your account. 

This feature was designed to help users interact more effectively in a group setting. Therefore, users cannot send a single Note, instead, they must share it with those within their inner circle. As such, it operates in a similar fashion to a typical Instagram Story. 

What Is Instagram’s Latest Notes Feature?


Why Were They Launched?

Alongside the desire to create a stronger community on the app, Instagram Notes were released to better utilize the power of short-form content on social media. Each Note is just 60 characters long and does not last for more than a day. Thus, these messages are quick and easy to digest, adding to the platform’s portfolio of engaging tools.

Many also suggest that Notes are an excellent way to get users to access the app more frequently. Due to their fickle nature, users must read and respond to their Notes before they disappear. In turn, this encourages users to respond to messages as quickly as they can, offering Instagram more reach and activity. 

In addition, Instagram Notes seem to encourage audiences to use the app’s direct messaging platform. Since Notes are located in the inbox, users must first access their DMs in order to respond to the message. Therefore, Instagram seems to be working toward building a more comprehensive platform, ensuring that users do not conduct their messages on a competitor’s app.

How Does the Tool Work?

In order to access Instagram Notes, users must first access their personal inboxes. This can be found at the top right-hand corner of the screen and is symbolized by a paper plane. From here, you will be able to read your messages and Notes.

Notes appear at the very top of the messages tab. Users will see a profile picture of the sender as well as a short excerpt of the complete message. To respond, users can tap the message, which will then transport them to a full chat function.

As soon as you answer a Note, the message will be sent as part of a normal DM. Thus, you cannot respond to singular contact via Notes. If you decide to create a new Note within the 24-hour window, your previous message will be eliminated and replaced with the latest message.

If you do not wish to use Notes, the tool can be muted in your personal settings. However, it seems that the feature cannot be turned off entirely.

What Is Instagram’s Latest Notes Feature?


How To Create Your First Instagram Note

  1. Open the latest version of the Instagram app.
  2. Tap the inbox icon at the top of the screen.
  3. You will now see all of your messages. Press the + icon on the top of your DM page to create a new Note. 
  4. Type out your message using only 60 characters. 
  5. Select the users you wish to share the message with. 

Who Has Access to This Feature?

Since Instagram Notes is such an early feature, many users still do not have access to the tool. Currently, it is unavailable to those living in the UK, European Union, and Japan. This is because of supposed regulatory constraints. 

If you are still unable to access the Instagram Notes feature, many suggest logging out and then back into your account. You can also refresh your message tab to ensure that all of your content has been updated. It is also a good idea to ensure that you have not accidentally muted your Notes notifications. 

Benefits of Using Instagram Notes as an Influencer

Instagram Notes may be a small step into community-based messaging but this tool can offer a wealth of merits to a wide selection of influencers. Many influencers may assign their most devoted followers to their Close Friends list, offering a more simplified way to communicate with these individuals. For example, influencers now have the ability to ask for recommendations for their latest content strategy or communicate with their moderators in a more discreet fashion. This can help create a more close-knit community for the influencer, further emphasizing the engaged and loyal nature of their fan base. 

Notes are also a fantastic way to communicate with other influencers, setting up profitable collaborations and other future endeavors. By asking a short question to a select few, influencers have the potential to gain advice and mentors quickly. Therefore, this can be used by micro-influencers who are looking to make their mark on this incredibly competitive industry. Moreover, this tool can be used to reach out to potential brand partners without overwhelming them with a plethora of details. 

This feature can also be used to promote various products and services, creating an engaging hook to lure customers in. A simple Note can display a future sale or even the release of a new product line, ensuring that your Close Friends and most loyal customers are aware of your company’s developments. This is also useful for influencers who are already using Instagram’s wide range of shopping tools as Notes can be used to extend the reach of your content. Therefore, details surrounding your business can be shared and replaced within 24 hours, helping you to create a vast amount of content with ease. 

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Instagram Notes highlight the immense popularity of short-form content and its ability to bring users together. This tool can also be used by influencers to connect with their most engaged followers and promote their latest product releases. 

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